5 Best Promotional Email Software of 2023 [+ Features & Pricing]

ByAquibur Rahman


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Are you trying to grow your business? Then you must have considered email marketing in your digital marketing strategies. It's simple, affordable, and a reliable marketing tactic that works.

With hundreds of email marketing services available, how do you decide which marketing tool can shoot up your email metrics? How do you ensure the emails you send are not left unread in someone's inbox? Figuring out all of that can be pretty overwhelming. That's why we have created this guide to help you find the best promotional email software to leverage the benefits of email marketing.

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What is a promotional email?

A promotional email drives sales by informing users about your products or services. These emails focus on getting users to purchase by offering compelling deals, offers, coupon codes, etc.

Promotional emails help marketers speed up conversion by encouraging prospects to take action.

This email template by Mailmodo is a great example of how you can use promos to incite users to take action.

Promotional email template by Mailmodo

What are the benefits of promotional emails?

Did you know that 99% of customers open their emails every day? So promotional emails are incredibly profitable for marketers for their plethora of advantages.

1. Increases conversion

Since promotional emails are personalized, sent in real-time, and give you a chance to foster consumer loyalty, they have a high ROI and improve sales.

2. Higher website traffic

Using email to market your business help persuade your user to take an action and drive traffic to your website and increase leads.

3. Value-addition

Since promotional emails are more personalized, they have more refined content that adds more value to your audience and helps you retain them.

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How to send promotional emails?

In today's world of smart automation, businesses are opting for smarter solutions like promotional email software. They aren't just an automating tool but a powerful eCommerce tool for scaling up businesses considerably. Once you've picked your email service solution, all you have to do is:

But again, every business is unique and has its own separate set of requirements. So how do you choose the promotional email software that specifically passes the muster for your brand?

How to choose promotional email software for your business?

It's unnecessary that what cuts for others will work out for you. However, you must consider some basic factors while opting for an email marketing solution.

βœ… Email builder and templates

Firstly, check if your software has an easy-to-use email editor and ready-to-use templates.

βœ… Email automation

A good promotional email software should have a User Journey Builder and Email Automation to help you save the pain of writing emails manually.

βœ… Integration with CRMs

It should integrate with CRMs and other tools to make your email marketing seamless.

βœ… Easy to use dashboard

Monitoring the metrics of your emails is essential, so look for software that is inclusive of a dashboard.

βœ… Cost-effective

Check if the software is at a reasonable cost for what it offers.

Top 5 promotional email software

Here we have rounded up the best promotional email solutions that have the basics to get you started.

1. Mailmodo

Topping our list is Mailmodo, harnessing AMP emails' benefits that create a seamless user experience and simplify all your email campaigns. In addition, Mailmodo is packed with features that especially suit the needs of each business.


  • No-code AMP email editor.

  • Track user behavior and automate drip sequence, which can be further optimized.

  • Flawless integrations with other apps.

  • Easy to navigate and use interface.

  • Extensive promotional email templates to choose from.


  • Lite plan: $39 for 5,000 emails per month.

  • Pro plan: $99 for 5,000 emails per month.

  • Max plan: $249 for 5,000 emails per month.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is a trusted name for B2B when crafting personalized email marketing campaigns. With Hubspot's email marketing tools, creating content for your strategies is pretty simple, thanks to its intuitive interface.


  • Easy to use Hubspot's analytics and offer strategies to enhance your marketing performance.

  • Template library for different industries.

  • Email automation and trigger emails.


You can start your free trial of 14 days, followed by a starting price of $9.99/month.

3. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an excellent choice for online businesses to automate email and SMS marketing.


  • Offer seamless integration with different tools, apps, and software.

  • Pre-build email template library.

  • Email automation for better customer experience.

  • Extensive and easy-to-use email analytics.


With Klaviyo's free trial, you can send 500 emails maximum to 250 contacts.

4. Drip

Drip lets you create long-lasting connections with your subscribers with its marketing features.


  • Email list segmentation and personalizations.

  • Email automation and drip marketing for higher conversions.

  • No-code email builder.


Starting at $19 for up to 1,500 contacts, you can send highly personalized promotional emails to your subscriber list using Drip.

5. Mailerlite

MailerLite lets you create visually stunning emails with beautiful email designs. In addition, you can track metrics, generate insights and improve the campaign's performance.


  • Drag and drop editor.

  • Automation and A/B testing.

  • Campaign monitoring to generate useful insights.

  • Eas to use and navigational dashboard.


You can send 12,000 free emails to 1000 subscribers per month. Also, you can send unlimited emails at $10 to 1000 subscribers each month with a basic paid package.

πŸ’‘If you want to learn more about MailerLite checkout our MailerLite review.


So, there you have it. The list of the 5 best promotional email software for your email marketing. All you have to do is select one that fits your needs and requirements.

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