How to write high-converting persuasive copy for emails

The ultimate goal for marketing is to get your product to reach your customer. Marketing can get very competitive; email marketing is no less. You may have done all the background work, craft a killer subject line, and even make your recipient open your mail, but if you are not persuasive enough with the email body, there will be no conversion. Ultimately, all your efforts can go in vain.

Writing an email copy is not easy. Sometimes you spend hours, yet nothing appealing strikes your mind. Many email marketers would agree with me that it is not as simple as it seems.

With every mailbox bombarded with sales pitches and creative opt-ins used to gate access to the content, you need to get right with your art and science of the email marketing strategy. However, we've got good news for you. When you read the guide, you will learn the secrets of crafting successful email marketing copy to achieve more leads and conversions.

Let’s get started!

Make sure the objective is clear before structuring your email marketing campaign

The first important step for your email marketing campaign is to identify your objective. There's only one thing you want recipients to do. Remember, unnecessary options leads to lower clicks. You should write an email copy that delivers precisely what you want them to do. The best way to simplify your email copy is to create a specific campaign conversion objective before you start writing in this area.

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Let’s say, for example, this email campaign from Flipkart. They have made the objective clear. Their objective is to get their recipients to buy kitchen essentials. They have mentioned the objective in the subject line and give the ‘’shop now’’ options, redirecting the recipients to cart.

Know for whom you are writing

One of the main factors for effective email marketing is to be able to write for every potential consumer for your product or service. But you cant, please everyone at a time. You end up writing a copy that does not appeal to anyone if you try to write email copies for everyone. The more the emails are targeted, the better they are converted. Marketing in a segmented list increases the click rate drastically. Make sure you know everything about your audience’s demographics, past purchases, past email opens, source of lead/email opt-in. It would help if you define the prospects' interests, site activity/cart abandonment, social media cues/life events, new opt-ins, and other psychographic data.

For example, if you have a brand for baby care products and promote your new product diaper to people in the age group of 18-24 who are highly unlikely to be parents. Then, all your marketing effort will go in vain as you will hardly get any conversion. Let's, say if you have a man grooming product brand, your email copy for targeting males and females would be different. You will have to persuade females from their father, brother, husband, or friend’s perspective.

Make it conversational

It's often recommended to build a personal connection with your audience. Concentrate on keeping it conversational. Ensure the content consists of something you would like to say to your friends when you create an email copy for your new product or feature announcement. This small check serves to maintain the jargon off and ensure that the reader can understand pure and straightforward copies. Using your emails to captivate subscribers' imagination by sharing your product, customer stories, or even personal stories from an insider's view. When you develop a connection with your users, they also start seeing things from your perspective.

Check out the below example of Jio Saavn. Can you notice the conversational tone? They have written the mail as if they know me and my love for music.


Don’t underestimate the power of preview text

It is not only the subject line that tells people to open your email with modern email clients. It is also the text of the preview. It is the text that informs subscribers about your email content. It also reflects part of the email's first line. Therefore it is crafted very carefully by most email copywriters.

Nevertheless, don’t miss a chance by giving directions for reading your email online or unclickable links to your social media accounts your preview text contains.

Check out the below examples, check the red marked emails and preview text of the sender. Though they have written a killer subject line, preview text contains something one would not take an interest; subsequently, don’t even bother to open the mail. On the other hand, check the non-marked mails. They have clearly hinted at what is inside the email and thus worth others' time.


Proofread it, ask someone to read

After the first draft of your email copy has been made, go back and edit it to extract the unnecessary, confusing words. Then offer it to someone else to be read once you've revised it yourself. Many marketers suffer from the burden of their product knowledge. They forget that their audience has no information and eventually compose copies, which they only understand. By showing your copy to someone not as close as you are to the product, you can see where others struggle. Thus you can try to fix it and reframe in a more understandable form.

Create a different version and test it

The only way to know which email copy version performs well is to check it, and fortunately, it's easy to set up A / B tests with the email marketing campaigns. It not only improves the efficacy of your campaign but also gives you some insight into what works best for your audience.

If you use credible email marketing tools like Mailmodo, you can easily pick the A / B test option and write two interactive versions of your email copy with AMP's power. Learn more about AMP for email marketing.

During the stated period, the software will track the results of both the versions and then send the highest converting email to the rest of the list.

Keep it short and relevant

Content readers want it easy to absorb. If the phrases are too wordy that they must be read many times to absorb in detail, or if the reader needs a dictionary to understand your reference, they might choose to ignore it. Try the other way around; use simple terms. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant. In content marketing, a perfect copy means getting to the point and not going overboard.

Avoid generic advertising for the targeted market. Customer avatars have large segments, but smaller segments are also included in them. After all, you should not send the same email to a new subscriber as you do to a regular user. The transmission of corresponding email increases open rate and clicks, so segments are crucial.

Place your call to action right

In addition to the subject, CTA is the most significant part of your email marketing strategy, as it pushes the subscribers to take the action that you want them to take. All the tips we have mentioned above will also help you build the ideal call for action for subscribers.

Pro tip: Always create interactive emails. I strongly suggest you check out this tool, 'Mailmodo.' It is a no-code platform to help you embed interactive widgets inside the emails. You can increase the conversion rate with interactive AMP emails.

I hope I have summed up everything you need to know for crafting your next killer email copy. If you think this article is informational, please share it across your network and further help other fellow marketers. Also, comment on your tips and tricks for creating a persuasive email marketing copy. Subscribe now to read more such articles as soon as we publish. See you soon. Thank You.

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