Luke Erickson

    The APUS Email Guy, American Public University System

Learn to write copy and study typography, email marketing doesn’t stop at writing two paragraphs.


Journey into Email Marketing

I was recruited into the B2B division for doing Email newsletters. Much later I was transferred for doing the same but at the B2C division (selling accessories). That’s how I started exploring the different aspects of Email marketing.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Emails are the best way to engage and stay connected with customers. At Native, we use emails to inform our audience about product launches. Understanding the claims that were important to our customers helped us guide the R&D process and create products that improved and impacted our customers’ lives.

Here are my biggest takeaways

  • Always learn and be curious about other brands. Look at them for inspiration.

  • Subscribe to emails and ask for knowledge shares from people who are in the same walk of career as you.

  • Ensure you’re staying upto date on benchmarks for your KPIs. If something is underperforming, never be shy to test it. Try segmenting differently, do SL testing but test, test, test...

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