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Seigo Software LLC is a global IT and marketing consultancy founded in 2017 and based out of Lewes, Del. With fewer than 50 employees, they provide email marketing, IT strategy consulting, app testing, and voice services to a medium-sized and enterprise clients in IT, manufacturing, and other industries.

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50 - 249 Employees

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What is Seigo Software Email Marketing Agency?

Seigo Software is an email marketing agency that specializes in integrated marketing services for B2B companies. They use data intelligence to personalize and engage with customers throughout their journey, and offer services such as unified brand messaging, technology modernization, and data analytics. With a team of experienced professionals and a focus on delivery excellence, Seigo Software strives to provide exceptional results and customer satisfaction.


  • Seigo Software is an email marketing agency specializing in B2B digital transformation.
  • They offer integrated marketing services and utilize data intelligence for personalized B2B engagement.
  • Seigo Software has a strong track record with exceptional NPS scores, world-class clients, and a team of experts in technology and marketing.


  • Seigo Software provides integrated marketing services for high B2B personalization and engagement across the customer journey.
  • Seigo Software leverages data intelligence to clean information for accelerated business insights and quick decision making.
  • Seigo Software offers technology modernization services to make IT a critical part of the organization and competitive in the market.
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