Hushly Email Verification Tool

B2B marketers use Hushly to increase content engagement, lead conversions, and lead quality for both ABM & Lead Generation campaigns.

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What is Hushly Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by Hushly is an adaptable and scalable solution that enriches and validates captured leads. With built-in email validation, it ensures that only valid business emails with individual unbundled consent make it to your marketing automation platform. This tool helps reduce friction and simplifies the lead capture process, making it a valuable asset for improving the quality of leads and increasing conversions.


  • Email validation for capturing quality leads.
  • Personalized content journeys with native embed streams.
  • Abandonment safety-net to reduce abandonment and increase conversions.
  • Smart MicroForm for simplified lead capture and email validation.
  • Conversion analytics for measuring and optimizing content and campaigns.


  • Adaptable, scalable solutions that enrich and validate leads captured.
  • Reduce friction and simplify the lead capture process.
  • Increase lead conversions by 51% guaranteed.


  • The email verification tool may not be user-friendly for those without technical skills.
  • The tool's effectiveness in validating leads may not be fully guaranteed.
  • There might be limitations in terms of compatibility with different marketing automation platforms.
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