Carts inside email for abandoned users

Boost your revenue through redesigned abandoned cart journey

Simplify checkouts with cart inside email
Simplify checkouts with cart inside email
Recover lost sales and boost revenue

Connect with your e-commerce store

Mailmodo connects with most e-commerce stores with in-built or custom integrations.

  • ⚡ Sync your e-commerce contacts with unlimited contact lists
  • ⚡ Engage your customers through their lifecycle with a range of use cases

Shopify owner?

Check out our Shopify email marketing integration built just for you.

Create emails that recapture your cart

  • ⚡ Create beautiful emails faster with 50+ ready to use templates
  • ⚡ Simplify email design with no-code drag and drop email editor
  • ⚡ Increase engagement your emails with a range of personalizations
  • ⚡ Recapture abandoned carts by adding your cart inside email

Maximize cart recovery and engagement

  • ⚡ Segment your audience based on their attributes or activity
  • ⚡ Send the right email at the right time with triggered emails
  • ⚡ Automate your lifecycle marketing with email journeys
  • ⚡ Get better results with subject line A/B testing

Features that make our customers choose us

No code drag and drop email builder
Interactive and dynamic AMP emails
Forms and conditional logic within email
Extensive email template library
Mobile-friendly responsive templates
Mobile-friendly responsive templates

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