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Unlike traditional HTML emails, AMP emails bring a website like experience right inside the email. Your users don’t have to leave their inbox to take action. This gives them a seamless experience and you get more conversions.


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Companies Trust Mailmodo to Deliver Great Email Experience
mailmodo-image-Subhash Dash
250% increase
in response rate
Subhash Dash
We saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails. Our merchants loved the email as it enabled them to share their thoughts with us without even getting redirected once.

Marketing, Razorpay
mailmodo-image-Vikas Kaushal
2X Meeting
Vikas Kaushal
With Mailmodo, we get meetings booked right inside email without to & fro messages. This has doubled our meeting booking rate & ROI from emails.

Co-founder & Head, Growth Foyr
mailmodo-image-Karanpreet Bandra
customer support
Karanpreet Bandra
Mailmodo team has always been very supportive and their customer success team took extra measures to get better results from our campaigns.

Head - Marketing, Rupeek
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is AMP email?
AMP Email is a framework created by Google that allows emails to have/show dynamic elements like accordions, carousels, forms, calendar, shopping cart, dynamic APIs, etc. into their emails. It helps you create a mini-website inside an email.
How does Mailmodo help in sending the actionable AMP emails?
Mailmodo helps you and other marketers create actionable AMP emails without any coding knowledge. You just have to drag and drop blocks and edit them as per your needs. We also help you send any number of emails using your own SMTP or our SMTP.
Which email clients support AMP for Email?
Right now AMP is being supported by Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo and When a user's email client doesn't support AMP emails, the user will be able to see plain HTML email for which we give options too.
Is an AMP email secure?
100%. Google has created AMP email with security in mind. It makes sure that the only the right recipient can see an AMP email. It can not be seen upon forwarding to another user.
Are there any limitations of AMP emails?
AMP emails are just like any other emails except the fact that they come with few superpowers and don't render in every email client. There are no other limitations.
Are there any prerequisites to send AMP emails?
You need to get whitelisted by Gmail, & Yahoo to get AMP emails rendered in their email clients. You need to have proper DKIM, DMARC & SPF setup and must be sending at least 5000 emails per month. To get registered, you need to send a production-ready AMP emails to them. The Mailmodo team will help you get registered quickly.

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