3X Your Email Conversions

Get Leads, Bookings, Reviews & Sales Right Inside Emails  

Create AMP emails with forms right inside it without any coding so that your users can take actions without leaving their inbox


Rethink Emails, Rethink Possiblities

No Coding Required

Just drag & drop 100+ templates to create beautiful & interactive emails


Securely Send Millions Of Emails

Schedule & send email to million of users without your emails landing in spam or in the hands of hackers

Securely Send Millions Of Emails

Schedule & send email to million of users without your emails landing in spam or in the hands of hackers

Track All Data In A Single Dashboard

From open to submissions - track whole user journey in one dashboard & integrate with your CRM


We use AMP for Email, created by Google

AMP for Email allows senders to include AMP components inside rich engaging emails, making modern app functionality available within email.

Increased in-mail


and scalable

Improved and
smarter services

Safe and secure more
than ever

Interactive customer

Supported by all major ESPs and Email Clients

Mailmodo uses AMP for email which is widely accepted by all popular ESPs & Email Clients

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Companies across the globe are using interactive emails

*These companies are not our clients. We have just given their examples.

How Goibibo got 2.5x higher open rate & 4.23% unique conversions

How OYO used AMP emails for hotel bookings

How Pinterest gave an interactive experience to their users in emails

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What is AMP for Email?-

Accelerated Mobile Pages for Email, also called AMP Email or Interactive Email, is a web component framework that allows emails to embed dynamic elements like accordions, carousels, forms, buttons, purchase, confirmations, etc. into their emails without leaving the email or opening a new tab. It's like a mini-website, but from the comfort of your inbox!

Which Email client supports AMP for Email?+

Not all ESPs support AMP for email yet. Creating dynamic emails using AMP is not the same as creating a regular HTML email. AMP Emails require a third, separate MIME-type: text-x-amphtml. The following ESPs and email clients already support AMP Emails: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Mail.ru, SparkPost, Twilio Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Amazon Pinpoint, Outlook, Aweber, Maileon, Pepipost, Mailgun and eSputnik.

How do I send AMP Emails?+

Sending AMP mails requires certain additional steps. First of all you need to have an ESP like AWS SES or Sendgrid which support AMP. Second you need to code both AMP and HTML/Text version of the mail. Third you will have to setup DKIM, SPF and DMARC to authenticate your domain. In most cases, companies set DKIM and SPF but leave DMARC. We will help you with that too. Lastly you need to get registered with Google to send AMP emails.

Is it mobile responsive?+

Yes. The web components used within an interactive email can be responsive, and as the name suggests, the components are mobile-responsive as well. They can contain forms, carousels and accordions.

Will it land into spam or promotion?+

AMP mails behave normally like any other HTML emails. They don't use any heavy animation or images which can make your mail file heavy. If you have been using HTML mails and making land into inbox, then you can easily do that with AMP mails too.