Grow your newsletter smartly

Grow your list effortlessly

by letting your subscribers refer their friends to your newsletter from the inbox

Optimize send time

so subscribers receive your newsletter in their respective timezones

Send lively newsletters

by adding interactive forms, reviews, and quizzes inside the email

Managing newsletter has never been this fun

Make it easy for your subscribers to talk to you


Make it a two-way communication

Let your subscribers leave a review, answer a quiz, register for webinars, and more from within the inbox using AMP emails.


Learn from your subscribers' behavior

Leverage send time optimization and engagement analysis of each email list to improve your targeting.


Personalize {$your} newsletter as if it’s handwritten

Send hyper-personalized emails with custom fields, dynamic content, and advanced segmentation.


Create newsletters in a frustration-free editor


Write copies with the AI-powered no-code editor

Generate engaging subject lines, pre-headers, and email copies with GPT4-powered email builder and save time.


Create error-free emails with smart template suggestions

Get error alerts to optimize for responsiveness, email load time, missing links, and more as you use the drag and drop editor.


Speed up email template creation with Brand Kit

Auto-customize templates & building blocks of email content by fetching your brand guidelines from your website.


Avoid the spam folder


Proactive email health check-up

Receive consultation from our in-house deliverability experts to ensure all protocols are followed.


Google postmaster integration

Set up Google Postmaster with our integration to get insights on domain health, spam rate, and your sending practices.


Fragmented scheduling

Auto-schedule your campaign to send in increments over seven days to warm up your domain.


Understand your subscribers


Track performance of all the links

Use click map to understand which link placement is working and how much.


A/B test your ideas

Split-test multiple subject lines on a sample audience and auto-send the successful variant to the rest.


Monitor engagement metrics

Track and segment subscribers based on their opens, clicks, or inactivity across campaigns.


Let your newsletter run, hands off


Automate welcome emails

Onboard new subscribers easily with pre-built journeys, Webhooks, and other marketing automations.


Sync contacts from other platforms

Import contacts with forms integrated with Google Forms, Typeform, Hubspot, and Mixpanel, without coding skills.


Collaborate with your team on the go

Invite copywriters, editors, designers, and other team members to collaborate on your email template.

Everything that makes your newsletter their top choice

1000+ marketers trust Mailmodo

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. Just sign up with your work email and enjoy a 21-day free trial without entering your credit card information.

No. But Mailmodo offers a free trial with all the features of an email marketing platform unlocked for up to 21 days. It is equivalent to having a free version of our newsletter platform but with all core features available.

Mailmodo has a dynamic contact-based pricing. It allows you to send up to 20,000 emails for just $39. On average, email newsletter tools can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month, depending on the features and number of subscribers. But with Mailmodo, you can save big while still enjoying all the benefits of premium plans of a complete email marketing software.

Yes, Mailmodo offers an Enterprise solution for all accounts in the paid plans, i.e., Pro and Max plan.
Enterprise clients benefit from dedicated onboarding, priority technical support, and access to all advanced features & integrations. Explore these email marketing features for your next email campaign, contact use for a live demo.

A great way is to get suggestions from Mailmodo's AI-powered email subject line generator. Conduct A/B testing of multiple subject line on a small set of your subscribers and send the most successful variant automatically to the rest of them. By experimenting with different options, you can increase the open rate of your emails and ultimately improve relations with your subscribers.

Mailmodo newsletter software is an great option for creating and sending email newsletters. Loved by marketers for the ease of use of its email editor, customizable AMP templates, and advanced analytics, Mailmodo makes it simple for businesses and creators to craft newsletters that their subscribers love. Plus, its automation features save time and ensure that subscribers receive timely and relevant content.

With the availability of newsletter tools, you can create and send newsletters faster than ever before. While still having fun. Here are the steps you can follow to create your own newsletter:

  • Pick a newsletter software tool
  • Define your campaign goals
  • Choose a template or create one from scratch
  • Edit your template with no-code editor
  • Segment your email list
  • Send the campaign or schedule for later

Read and study expert interviews, industry news, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns of your favorite brand. Keep your readers engaged and informed with the latest newsletter best practices. Here’s a video from an industry leader on generating leads through newsletters.

If you send bi-weekly or monthly email newsletters, you should stick to a consistent schedule so your audience knows when to expect your newsletter. Based on research, it is best to send out newsletters at 10 AM. But it is always a better email marketing strategy to find the right time against your open rate, because every audience is unique.

Send newsletters as fast as you can type


2x conversions with interactive emails


Save time with AI-powered email creation


Automate marketing ops with pre-built journeys

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