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Turn audience into loyal subscribers and subscribers into prospects with interactive email experiences. Send 10000 emails per month for free.

An interactive newsletter software with

No code email builder

No coding or design skills are needed to create beautiful newsletters. Use our no-code email builder to create newsletters your audience loves.

Contact manager

Upload and manage email subscribers and segment them based on their characteristics to send personalized newsletters.

Free email templates

Pick a newsletter template from our gallery that best meets the requirements of your campaign, then tweak it using our drag-and-drop email builder.

Create email newsletters that delight & convert

Manage subscribers

Upload and manage email subscribers with our email newsletter service for free.

  • ⚡ Import via apps & integrations
  • ⚡ Upload contacts via CSV files
  • ⚡ Clean up email lists

Explore our contact management platform

Contact management software

Segment subscribers

Segment subscribers to send relevant newsletters they want to read. The more relevant the newsletter is, the more likely your subscribers will engage with it.

  • ⚡ Send relevant emails based on user characteristics
  • ⚡ Create email campaigns based on past campaign activity
  • ⚡ Deliver targeted emails based on custom events
Contact segmentation

Create with drag and drop editor

Our newsletter tool includes a drag-and-drop editor that helps you design beautiful newsletters your subscribers would love to read.

  • ⚡ No-code editor to design better.
  • ⚡ Free responsive templates available.
  • ⚡ Comes with pre-made content blocks.
  • ⚡ Import custom-coded templates.

Explore our template editor

Create email template

Stand out with AMP newsletters

Stand out in a sea of similar-looking emails with our email newsletter platform.

  • ⚡ Dynamic email content.
  • ⚡ Diverse personalization parameters.
  • ⚡ Interactive AMP widgets.
  • ⚡ No coding or additional efforts.

Send your first newsletter

Free newsletter templates

We did the work for you. With our free templates gallery, you can create newsletters faster without worrying about the design and development time.

  • ⚡ Responsive and mobile-ready templates.
  • ⚡ Both HTML & AMP format support.
  • ⚡ Easily customizable for branding.
  • ⚡ Preview & test templates.

Explore newsletter templates


In-mail widgets

Enable your subscribers to sign up for a webinar, book appointments, schedule meetings, and more inside the newsletter.

Measure performance

Make your newsletters better with every campaign. All your campaign performance metrics in a single dashboard for ease of access and actionable insights.

  • ⚡ Monitor newsletter campaign metrics.
  • ⚡ Optimize based on the reports.
  • ⚡ Export the data via integrations.
email performance analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What program is best to create email newsletters?

Mailmodo is one of the best email newsletter platforms that offers interactive newsletter templates, drag and drop editor, and more for free. Send upto 10000 emails per month.

How do I create an email newsletter?

With the availability of newsletter tools, you can create and send newsletters faster than ever before. Here are steps that you can follow to create your own newsletter,

  • Pick a newsletter software.
  • Define your campaign goals.
  • Choose a template.
  • Or create one from scratch.
  • Edit the template with no-code editor.
  • Segment your email list.
  • Send the campaign or schedule for later.

    Learn how you can create and start a paid newsletter.

What are some of the best newsletter ideas?

Here are some of the best newsletter ideas that you can start now,

When is the best time to send an email newsletter?

If you send bi-weekly or monthly email newsletters, you should stick to a consistent schedule so that your audience knows when to expect your newsletter in their inbox.

Based on research, it is best to send out newsletters at 10 AM. But it is best to test your timings against your open rate, because every audience is unique.

Learn more about the best times to send newsletter emails.

How much does an email newsletter software cost?

You can send email newsletters using our newsletter software for free. In our free plan, you can send 10000 emails per month, manage subscribers, get free newsletter templates, and more.

Check out Mailmodo's pricing plans here.

Delight your subscribers with our interactive newsletter software