Conduct surveys within your emails

Shorten your survey process to get more responses. Create and send surveys right from your email with Mailmodo

Survey within emails

Create surveys your audience want to take
Decrease steps in your survey journey
Collect more responses, get more insights

Create effective surveys

Everything you need to create a survey in one single builder. An email platform that specializes in creating surveys.

  • 👉 Add forms within your email
  • 👉 Create custom fields and personalizations
  • 👉 Tailor the survey experience to fit your brand needs
  • 👉 Simple drag and drop survey builder

Customize them based on user responses

Make your survey emails smart. Tailor your survey questions based on user responses with multistep forms and conditional logic.

  • 👉 Use multistep forms to layer your surveys

  • 👉 Create criteria based on the responses

  • 👉 Add conditional logic to deliver customized survey questions

Send your surveys at the right time with triggers

Maximize survey relevance and responses by sending them at the right time. Deliver your surveys based on activity-based triggers with integrations

  • 👉 API and webhook based triggers

  • 👉 Trigger from your choice of applications via Zapier

  • 👉 Integrate with your e-commerce for order feedback

Export your responses with integrations

Export survey responses to other platforms and tools for easy analysis. Integrate with CRMs, marketing analytics platforms, spreadsheets and more.

The possibilities are endless

Customer satisfaction surveys
Event surveys
Market research surveys
Pulse surveys
Opinion polls
Employee feedback surveys
Cart abandonment surveys
Post transaction surveys
Product review survey

Survey better, survey right within your emails