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Scale email-led growth with Mailmodo AI

šŸš€ Create high-converting email campaigns in minutes
āš” Use GPT-4 for email creation
šŸ„³ No more switching tabs to use AI for emails

Benefits of AI in email marketing

Save time

Delegate tasks like email copywriting, templates, and personalization to AI and focus on email strategy

Get more ideas

Use AI as a brainstorming partner to spice up your email drips, content, design, and subject lines with multiple variants.

Boost production

Reduce time spent on creation by generating multiple campaigns within minutes and scale your email game.

One AI tool. Multiple Features.

AI Subject Line Generator


Get subject lines in a few seconds

Auto-generate personalized subject lines based on given prompt and email content


Try different tones to engage users

Specify different tones for subject lines based on individual email campaigns


Generate multiple options for A/B testing

Optimize email performance by A/B testing multiple options created within few minutes


AI Content Generator


Outsource email copywriting to AI

Craft or rewrite email copy from scratch using AI and right prompts


Get engaging copy based on brand guidelines

Auto-generate email copy based on past performance and brand guidelines.


Embrace email accessibility instantly

Auto-generate alt-text for all the images and make your emails more inclusive


AI Template Creator


Save 3X time on email template creation

Generate different email templates based on industry best practice for multiple use-cases


Make your emails interactive instantly

Create AMP forms within a few minutes backed by AI capabilities


Enable A/B testing for different templates

Ensure maximum ROI on emails by using A/B testing different templates created by AI.

Power up your email marketing game with AI

Our customers speak

Companies trust Mailmodo to deliver a great email experience.

Direct checkouts

We switched from Mailchimp to Mailmodo to explore interactive emails and direct checkouts. Customer actions in the email helped us scale up faster.

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Ridhima Achaliya

Great user experience

What stood out for us with Mailmodo is that we could drive the communication to the candidate without them having to move from their inbox.

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Aashish Mittal

24/7 support

We had a great experience with the CSM team They're always ready to provide solutions and are prompt to respond and fix issues.

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Armin Baig

Our performance speaks for itself

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