Send emails on autopilot with our email sequence software

Automate with drag-and-drop

Create complex email sequences with ease with drag-and-drop. No tech expertise is needed.

Diverse Triggers, Infinite Possibilities

Connect across all your system and set up workflows to trigger interactive campaigns across databases.

Scale-as-you-go Journey Builder

Automate repetitive email journeys and scale as your company grows saving time and effort.

Complex email sequences possible in 3 steps

Create your customer journey

👉 Create an interactive email sequence to engage customers on autopilot.

👉 Personalise email copy with relevant user attributes, split sequence based on membership to specific list/segment for pinpointed targeting with each email.

👉 Personalise with event properties when the journey is triggered with an event for hyper-personalised content.

👉 Add a range of time delays and schedules send times to send emails at specific days in a week, month, time of day and date in a year.


Split journeys based on user behaviour conditions

👉 Configure the journey based on user opens, clicks and/or submitted data on each email. Split the journey based on condition to check for HTML and AMP opens to deliver the right format to the right email.

👉 Split the journey based on different values of a contact property to personalise for each contact cohort.

👉 Split the journey based on different submission data for hyper-targeted email marketing.

👉 Attach the campaign/conditions to appropriate webhook by adding its URL to send data through webhooks.


Do more in journeys with actions

👉 Keep your contact properties up-to-date automatically by adding actions like 'update contact property' based on user behaviour in the journey.

👉 Save time and effort by adding contacts to relevant lists automatically with the 'add contact to list' action in the journey.

👉 Close the email sequence for specific contacts with the 'exit journey' action in the journey.


Set up diverse triggers to launch journeys

👉 Trigger journeys through your software stack with workflow automation tools like Zapier and Integromat to automate interactive email sequences to your complete database.

👉 Trigger journeys based on events in InfluencerBit to nudge Instagram influencers to mention your brand in a post. Follow up with an email thanking them every time your brand is mentioned in a post.

👉 Trigger journey based on specific events (like form fills, product viewed) sent to Mailmodo or when a change is recorded in contact properties (like plan status changed from silver to gold) for timed emails personalised to user action.

👉 Explore possibilities with automated and hyper-relevant emails triggered through journey when a contact is added to a specific list.


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Automate your emails with just a few clicks

One Journey Builder, Diverse Email Sequences

Onboarding sequences

Welcome new users and identify their needs with automated, interactive onboarding journeys.

Customer Lifecycle Emails

Engage customers at every step of the journey from onboarding, engagement and retention with actionable email sequences.

Lead nurturing Emails

Nurture free users and drive product adoption with actionable email sequences.

Product Nudges

Drive product adoption by personalised and automated nudges based on user behaviour,

Transactional sequences

Automate transactional emails triggered by platform data, CRMs, marketing platforms, and custom APIs

Re-engagement Campaigns

Re-engage lost customers through engaging, interactive email sequences

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Frequently Asked Questions

An email sequence is a series of automated emails sent to prospects or customers on a time frame or based on a triggered event.

An email sequence software is an automation platform that will help you send this sequence of emails.

Sending personalized emails to the right person at the appropriate time is difficult.

An email sequence software offers features like a visual drag-and-drop journey builder to create email sequences, seamless integrations with your marketing stack, contact segmentation, and more to create and send automated sequences faster.

The use of email sequences is almost limitless. You can send onboarding emails, welcome email series, abandoned cart emails, customer lifecycle emails, re-engagement emails, etc.

Here are the steps you can take to create your email sequence,

  • Determine the outcome of the email campaign.
  • Decide sequence duration and number of emails to be sent.
  • Pick an email sequence software.
  • Create email content and pick a template.
  • Specify the triggers to initiate and automate the campaign.

Learn more about email sequences here.

Email sequences help your business in following ways,

  • Automated email sequences help you send targeted emails at the right time, which helps improve conversions.

  • It helps form better relationships and retain your existing customers.

  • It helps re-engage with inactive users.

  • It helps understand your users' journey and send personalized emails to move your prospects through your product lifecycle.

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