Automate email sequences for diverse triggers

Create and send automated campaigns effortlessly with Mailmodo’s visual journey builder. Enhance your marketing automation game with interactive emails triggered for your platform/CRM data.

Convert More Leads With Mailmodo's Email Sequence Software

Send better emails, collect valuable feedback, and close deals faster! Use Mailmodo's free email sequence software to automate email campaigns.

drag and drop
Automate with drag-and-drop

Create complex email sequences with ease with drag-and-drop. No tech expertise is needed.

Diverse Triggers, Infinite Possibilities

Connect across all your system and set up workflows to trigger interactive campaigns across databases.

scale up
Scale-as-you-go Journey Builder

Automate repetitive email journeys and scale as your company grows saving time and effort.

Complex email sequences possible in 3 steps

Create your customer journey

👉 Create an interactive email sequence relevant to a specific customer list or segment.

👉 Personalise the emails with relevant user attributes, event data and metadata to drive engagement

👉 Add a range of time delays and schedules send times to send each email at the right time

👉 Pinpoint each email to the right user with advanced contact segmentation

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Journey builder

Split journeys based on user behaviour conditions

👉 Configure the journey based on user opens, clicks and/or submitted data on each email

👉 Split the journey based on whether a user has opened the AMP or HTML version with 'Configure Conditions '

👉 Split the journey based on different submission data with ‘Add Submit Condition’

👉 Attach the campaign/conditions to appropriate webhook by adding its URL

Set up diverse triggers to launch journeys

👉 Integrate Mailmodo with your marketing stack and automate triggered interactive campaigns

👉 Trigger campaigns based on form data collected on landing pages, websites and platforms

👉 Trigger based on events in webhooks, Rest API, CRMs, etc. through integrations

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In this call, the expert will take you through how you can set up interactive email sequences with the builder and boost email engagement and conversions

One Journey Builder, Diverse Email Sequences

Onboarding sequences

Welcome new users and identify their needs with automated, interactive onboarding journeys.

Cold Outreach
Customer Lifecycle Emails

Engage customers at every step of the journey from onboarding, engagement and retention with actionable email sequences.

Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing Emails

Nurture free users and drive product adoption with actionable email sequences.

Lead engagement
Product Nudges

Drive product adoption by personalised and automated nudges based on user behaviour,

Transactional sequences

Automate transactional emails triggered by platform data, CRMs, marketing platforms, and custom APIs

Re-engagement Campaigns

Re-engage lost customers through engaging, interactive email sequences

Interviewvector gets 45% survey responses with Mailmodo

The platform was pretty easy to use and the team is very responsive. We like the fact that Mailmodo folks are very proactive in helping out. The platform has been working seamlessly for us.

Aashish Mittal, Co-Founder and CTO, Interviewvector

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Interview vector testimonial

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While there were several ESPs in the marketing, we wanted to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for the working parents.

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Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Growth & Marketing Manager

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Mailmodo made us know exactly what needs to be done and had quick turnaround times. Our event would not have been as successful as it was without Mailmodo.

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Ardith Vijh

Growth, Community & Partnerships

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What stood out for us with Mailmodo is that we could drive the communication to the candidate. They didn’t have to leave the comfort of their email to fill out a survey or schedule an interview.

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Aashish Mittal

Co-Founder and CTO, Interviewvector

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