Add calculator to your emails

Create an interactive calculator inside your emails with AMP emails.

Generate and nurture leads with calculators inside email

Reduce the steps involved to use your calculator
Minimize distractions and redirections
Capture user information and convert more leads

Create your email calculator without code

Create a set of inputs through forms for your audience. Show outputs based on custom computation.

  • ⚡ No code design
  • ⚡ Ready to use templates
  • ⚡ Intuitive template editor

Automate your follow-ups through journeys

Follow up with your leads through automated nurture sequences.

  • ⚡ Segment your audience based on attributes or activity
  • ⚡ Automate your email campaigns with journeys
  • ⚡ Book more demos and meetings via calendar widget inside email

Export your user submissions with integrations

Connect your submission data with internal systems to analyse and leverage the data. You can export your submission data directly via spreadsheets from your campaign dashboard or integrate it with your other systems.

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Create your first calculator inside email

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