One platform for all possible calculations

Price quote calculation

Send a price calculator in an email to let your customer pick flexible product pricing.

ROI calculation

Let your audience calculate the ROI for the service right from their inbox.

Loan calculation

Send a loan or debt calculator to let your users pick the best loan option.

An interactive calculator that is easy to create

Go code-free

Our no-code drag-and-drop editor lets you add an interactive calculator inside emails in minutes without developer support.

  • ⚡ Free email templates gallery
  • ⚡ Add interactive widgets
  • ⚡ Responsive and mobile-ready

Style your way

Customize the calculator to suit your brand guidelines and style.

  • ⚡ Update business logo & colors
  • ⚡ Use consistent font family and size
  • ⚡ Change widget and CTA button colors

Generate leads

Use interactive calculator as a potential lead generation tool to grow your business revenue.

  • ⚡ Insert forms to collect user data
  • ⚡ Add CTA buttons to direct them to your website
  • ⚡ Nurture the leads with automation

Automate follow-ups

Send automated follow-up email sequences to nurture and convert your leads into customers.

  • ⚡ Visual customer journey builder
  • ⚡ Add time delays and frequencies
  • ⚡ Trigger from APIs, Webhooks, and integrations

Measure performance

Measure your email campaign performance with our integrated email analytics dashboard.

  • ⚡ Track email open rates, click rates, bounces, and more
  • ⚡ Understand what works for you
  • ⚡ Export the campaign data to third-party tools

Seamless integrations

Mailmodo offers native integration support to connect with your marketing tools to sync data.

  • ⚡ Export data between platforms
  • ⚡ Connect with your CRMs and website
  • ⚡ Automate emails based on custom events

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Frequently Asked Questions

An interactive calculator is a widget that can be embedded inside an email to let users do their math right from their inbox. It helps users to input the data and calculate the price of your product/service, ROI, interest rates, or other metrics.

The email calculator widget will help BFSI companies, healthcare, and real estate industries to generate leads and engagement.

You can make an interactive calculator using Mailmodo.

  1. Sign up for Mailmodo.
  2. Upload your email contact list.
  3. Pick an email template of your choice.
  4. Use our no-code editor to add a calculator widget in the template.
  5. Select your contact list.
  6. Send or schedule the campaign.
  7. Measure the campaign performance.

You can use our no-code email editor to add calculator widgets inside an email to let users do the math. You can add calculators such as EMI calculator, BMI calculator, investment calculator, price quote calculator, ROI calculator, retirement calculator, and more.

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