Create beautiful templates with ease

πŸ‘‰ Build interactive templates effortlessly
πŸ‘‰ Create content blocks once and reuse them
πŸ‘‰ No design or tech intervention needed

WYSIWYG email editor

Features our customers love

Drag and drop email builder

Create beautiful email designs without any technical skills with our email template builder.

Interactive AMP emails

You can even create interactive & dynamic emails with AMP technology employed by Mailmodo.

Multi-step forms within email

Add interactive multi step forms with conditional logic within emails and collect data directly.

Email template library

Explore our extensive collection of email templates and start editing with our template editor.

Responsive templates

Our templates are mobile-ready and responsive to suit the usage of emails on mobile devices.

Interactive widgets

Include various interactive widgets like forms, shopping carts, calculators, live price tickers, and more.

How to use our email template builder

Pick an email template

Choose a template from our gallery and edit it with the template builder to suit your brand. Need more flexibility? Build it from scratch.

  • ⚑ No-code drag and drop builder
  • ⚑ 200+ pre-made templates for all use cases
  • ⚑ Responsive & mobile-ready
  • ⚑ Reusable blocks for faster development

Explore our no-code editor

Stay on brand

Define your brand stack to maintain consistency across your email marketing campaigns.

  • ⚑ Upload your brand logo
  • ⚑ Pick a font family, color, and size
  • ⚑ Use consistent email layouts
  • ⚑ Save the content blocks to use later
wysiwyg email editor

Personalize the experience

Deliver relevant emails to your subscribers by using diverse personalization parameters.

  • ⚑ Personalize email content and CTAs
  • ⚑ Add dynamic images inside emails
  • ⚑ Add dynamic content that updates in real-time

Send dynamic emails

Make emails interactive

Add AMP widgets into your email using our template builder to convert more users.

  • ⚑ Add calendars and polls
  • ⚑ Use conditional logic in forms and surveys
  • ⚑ Get direct product purchases within email
  • ⚑ Gamify emails with spin the wheel widget

Explore AMP email widget

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Why our customers love us

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Mailmodo is very convenient. Our designers understood it in less than one day. We were building beautiful emails.

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Ridhima Achaliya

Growth Marketing

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Most email marketing tools needed HTML developers to create the emails. With Mailmodo, we are able to do it on our own.

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Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Growth and Marketing

brand image

Apart from being a unique offering with a strong USP, the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

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Saloni Rohatgi

Data Analytics and Email Marketing

An email template builder for marketers

Make sure your emails are set up for success before you hit that send button.

Create accessible design

Use proper font size, better color contrasts, semantic markup, and add enough whitespace.

Create better content

Create relevant and concise copy for your subscribers and avoid using words that trigger spam filters.

Responsive design
Test your emails

Preview & send test mails before sending your campaigns to send the best version of your email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email template builder?

An email builder is a visual tool for designing beautiful email templates without any coding skills required. Mailmodo offers one such template editor that can be used to create both HTML & AMP emails.

How do I create my own email template?

You can use our extensive email templates gallery or create one from scratch using our email template builder. Our editor includes a drag and drop option, interactive widgets, and reusable blocks to create templates faster.

What is the best email template builder?

Mailmodo is one of the best drag and drop email template builders used to create both HTML and AMP email templates. Reusable blocks, interactive widgets, and conditional logics in email forms, are some attractive features of Mailmodo.

Why use email template builders?

Here are the benefits of using no-code email template builders to create email designs,

  • Easy to use & save time.
  • Availability of pre-made templates.
  • Reusable components to create faster.
  • No technical skills needed.
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