Recover abandoned carts, grow your revenue

Shopping carts in email

Send shopping carts inside emails to let customers know the products they added to their cart.

Offer in-mail checkout

Offer direct checkout process, which enables customers to purchase within emails.

Recover lost sales

Send automated emails when customers abandon their cart to nudge them to take action.

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Abandoned cart recovery made easy with Mailmodo

Connect your store

Mailmodo integrates with most e-commerce stores with native or custom integration support. If you are using Shopify, we have a native integration for you.

  • ⚡ Add your Shopify store using an API key
  • ⚡ Import contacts & the store data
  • ⚡ Add payment gateways to collect payments

Segment contacts

Segment contacts based on various methods to send abandoned cart recovery emails to the right people.

  • ⚡ Send emails based on actions taken on your e-store
  • ⚡ Segment based on order history
  • ⚡ Segment based on user attributes

Design cart recovery email

Start creating your email with our abandoned cart email template and customize it with our drag and drop editor.

  • ⚡ Ready-to-use email templates
  • ⚡ Add an abandoned cart widget to the email
  • ⚡ Personalize email with diverse parameters

Automate emails

Create abandoned cart recovery email flow using our visual journey builder in minutes and automate sending emails.

  • ⚡ Pick when to initiate the email series
  • ⚡ Send as many recovery emails as you like
  • ⚡ Add delays between each email
  • ⚡ End email series when customer purchases

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Abandoned cart email sequence

We created the abandoned cart email automation workflow that you can replicate to send cart recovery emails flawlessly.

  • ⚡ Ready to use sequences
  • ⚡ First-hand insights from 100+ marketers
  • ⚡ Tips & best practices to follow

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Why choose Mailmodo’s cart recovery tool?

In-mail checkouts

Let customers complete the purchase straight from their inboxes.

Carts in email

Send carts inside emails to notify customers of products left in the cart.

Journey builder

Create multi-step automation workflows with our visual customer journey builder.

Analytics & reporting

Measure campaign performance and optimize future campaigns with analytics.

Email deliverability

Increase inbox placement rates with our dedicated email deliverability service.

Our customers speak

Companies trust Mailmodo to deliver a great email experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abandoned cart recovery is the process of notifying customers about the products they left in their cart and convincing them to complete the purchase.

With a cart recovery tool like Mailmodo, you can send emails with carts inside them to let your customers complete the purchase straight from their inbox.

One of the better ways to recover abandoned carts is to send cart recovery email series to your customers. You can use cart recovery tools like Mailmodo to send out email campaigns.

  1. Connect your store with Mailmodo.

  2. Design your email template.

  3. Add cart recovery widget.

  4. Create the automation journey.

  5. Set a delay.

  6. Initiate the campaign.

Read more about sending abandoned cart recovery emails with Mailmodo.

Send your first email about an hour after the customer has abandoned their cart. You can send a follow-up/reminder email 24 hours after the cart abandonment.

We have created an email automation example where you can find the types of emails you can send and when to send those emails in the customer journey. Check out abandoned cart email flows here.

Cart abandonment emails are one of the effective ways to get customers back to complete the purchase. According to research, nearly 50% of customers who opened cart recovery emails finished the purchase.

You can send 3 to 4 emails in your cart recovery email sequence. However, every store is different, and we recommend testing your strategy.

  1. Create subject lines that make your customers open the email.

  2. Write precise and to-the-point email copy.

  3. Include what they left in their cart.

  4. Use attractive product images.

  5. Avoid generic 'Buy now' CTAs.

  6. Include discount/coupon codes.

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