Email analytics that AMP up your email performance

Mailmodo’s complete email analytics positions consumable data through which you understand campaign performance to improve.

Analytics made life easier

Mailmodo’s complete email analytics provides information ranging from open rates to bounce rates. Here’s what email analytics has to offer you.

Performance overview

Dashboard provides deep insights about campaign performance.

Perform A/B testing

Test out various versions of same email and achieve more out of email.

In-depth dashboard view

View email performance against time to understand better.

Export result data

Export campaign data through .csv files for external use.

Compare HTML and AMP

Compare HTML and AMP emails in every aspect.

Analyzing segments

Analyze emails for varied lists and improve targeting your segments.

Analyze your campaigns in 3 steps

Start from ready-made or blank template

Pick a readymade Email template from our growing library or start with a blank canvas to customize using our editor.

Build journey for campaign

Use the virtual journey builder, to create email journey for the campaign.

Add personalization parameters, subject lines, contact list and save your journey to start sending.

Brief analytics for all campaign

Open the campaign to view the brief performance of all the campaigns and select the campaign for in depth analysis.

In-depth analytics for single campaign

View the complete performance of the campaign from the dash board.

Frequently used templates for testing and analysis

Feedback and survey campaigns gives you insights about your users’ experience with the product and scope to develop.

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AMP vs HTML emails are tested to understand the interaction rates of the email among various users.

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For easy segmentation of user, data is collected right within the emails and based on results segregated into groups.

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Mailmodo is an end to end platform for building simple emailers. Most email marketing tools needed HTML developers to create the emails. Our team is doing it themselves now.
Masoom Sekhar Sahoo, Growth & Marketing Manager, Allround

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Allround case study

It was not only about Journey Builder

With Mailmodo, you achieve more than analytics and insights, check out the wide range of features it has to offer.

Visual Journey Builder

Build appealing emails with no code and simple drag-and-drop.

Easy Integrations

Integrate with CRMs and marketing tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, Calendly, Zoom

Triggered emails

Send bulk transactional AMP emails using API & webhook triggers based on user behaviors

Advanced Segmentation

Segment users based on attributes or past campaign activities like Open, Click & Form Submissions

In-depth Email Analytics

Analyze all your data- Delivered, Opens, Clicks, Subject line A/B tests, etc. for both AMP & HTML emails

Managed Deliverability

Get high deliverability & opens with well managed & dedicated IPs and advice from our deliverability team

As an IaaS platform, we need to give candidates a wholesome experience and a credible experience. That’s why we depended on surveys.

Aashish Mittal

Co-Founder and CTO

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While there were several ESPs in the marketing, we wanted to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for the working parents.

Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Growth & Marketing Manager

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The most frustrating thing is email was the journey. One had to open the email, click on a link to land on the website, only the web page would have 600 different plans and one had no clue what they usually came for.

Priya Goel


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