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Analyze KPIs for each campaign


Performance overview

Track metrics like delivered emails, open rates, click rates, submissions, bounces, unsubscribes, and more.


Subscriber engagement

Discover how each subscriber responds to the campaign you sent and optimize it based on the data.



For each campaign, compare the metrics for both AMP & HTML emails and find what works best for you.

email performance analytics

Get granular engagement data


Click tracking

Analyze which link you sent inside the email campaign got the most clicks.


Email clients

Our email analytics tool tells you which email client your subscribers used to open the email.


Undelivered emails

Know which emails bounced, got blocked, or were invalid. Understand the reason behind soft and hard bounce.

Email analytics dashboard

Export data from Mailmodo


Export campaign data

Export campaign data to share, present or visualize data. Understand what’s working with multi-campaign comparison.


Export clicks data

Export clicks data along with performance to track engagement in email.


Easy data flow with integrations

Export submissions to Google Sheets, Hubspot, or any third-party tool with Webhooks, Zapier, Integromat, etc.

email performance analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Email analytics software can provide insights into how your subscribers are engaging with the email campaign you have sent.

It provides more advanced insights like open rates, click rates, the email clients your subscribers use to engage with your email, link clicks, submissions on AMP widgets you used on the campaign, etc.

Use email analytics to understand how your campaigns performed and the things you can optimize to improve the performance of future campaigns.

With email analytics, you can get answers to all the crucial campaign-related questions like,

  • Which type of content gets the most clicks?
  • Which subject lines get better open rates?
  • Which email format produces better results?

    And more.

Email marketing doesn't end when you hit that 'Send' button. You should continuously monitor your email campaign to understand what works.

Email analytics software can help you understand how your emails are perceived by your recipients and what you can improve in your next campaign to achieve better results.

Mailmodo's email analytics software comes with our email marketing suite. Check out our pricing plans and choose the one that best suits your business.