Spin the Wheel

Gamify your email with spin the wheel

Create a memorable email experience with the Spin the Wheel widget in email. Drive higher email conversions by building curiosity, offering discounts and free prizes.

A realistic preview of Mailmodo's latest feature, Spin the Wheel in a interactive email.

One wheel, many purposes

Say no to boring promotional emails. Drive higher conversions by bringing the excitement of scratch-off lotto tickets to email with the spin-the-wheel widget.

Mailmodo has a feature of Spin the Wheel which is being used to give discounts to users through interactive emails.
The Discount Wheel

Win over customers with a variety of discounts. Run end-of-season sales, give customers a discount for each sector and let them spin to find the discount they won.

Mailmodo enables in email spin the wheel lucky draw contest for your customers and users to keep them engaged.
Hit the Jackpot

Create a lucky draw experience over email with gifts behind select segments. Enable customers to spin and find out if they hit the jackpot.

Mailmodo has provided marketers to use feedback forms and surveys in exchange for winning a discount by spin the wheel feature.
Incentivize form signups

Encourage customers to fill out feedback forms and surveys in exchange for spinning the wheel and winning a discount.

How to increase conversions with Spin-The-Wheel email campaigns

Create, customize and configure the lucky wheel without code

  • ⚡ Save time by inserting a pre-made, spin the wheel widget
  • ⚡ Achieve the desired look and feel by choosing from any of the three color palettes
  • ⚡ Create 8 prizes for each of the sectors on the wheel
  • ⚡ Choose win ratios and decide likelihood of winning a particular prize based on business priorities

Try Spin the Wheel for free

Mailmodo offers drag and drop option to make a discount wheel for your interactive emails, which will bring you great conversion.

Configure and set up your win page for higher conversions

  • ⚡ Tailor the win page with irresistible copy in the title and description

  • ⚡ Increase conversions to the target landing page by adding a call-to-action button

  • ⚡ Maintain design consistency by editing the content, color, size and shape of the CTA button

Try it out for free

Use Maimodo's Spin the Wheel to create interactive win pages for the latest feature which will bring in successful conversion rates.

Launch Spin-the-Wheel email campaigns on-demand and automatically

  • ⚡ Hit send on campaigns to users in specific lists or segments based on relevance

  • ⚡ Set up email automation for the Spin-The-Wheel campaign to be triggered as a response to specific user behavior

  • ⚡ Trigger spin to win campaigns on the occurrence of certain actions and events with 30+ integrations

Go for a spin

Mailmodo has the option to integrate various services to provide interactive actions from your users who can become customers by our interactive emails.

Track email performance and widget submissions with the analytics dashboard

  • ⚡ Measure opens, clicks, bounces, user submissions and obtain insights in real time

  • Track analytics for both AMP use cases and HTML use cases

Mailmodo has an interactive dashboard to track down emails and campaigns which you can make with drag and drop operations including the latest feature of Spin the Wheel.

Create targeted email automation based on each prize

  • ⚡ Give special attention to your customers by segmenting contacts based on the prize they won

  • ⚡ Achieve a hyper-personalized user experience by automating drip sequences relevant to the prize at regular intervals

  • ⚡ Whiteboard the user journey by a visual journey builder to help you design user journey maps with drag and drop

  • ⚡ Analyze user behavior and optimize drip sequences & journey maps

Learn more about email automation

Mailmodo's new features Spin the Wheel comes with Journey Builder to control the journey of the email according to user behavior.

Enable data flow with Integrations

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