Spin The Wheel In Email

Say goodbye to 'boring' static emails and say hello to interactivity

āœ”ļø Embed spin the wheel widget inside the email
āœ”ļø Gamify your email marketing campaigns
āœ”ļø Drive user engagement & conversions


One wheel, many purposes

Say no to boring promotional emails. Drive higher conversions by bringing the excitement of scratch-off lotto tickets to email with the spin-the-wheel widget.

The discount wheel

Win over customers with a variety of discounts. Run an end-of-season sale email campaign, and let them spin to see what discount they earned.

Hit the jackpot

Create a lucky draw experience over email with gifts behind select segments. Enable customers to spin and find out if they hit the jackpot.

Incentivize form signups

Encourage customers to fill out feedback forms and surveys in exchange for spinning the wheel and winning a discount.

Creating high-converting emails is just 5 steps away

Insert spin the wheel widget

We did all the work, so you don't have to code it yourself. Just insert the pre-made spin-the-wheel widget, and you are good to go.

  • āš” Insert the widget & update the colors
  • āš” Add the offers to each wheel sector
  • āš” Enter the win ratio for each offer

Add a compelling message

Enter the message and CTA button that should be displayed when the customer wins the particular discount after spinning the wheel.

  • āš” Add a message and CTA for each sector
  • āš” Customize the CTA button color
  • āš” Add a link to your offer landing page

Create a HTML fallback

Make sure you add an HTML fallback to make your emails look better even when the AMP version fails to render for some of your email contacts.

  • āš” Customize the copy and CTA
  • āš” Users can open the AMP widget in the browser
  • āš” You can customize the CTA link

Set the campaign in motion

Send the campaign to your email list instantly or use automation to send spin-the-wheel emails automatically without any intervention.

  • āš” Send emails based on user actions on your website
  • āš” Launch campaign based on triggers from integrations
  • āš” Track campaign performance and winners' data

Nurture users on autopilot

Give special attention to your customers by segmenting contacts based on the prize they won.

  • āš” Automate with drag-and-drop journey builder
  • āš” Send hyper-personalized emails to the winners
  • āš” Nurture by delivering suitable emails at specific intervals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a wheel spinner easily?

Use Mailmodo's spin wheel maker to create and send a wheel spinner game in the email. Whether you run an end-of-season sale or a lead generation campaign, inserting a spin-the-wheel widget in the email will get you more engagement and conversions.

What is meant by 'Win ratio'?

The win ratio defines the chances of winning a specific offer compared to others. You can set a minimum win ratio for the offer that has a maximum discount so that it appears to few users.

You can read more about win ratio and our spinner widget here.

How Mailmodo's spin the wheel widget works?

Mailmodo's spin the wheel is an AMP widget that can be sent via email. You can use this to engage with your email subscribers or incentivize them.

  • Sign up for Mailmodo.

  • Create an email template with our editor.

  • Add 'Spin the wheel' widget.

  • Add colors and content to it.

  • Enter the win ratio for each offer.

  • Add HTML fallback with a link to the AMP email.

  • Hit 'Send' and wait for the magic to happen.

Can I customize the spin the wheel widget?

Yes, you can. You can update the color of the widget using the color palettes available. Customize font sizes, font family, background colors, and more.

Skyrocket email engagement with the wheel spinner widget