Scale your client’s email campaign with interactivity

👉🏼 Manage your client’s campaign.
👉🏼 Set up trigger journeys through APIs, and webhooks.
👉🏼 Generate higher ROI through interactive emails.

Email marketing software for agencies

Agencies Trust Mailmodo to Scale their Email Growth

Deliver higher ROI for your clients' email marketing with interactivity

Acquire more leads with interactive AMP emails

⚡ Eliminate redirects and bring them within the email through AMP email lead generation forms.

⚡ Add the form, surveys, and meeting bookings, all within the email, to get higher conversions.

⚡ Create a hassle-free one-click experience for your leads.

Explore the world of AMP emails

Interactive AMP email widgets in Mailmodo

Keep your clients updated via transactional emails

⚡ Set up triggers via API, webhooks, and CRM to send invoice emails, confirmation emails, and password reset emails.

⚡Build a transactional email journey to maintain the communication until the action is taken.

⚡Select from pre-made transactional emails to save your time and effort.

Explore Mailmodo's transitional email solution

Transactional emails by Mailmodo

Nurture leads with email drip sequences

⚡ Set up email automation for recurring emails to get more ROI from your email marketing efforts.

⚡Create and send targeted email journeys that generate higher engagement.

⚡Hyper-personalize each email in the journey using a variety of personalized parameters.

Know more about email drip sequences

Email automation journey builder Mailmodo
Start delighting clients and their users with interactive emails

Digital agency Pixl gets 137% higher real estate leads with Mailmodo

“We’ve dabbled with a lot of ESPs and we must say Mailmodo is a great experience. We’re ramping up our email volume as well as exploring potential use cases from Mailmodo.”

  • Saloni Rohatgi, Data Analytics and Email Marketing Lead, Pixl

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use AMP emails to boost my client’s conversion rate?

Interactive AMP emails reduce friction in the conversion process by bringing a website-like experience within the email. As a result, users can fill out the form, submit the feedback, and book a meeting without leaving their inboxes.

Which is the best email marketing platform for agencies?

Mailmodo is the best email marketing software for agencies as it can help you create drag-and-drop visual journey builders, add dynamic blocks to send real-time updates, and make email interactive by adding polls, forms, surveys, calculators.

How can I automate my client’s email campaigns?

Yes, using our drag-and-drop journey builder you can create different types of email drip sequences and make it more targeted by adding conditions, delays in the series.