Widgets In Email

Improve conversions with actionable widgets in email

Get users to take action within email with widgets like forms, shopping carts, quizzes and many more. Reduce redirections, drop offs and drive higher in-mail conversions with AMP widgets.

Turn emails into mini-apps with AMP widgets

Say no to static emails. Choose from a growing collection of AMP widgets to create app-like experiences within the email.

Insert App Functions

Drag and drop app-like widgets such as forms, quizzes, carts inside email

Shorten User Funnel

Reduce the number of steps to achieve results within the email

Conversion-Focussed Funnel

Get higher conversions within email with user action.

3 step hack to make widgets serve you

Select or create an email template

Choose an email template

Pick a readymade Email template from our growing library and customize it with our drag and drop editor

Create a blank email template

You can create an email template from scratch by using our drag and drop editor.


Set up your widget

Add the interactive widgets to your template canvass from the builder. Connect your widget with your internal systems for seamless data exchange.


Export data and view analytics

Export widget data for use

Mailmodo enables exporting data obtained using the widget for further use on other platforms

View live analytics

Mailmodo’s dashboard provides live analytics about the campaign, containing the widget.


Don't take our word for it

Listen to what Armin Baig, Director of Marketing at, has to say

Speak to an expert today

In this call, the expert will show you how you can use the different email widgets to get higher email conversions

Interviewvector gets 45% survey responses with Mailmodo

"What stood out for us with Mailmodo is that we could drive the communication to the candidate. They didn’t have to leave the comfort of their email to fill out a survey or schedule an interview."

Aashish Mittal, Co-founder and CTO

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Mailmodo decreased the friction in the demo bookings and allowed us to integrate all the data with internal systems, making the experience smooth both for our customers and our internal teams.

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Priya Goel


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While there were several ESPs in the marketing, we wanted to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for the working parents.

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Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Growth & Marketing Manager

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As a customer experience manager I know I can’t just work on ease of use or adoption. I’m responsible for delivering an experience that my audience wants to come back to. Mailmodo helped me achieve that. The numbers we saw were proof of what was otherwise abstract.

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Pranjal Agarwal

Customer Experience Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AMP email widget?

AMP email widgets are interactive components that make emails more conversion-friendly, engaging, and fun.

What are the widgets that you can use in emails?

With AMP technology, the possibilities are endless. You can embed widgets like spin the wheel, embedded calculators, shopping carts, surveys, calendars, forms, polls, quizzes, and more.

Why use AMP email widgets?

AMP widgets help increase your email marketing ROI. You can send shopping carts inside an email and let your customer purchase your products directly from email without having to go to your store. It reduces friction in purchase behavior and increases conversions.