Transactional Email API

Transactional Email API Service For Developers

✔️ Instant API integration for transactional emails with dynamic content
✔️ Personalize communication and track engagement effortlessly
✔️ Elevate inbox delivery rates with powerful analytics and features


Your all-in-one solution for transactional email APIs

Excellent Deliverabilty

Expereince best-in-class deliverability and high inbox placement including email authentication with DKIM, SPF and DMARC.

Interactive Emails

Send interactive emails and create unique experiences for your user for better conversions.

Email Automation Templates

Access customisable pre-built email sequences for various customer journeys and edit with a drag-and-drop journey builder

Email Testing

Perform email validation, testing and preview using our HTML + AMP editor.

Collect Form Responses

Collect responses from forms inside emails and export them for further analysis.

Instant API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our transactional email API for swift and reliable message delivery.

Mailmodo for Developer allows you to


Create emails with visual editor

Our drag-and-drop email editor allows you to customize pre-built email templates or create new ones from scratch in minutes without coding


Send trigger based emails using APIs

Trigger emails to your users using Mailmodo's Rest API on the basis of actions taken by users recorded in your applications


Analyze email campaign performance

Access complete email analytics for your email campaigns including Delivery rate, Bounce rate, Open Rates, CTRs and Form Submissions

email template builder

Transactional Email API Use cases

Account Notification Emails
Password Reset Emails
Email Verification Emails
Feedback and Review Emails
Onboarding Emails
Invoice Emails

Steps to set up your transactional campaign with Mailmodo


Create your emails or customize templates using Mailmodo's editor


Connect with Mailmodo's REST API to send emails on assigned triggers


Analyze your campaign performance and form submissions

setup email api
Seamlessly set up transactional emails using API

Mailmodo is your new growth channel

10,000+ marketers trust Mailmodo to run all their email campaigns

Seamless UX

“Mailmodo is a no-brainer for fast-growing companies. Their no-code interactive emails are easily configurable, and their team ensures high open rates. This is one of the highest value products in our tech stack.”

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Rose Wang

Bluesky PBLLC

Great Customer Support

“In spite of the growth that Mailmodo experienced, it has kept its identity of being customer centric and continues to work closely with us on ensuring that all of our needs are met with rapid implementation and outstanding support.”

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Leonard Yampolsky

NCB Management Services, Inc.

Easy Migration

“When it was time to move on from our (very expensive) CRM-based mailing service, I discovered Mailmodo. I tried it out, and I couldn't be happier: the UX is on point, everything works smoothly, support is responsive.”

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Tanya Krutko


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits on the free trial?

In the free trial, you can send upto 40K emails nd can experience all the features of the ‘Pro Plan’ with Mailmodo branding inside the emails.

Which email clients allow AMP emails?

AMP emails work on email platforms like, Gmail, Yahoo Mail & For other platforms the system automatically sends the customisable auto-designed HTML template which gets delivered in case of any kind of AMP failure.

Does AMP email impact deliverability?

It doesn't, AMP is just a framework like HTML. Your deliverability is dependent on the content, audience, domain and ip reputation. AMP functions the same way as HTML.

How can I use Mailmodo with my other tools?

You can send campaigns, export submissions, import contacts data, enable purchases by directly integrating with platforms like Shopify, Hubspot, Facebook, Google Sheets or use connector platforms like Zapier, Integromat for other connections.

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