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Read about the trends and innovations in email marketing in 2021 and get actionable insights from industry experts to help improve your email marketing strategy for 2022


State of Email 2022 - 250+ marketers share their insights and email plans for 2022 | Product Hunt
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Why should you read the State of Email?

As an email marketers you need a scientific look into the current email marketing trends and a data-driven evaluation of the future of email marketing to be on top of your game.

For this, we surveyed 250+ email marketing industry experts, digital marketers, and subject matter experts to get their insights on what the state of email looks like going into 2022.

With this report, you will be able to -

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    Learn from the collective experience of industry experts

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    Leverage what’s hot and trending in the email for better email campaigns

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    Deep dive and learn to resolve the the most common yet significant mistakes committed by email marketers

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What does the State of Email 2022 report contain?


Email marketing trends and innovations that you need to prepare for in 2022

Common email marketing pitfalls and mishaps and how to overcome them

Insights from 250+ email experts with secret sauce form the Mailmodo team

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