How to Send AMP Emails From CleverTap Using Mailmodo

Suryanarayan Pal
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Creating omnichannel campaigns and personalizing your user experiences is made easy with CleverTap. It allows you email management but not email creation and that’s where we come in. If you’re a CelverTap user and want to streamline AMP email campaigns, look no further!

This guide will discuss the steps you’ve to take to connect CleverTap and Mailmodo and streamline your triggered email campaigns.

  • Does CleverTap have AMP emails?

  • Benefits of CleverTap integration with Mailmodo

  • How to send AMP emails from CleverTap using Mailmodo

  • Wrap up

Does CleverTap have AMP emails?

You can build static emails with CleverTap but not AMP emails. Despite AMP emails having such crucial importance, you cannot send AMP emails with CleverTap and have to look for other AMP ESPs.

The good news is that you don’t have to look elsewhere as we have made a CleverTap integration you can use to set up triggered email campaigns with Mailmodo, and here’s why you should do it.

Benefits of CleverTap integration with Mailmodo

Here are some benefits of integrating your CleverTap account with Mailmodo to send AMP emails:

  • Integrations like the CleverTap combined with AMP emails have allowed Razorpay and Murdex to increase conversions by 257% and 280%.

  • We have kept a low number of steps from our end so that you can set up your workflow within minutes.

  • We have also designed beautiful templates for you to use and set up your triggered email campaign quickly.

  • If you prefer to build your own template instead, we got you covered. We have a drag-and-drop template editor that you can use to build templates from scratch without code.

You can’t afford not to use Mailmodo with these amazing benefits. And to make things even easier, we tried to keep the setup process simple, and here’s the step-by-step breakdown.

How to send AMP emails from CleverTap using Mailmodo

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This process involves creating a webhook URL in Mailmodo and configuring it with CleverTap. Follow these steps to do it right:

  1. From the list in the ‘Trigger on events’ section, select 'CleverTap' and click Next.

From trigger on events, select 'CleverTap' and click Next

  1. In the review section, ensure all the details are correctly shown. After reviewing, click on 'Enable Campaign' to create the transactional campaign.

Review and click on 'Enable Campaign'

  1. A Webhook URL will be generated on the Trigger Info page. Use this page to connect your campaign to your platform.

Copy webhook url from tigger info tab

  1. Use the copy URL button to copy the Webhook URL.

  2. Go to settings in your CleverTap account, under the engage section, select Channel, and click on Webhooks.

  3. Create a new Webhook and enter the ‘Trigger Endpoint’ from your campaign into the ‘Destination URL.’ Create a new webhook and enter respective details

  4. Choose ‘POST’ as the ‘HTTP method’ & name your Webhook. Choose ‘POST’ as the ‘HTTP method’ & name your Webhook

  5. Now you can use this Webhook to trigger emails sent from Mailmodo in your CleverTap account.

An example of how you can add Webhook to your CleverTap journeys: Example of how you can add Webhook to your CleverTap journeys

  1. Click on the Webhook block to open its settings. Choose the Webhook you just created under the ‘Webhook URL’ dropdown.

hoose the Webhook you just created under the ‘Webhook URL’ dropdown

  1. Then copy the following code snippet into the Webhook payload and choose the format as JSON:







Copy the code snippet

  1. Then argument to “email” points to recipient emails, and “data” points to the personalization parameters. Replace the email argument ‘’ with ‘@’ and select the email field from your contact list.

  2. Also, replace the parameter ‘John’ with ‘@’ and select the appropriate field matching the parameter ‘firstName.’

  3. Depending on the campaign, you can add more parameters by adding a few extra lines of code in the “data” section.

  4. Make sure that the parameter's key is the same as the key written in the email campaign. For example:









  5. Save and Close the Webhook. This Webhook trigger is part of your journey and can trigger emails from Mailmodo.

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Wrap up

Mailmodo is an A - Z email marketing solution that you can rely on and increase your conversion rates significantly just like our users. Mailmodo is also a pioneer in AMP emails and we are continuously pushing the boundary by creating interesting features like spin the wheel.

Mailmodo offers integration with other APIs such as You can check out our guide on integrating to send AMP email using Mailmodo.

What you should do next

Hey there, thanks for reading till the end. Here are 3 ways we can help you grow your business:

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What should you do next?

Thanks for reading till the end. Here are 3 ways we can help you grow your business:

Get smarter with our email resources

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