5 Industry Specific Use Cases of AMP Emails

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Written by:Aquibur Rahman


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AMP emails help email marketers widen their horizons by offering dynamic, web page-like experiences within users’ inboxes.

This guide will explore the variety of use cases that you can use in AMP for emails.

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Why AMP emails?

AMP for emails provide the power of including interactive elements inside the email. In addition, AMP emails help reduce redirects and let users complete an action within their inbox.

For example, users can fill out a feedback survey within their inbox without redirecting to another web page. This helps reduce friction in the funnel and increases the conversion rate.

Use cases of AMP emails across industry verticals

Let’s explore different use cases to fuse AMP with your email marketing strategy.

1. Ecommerce

Ecommerce brands can use AMP emails to offer a cart checkout inside the email. Users can choose various colors, sizes, and amounts and finish the checkout without redirecting to another webpage. Incorporating AMP in cart abandonment emails will work likewise.

Note: Users cannot make payments within their email, even with AMP emails. Read why.

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2. Travel & food Industry

AMP email can be helpful in the travel industry as users can book tickets or make reservations within their inboxes. Such an easy booking process can increase user satisfaction, thus giving your brand more credibility.

3. Finance

Finance brands can offer a calculator within their email using the AMP framework to compute the various amounts. For example, one can calculate the loan amount and duration inside an AMP email. It can similarly empower a few other monetary counts in the email itself.

4. Goods and freight

Merchandise and cargo industry marketers can send AMP emails allowing their subscribers to track their parcels. It takes the client experience a notch above and improves loyalty and brand trust.

5. Event booking

Advertisers can send event invites with AMP emails and allow users to RSVP through email. This will create better commitment with the emails and get you more participants. You can use a similar technique to yield more enlistments for your online class.

Benefits of using AMP emails

Here is how using AMP emails can improve your email marketing performance:

1. Conducting surveys through AMP emails

AMP emails would make survey in emails increasingly successful by allowing users to submit them within their inboxes. The prospective client would not need to go to the landing page to offer their criticism with AMP. This smooth experience will improve the reaction rate for any survey.

You can send different surveys such as - product feedback, CSAT, NPS, polls, etc.

2. Providing an app or website-like experience within emails

Brands will have the option to send an email that recreates a scaled-down app with AMP.

For instance, dating apps like Tinder can let users swipe left or right from the email itself. It would make things a whole lot simpler for them. In addition, you can optimize newsletters and promotional content with AMP for smoother reading.

Read how BluSmart achieved 35% submissions on their quiz, which was 3.5 times the expected submission rate, with AMP emails.

3. Drive more conversions

With AMP, users get an interactive web-like experience within their inboxes. AMP emails add interactive elements such as image carousels, calendars, accordions, etc.

Our State of Marketing Report 2021 shows that 23.7% of marketers saw a rise in their conversions by 10% with AMP emails. It happens because AMP emails reduce friction in the sales funnel. This translates into better engagement from subscribers.

Check out how AMP email increases conversions - AMP case studies.

4. Improving sales and post-sales communications

Interactive emails can help you understand and analyze your users’ needs and drive conversions. In addition, automated AMP emails based on events and user behavior can enhance user experience.

Real-life examples of AMP email use cases

Here we discuss how and Pinterest leverage the power of AMP emails: makes it a breeze to avail the promos and book the lodging from the email itself. It spares the endorser’s time and brings more conversions for the business.


By utilizing AMP, Pinterest lets the user save the pin and view the extended image in the email. So right now, the viewer will never again need to open the app or utilize the program to get to Pinterest.

You can find AMP email templates for your use cases at Mailmodo’s template library.

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AMP emails not only amplify conversion rates but also strengthen user engagement. Hence, it makes more sense to send interactive AMP emails instead of HTML or plain-text emails. With Mailmodo, you can send such interactive emails and get better conversions and ROI on your email campaigns.

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