12 Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers in 2022

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Are you washed up and out of ideas on what to write about in your newsletters?

Constantly coming up with new ideas in marketing can be a draining task, and running out of ideas is inevitable at that point. But, don't worry, we've got you covered.

We have curated a few newsletter ideas for you in this article to refresh your brain, and while they might seem familiar and obvious, you may not have thought about them.

1. Top 10 list

It lists the top 10 of a particular category like songs, movies, brands, mobile phones, real estate, etc. The best part of the top 10 list is applicable for any industry and customized to suit your business.

It can be fun for your audience to read if they are curious about the best choices in a specific category, and they might even save the newsletter to reference later.

Top 10 post template newsletter by Canva

Source: Really Good Emails

2. Interview with expert

Expert interviews are an excellent way to provide value to your subscribers. They would get insights about industry trends, secrets, and tips on how to succeed in the field, which is all invaluable information that you will be providing them for free.

Upcoming event promotion in newsletter by Mailmodo

If you don't want to share the entire interview in the email, you can link a CTA button to the page with the full interview as Mailmodo has done here.

3. Round-up newsletter

If you have worked on many new things and produced a lot of content, you can curate it all into a single newsletter and make it a round-up of your month or year. It will help people know more about you and all your work.

Even if you have not done all the work yourself, you can compile a list of articles or posts on topics in your field or similar.

For example, Refinery 29 has put together all articles on different topics related to lifestyle and sent them to their audience.

News roundup newsletter by Refinery 29

Source: Really Good Emails

4. New product announcement

You can promote a new product you have created, and it can be anything like ebooks, technology, clothing, software updates, etc. Tell them all about the product, when and where it'll be available, like Mailmodo has done here.

New product announcement in newsletter by Mailmodo

You can also plan and send out promotional newsletters before releasing the product. It'll get your subscribers excited for what is to come and make them look forward to it. And this interest can create a buzz around the product, which can lure more customers into lining up on the release day to get it.

5. Blog post

If you have written a few great blogs recently, you can share them in your newsletters so that they can be valuable and informative for your subscribers. Apart from providing your subscribers with value, these newsletters also increase the traffic to your blog, which can boost your post on Google and increase organic traffic.

And, if you don't want to share individual blog posts in the newsletter, you can create and send a round-up of all the blog posts you have published in a month. The round-up will offer your readers many blog posts to read from, and people might also share the newsletter with their social circle if it has a good amount of knowledge and value.

6. FAQs

Your company's customer service team or sales team might get a lot of the same queries again and again regarding your product or service. So you can create an FAQ section to answer all these questions and put them both on your website and in the newsletter.

This will let them know that you listen to their queries and actively address their issues, which builds trust between you and your prospects. Apart from building trust, it'll also save you time as if anyone asks the same question in the future; you can send them the FAQs newsletter or direct them to your website page.

Here Tuft & Needle has created a FAQ newsletter to address any queries people might have when purchasing a mattress. This way, they try to answer the questions and possibly get people to complete their purchase.

FAQs in newsletter

Source: Really Good Emails

7. Your POV

Your point of view on an emerging subject in your industry can be valuable for many of your subscribers who value your expertise. So, write an excerpt in your newsletters where you talk about your opinions and views on any recent developments in the field.

Point of view in newsletter by Mailmodo

8. BTS

No, not the k-pop band. We are talking about behind-the-scenes. By providing insight into what happens behind the scenes, you give readers a glimpse into all the hard work behind your product or service and make them appreciate it more.

It also helps people connect with your brand, and they feel special when they get access to exclusive content showing the inside scoops.

Here, Jack Mason sent out a newsletter showing the behind-the-scenes of how they designed their watches.

Behind the scenes newsletter by Jack Mason

Source: Really Good Emails

9. Industry news

This is one of the most popular newsletter ideas many brands use today. For this type of newsletter, you don't have to create the content yourself, and you can just share articles and posts regarding the news. Sharing industry news is a classic way to attract people in your niche and provide them with the current affairs of what's going on in the industry.

However, this idea may not apply to all businesses.

For example, if you are Starbucks, your customers will not be interested in hearing the news about the cafe industry as a whole. So take this newsletter idea with a grain of salt and only use it if you feel it applies to your business.

Industry news newsletter by Bankrate

Source: Really Good Emails

10. Case study

It's only natural that you always ask your friend or family if you want to go to a good restaurant. Social proof can be crucial for people to trust your brand and buy your products or services.

So, to build trust, you can send newsletters to your potential customers with testimonials or case studies on the success story of your customers. But, make sure that you don't seem salesy and put your readers first.

11. How to guide

A How-To Guide is a classic newsletter idea where you provide step-by-step instructions on overcoming a particular problem that your subscribers face. Also, you can show how your product or service can provide value and solve your subscriber's pain points.

For example, if you sell handmade scarfs, you can show your subscribers ten new ways to style them for different occasions.

How to guide newsletter by Mailmodo

12. How does a product work

Some products like clothing, food are straightforward, and people know what it is, how it works. But there are several other products like technology, services, news updates, etc., that need an explanation to comprehend what they are and how they work.

You can explain your product or service, how it works and how it can benefit your customers.

Ritual has explained the components of their vitamin pills and how it works in our bodies using this newsletter.

Product breakdown in newsletter

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up

Now that we have covered a few different newsletter ideas, it's up to you to pick and choose which would best suit your email marketing needs. And, we hope we were able to spark your creativity and inspire you to create great and interactive newsletters for your business.

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