How to Use Email Automation to Scale Up Your Marketing Efforts

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Are you an email marketer who sends all of your email campaigns (welcome, promotional, onboarding, etc) manually to your subscribers?

Yes? Woah. Well, you are wasting your time.

What you should rather do is create your campaigns once and automate them to be sent to the right people at the right time. It’ll save you time that you can use to focus on outreach or improve your metrics.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about email automation and how you can use it to scale your marketing efforts.

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What is email automation?

Email automation is the process of automating emails to be sent at the right time to your subscribers based on their behavior, or stage in the funnel to convert them from leads to subscribers.

Marketers use email automation software to create and set up different email campaigns to be sent to their subscribers triggered by certain criteria. They set it up once and the automation tool will send the emails to the subscribers based on the triggers set by the marketers.

This automation saves time, effort, and cost and is also highly efficient in sending emails at the right time to the right person.

For example, a person has added items to their cart but has left your platform without making the purchase, in this case, you can set up an abandoned cart email automation to get those people to complete the purchase.

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What are the benefits of email automation?

Here are the benefits of automating your email campaigns.

  • Saves time

Automating emails helps save the time of marketers as they don't have to manually send emails to people based on their demography, behavior, etc. it is done automatically. So they can focus on more pressing issues like deliverability.

  • Helps nurture leads

An email automation journey for leads in the sales or marketing funnel helps businesses target prospects and customers as they proceed along the funnel. It helps target subscribers and users during various stages such as the signup journey, onboarding journey, product education stage, the retention stage, etc., and makes the right content readily available to nurture lead segments towards making purchase decisions, upselling, or retention.

  • Increase revenue

With email automation, you are able to send emails to people at the right time which can nudge them to convert and thus increase your revenue. Email automation can help you increase your revenue by 17%.

Different types of email automation journeys

Email automation journey charts the course of movement of a prospect along the sales funnel since the email itself is one of the most vital elements of facilitating customer move-along by offering customers advice, strategy, and insights.

From the brand awareness stage to becoming a loyal customer, email automation can be used in interesting ways to interact with consumers and derive great results.

For this, marketers create various types of email campaigns and drip automation such as:

  • Signup email journey

  • Onboarding journey emails

  • Service offering emails

  • Discount Incentive email journeys for upselling

  • Monthly product updates

  • Weekly or monthly usage reports

  • Product Education email journeys

  • Case Studies email campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Thank you emails

  • Transactional email drips

Depending on the stage of the journey the lead is in and their behavior, a specific kind of email journey is triggered and sent.

Understanding email automation vs. email drips

Understanding the difference between email automation and email drips is about the static or dynamic characteristics of these campaigns.

Email drip campaign

Email drip campaigns are typically scheduled and predetermined. For example, a welcome email is sent to customers once they register and log onto your app. The content in this email remains the same irrespective of whether a customer registers on the app today or a year from now. Once the content on the email has been created and the ‘drip’ is scheduled, no further action is required from the marketer. For example:

Onboarding emails: This may contain 3 emails in a drip that contain educational content about the products, product features, and use cases. These are sent automatically to users once they are onboarded, irrespective of their onward customer journey.

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Email automation

Email automation is a way of using emails to nurture a lead or prospect, depending on their behavior. It is more dynamic since it depends entirely on an individual's actions. For example:

  • Re-engagement emails: Specific journey created to target a user that has not used a product for seven days, to nudge them into using the product, or to understand their hesitancy to use the product.

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  • Milestone emails: Special offers or emails are sent to users that complete a special milestone in their association with the company, such as a year, or on specific occasions like a user’s birthday or anniversary.
Email Drips Email Automation
Constant follow-up with an objective to instill brand recall Automated and triggered by specific actions with an objective to make a user complete a particular action
Scheduled routinely Scheduled only as per user behavior and action
Sequentially set Triggered according to interaction

Email automation is considered to be more responsive and interactive and is thus a preferred mode of communication along an email journey. They help reach out to prospects and customers that have shown interest in the brand but fallen short of following up on the activity.

Mailmodo: Your friendly ride to help you embark on an email journey

To react to specific customer actions, email automation can be set up as an email journey using Mailmodo. In a series of extremely easy steps, Mailmodo allows users to personalize an email journey and trigger it via API endpoints or to an uploaded contact list.

For example, for new users who have signed up on your business’ website, Mailmodo lets you design emails, create a journey by stitching the emails together in a sequence with specific triggers for automation and send your campaign in a few easy steps.

The first email in an email automation sequence needs to start in real-time (the second a user opts in). Otherwise, open rates decrease by up to 50%, more users mark the email as spam and the sales value of the customer decreases.

– Ronan Hickey,

How does Mailmodo help users create email journeys?

Mailmodo helps users build email automation and email drips using email journeys to sequence emails that can be shared either sequentially or upon a particular trigger being set off. Journey building with Mailmodo can be done with the below steps:

  • Create required email templates: Users have the ability to create or choose from pre-existing templates to create a personalized email drip.

  • Build email automation using the visual Journey builder: Mailmodo provides a WYSIWYG journey builder where users have visual control over stitching together a series of emails and campaigns and also trigger webhooks on the way. The journey builder comprises easy-to-use drag and drop functions, triggered or clicked conditions according to the recipient’s behavior, and the ability to insert time delays between emails.

  • Create required triggers using API or list uploads: Emails may be triggered or sent to a new contact list which may be uploaded manually in a CSV format. Alternatively, journeys may also be triggered through API endpoints.

The email database should be segmented based on subscriber behavior. Otherwise, they will be sent too many irrelevant emails. This will negatively impact the sender's reputation, reduce future inbox deliverability, reduce engagement and increase the unsubscribe rate.

Ronan Hickey,

  • Analyze your email automation performance: The dashboard allows you to go over your email journey, make changes to campaigns, as well as analyze information including open rates, bounce rates, click rates, number of users in the journey, number of journeys completed, etc., providing you direct insight into how well your email journey is doing.

We have covered the steps for designing an email journey in more detail here - Designing a Journey

How does Mailmodo’s email journey automation benefit marketers?

Mailmodo’s email automation feature helps you to create innovative workflows and email journeys that can help in better targeting and engagement.

Some of the most popular ways in which our customers are using this feature are as follows:

  • Helps nurture leads and makes them more receptive through email interaction.

  • Behavior-based triggers, ruling out the need for constant intervention and improving the targeting of emails.

  • API triggers can be connected to social plugins, website and blog forms, CTAs, CRMs, and webhook connectors.

  • Increases overall business awareness.

  • Email content, subject line personalization.

  • Using email automation one can trigger emails as well as use webhooks to trigger certain actions using APIs

Start automating your campaigns

Email automation is key in shaping customer experiences while bringing new customers on board. Mailmodo provides a simplistic and refreshingly user-friendly email journey creation tool. Now that you know how beneficial email automation is, it’s time to get down to business and give your digital marketing strategies a second look!

If you want to know about some tools you can use to automate the rest of your marketing campaigns, check out our guide on marketing automation software.

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