Why use a contact manager tool?

Ease of managing

Collect and manage all your email contacts in one simple place for easy access.

Know your user

Understand how your audience reacts to your campaigns and send better emails.


Segment your contacts based on the campaign activity and user attributes.

Contact management software tailored for you

Import contacts

With Mailmodo's contact manager, you can upload and manage contacts. You can import your contacts via CSV files, APIs, Apps like Zapier & Integromat, CRMs like Hubspot & Salesforce, etc.

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Create contact segments

With our contact management tool, you can segment contacts based on their campaign activity, user attributes, and custom data. Also, you can create dynamic or static segments based on your needs.

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List hygiene

Engaging with your active customers via email is as important as cleaning up inactive ones from your email list. You can maintain your list hygiene by unsubscribing contacts via suppression list and API to clean up inactive contacts. Also, you can resubscribe them individually later.

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Contact data

Get deeper information about each of your contacts, including their name, email address, the number of emails you've sent them, how many of those emails were opened and clicked, and more.

Start managing contacts the smart way

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User properties

Segment your contacts based on their demographic properties and send targeted emails.


Campaign activity

Segment contacts based on past campaign activities, such as people who submitted a form.


Custom events

Send custom events from your website or app to Mailmodo and segment contacts based on the events performed.

Contact segmentation by Mailmodo

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Frequently Asked Questions

A contact management software lets you upload and manage all your email contacts, clean them up for list hygiene, and segment them based on their characteristics.

Mailmodo is one of the best contact management software that helps marketers upload, manage, and segment email contacts and can also send tailored email campaigns to them.

The contact management platform will be a centralized place where you can upload contacts from external applications or through API, organize them, and have quick access to all the data.

Mailmodo is more than just contact management software. Unlike other platforms, you can import contacts from external applications, via APIs, upload them via CSV file, segment them based on their activities, and send targeted email campaigns to them.

Anyone who manages the bulk of email contacts and needs a holistic software solution to maintain list hygiene, segment them, and send out email campaigns.