Interactive Email Led Growth for your SaaS

Grow revenue and reduce churn with interactive emails at each step of the customer journey. Lifecycle email marketing automation stack to nurture free to paid users. Send email nudges for in-product user behaviour.

Trusted by leading SaaS brands as their go-to email marketing tool

Drive Revenue with Lifecycle Marketing


Email automation for targeted segments

Improve engagement with the right email at the right time by automating emails to targeted contact segments.


Trigger emails with in-built carts

Upsell and/or cross-sell the right products at the right time with emails triggered based on product use. Enable faster checkouts with interactive carts in email.


Integration with your software stack

Trigger journeys for customers stored across platforms with connectors, APIs, or native integrations.

Increase Customer LifeTime Value with Interactive Emails


Stay in touch with customers

Stay in sync with the customer and reduce churn with interactive NPS/CSAT surveys, and product reviews that can be answered within the email.


Fill forms inside emails

Get higher referrals from existing customers through in-email forms that can be filled right inside the inbox.


Mailmodo to the rescue

Retain customers with email marketing by leveraging customized templates and the expertise of the email experts at Mailmodo.

How Razorpay got 257% higher survey responses with Mailmodo

“We saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails Our merchants loved the email as it enabled them to share their thoughts with us without even getting redirected once.”

Subhash Dash, Growth Marketing, Razorpay

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Explore Email-Led Growth for your SaaS

AMP-up your SaaS email experience with interactive campaigns

Cater to SaaS customers across the lifecycle with Mailmodo

Onboarding sequences

Welcome new users and identify their needs with interactive onboarding journeys.

Lead Nurturing
Free-To-Paid Nurturing Campaigns

Nurture free users and drive product adoption with actionable emails.

Upsell/Cross-sell Campaigns

Drive higher revenue with in-mail checkouts in upsell/cross-sell campaigns

Newsletters and Product Releases

Engage better with interactive newsletters, announcements, and product releases.

NPS/CSAT Campaigns

Drive up NPS/CSAT responses with forms inserted inside email.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Winback lost customers through engaging, interactive emails.

Integrate with your SaaS Software Stack

Innovate with interactive email-led growth with Mailmodo

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