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What is an event registration email sequence?

An event marketing email sequence refers to a series of emails sent to promote an event and engage with the target audience before, during, and after the event. The sequence is designed to build anticipation, encourage registration, and follow-ups, collect feedback, and foster ongoing engagement.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Boost webinar attendees

  • Engage with the target audience

  • Fostering ongoing relationships

Recommended emails in this sequence: 6 emails

Optimum flow time: 2-week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Pre-event buzz

📩 Why this email

This email is sent to the target audience to generate interest in the upcoming webinar. It includes a pure text email.

Best practice

Include an AMP questions form where recipients can provide input on the topics they want to learn and suggest guest speakers.

Email # 2: Registration email

📩 Why this email

After the pre-event buzz, this email is sent to encourage registration for the webinar. It is designed with high visual elements and includes information about the guest speakers, topics to be covered, and what the audience can expect to learn.

Best practice

Mention a special incentive for the first 100 registrants who attend the webinar.

Email #3a: Follow up (non-registrants)

📩 Why this email

This email specifically targets those who did not register for the webinar. It addresses a common problem they might be facing related to finance and assures them that they will find answers during the event.

Best practice

Include proof of the guest speakers' expertise and testimonials from past attendees to build credibility and encourage registration.

Email # 3b: Follow-up Email - Registered

📩 Why this email

This email is sent to those already registered for the webinar. It requests them to add any questions for the event and reminds them to add the event to their calendar to ensure they don't miss it.

Email # 4: Final Reminder Email - 1 hour to go

📩 Why this email

This email is sent one hour before the webinar as a final reminder. It prompts registered attendees to join the webinar and emphasizes the value they will gain from attending.

Email # 5: Feedback Email - 2 hours later

📩 Why this email

Immediately after the webinar concludes, this email is sent to all attendees to collect their feedback. It includes a rating system and asks recipients to share what they learned during the event.

Best practice

Mention that the best learning will be featured on the organization's social media platforms, encouraging recipients to provide valuable insights.

Email #6: Summary Email for Everyone Who Registered

📩 Why this email

This email is sent to all registrants, regardless of whether they attended the webinar. It summarizes the key takeaways from the event and requests them to share it on their social media platforms, making it easy for them to do so.

⛔ Sequence exit

Send the audience to cold nurture who didn't register and to Lead nurture who did register.

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