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Get ideas on what email sequences to send to your audience from the moment they enter your list as leads or customers.

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What is ecommerce email flow?

Ecommerce email flow refers to the sequence of emails that are sent to customers during various stages of their interaction with an online store. These emails are designed to engage, inform, and guide customers throughout their buying journey, from initial contact to post-purchase follow-up.

In an ecommerce email flow, it is important to have a well-planned email marketing strategy and choose the right platform to execute it effectively.

The email flow includes a series of emails such as a welcome email, abandoned cart reminders, product recommendations, special offers, and post-purchase follow-ups. Each email should have a specific purpose and be designed with engaging and personalized content. It's essential to create compelling email templates that align with your brand's visual identity and messaging.

Along with email templates and right strategy backed by research & analysis is vital for success. When it comes to choosing the right platform for ecommerce email marketing, consider factors such as ease of use, automation capabilities, personalization options, and integration with your ecommerce platform.

Here we have created a few email series that you can use to automate your email marketing based on the stage of their lifecycle.

💼 Expert tip

If you are a small business or a startup, the core email series you need to use are the welcome series for non-buyers, the cart abandonment series, and some basic post-purchase flows like thank-you, a how-to-use guide, feedback, etc.
- Chase Dimond

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