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Real estate is one of those industries where everything like finding a home, sellers, brokers, etc., is done manually in the real world. But, this has been changing, and now everything is moving online.

And we know that it is difficult for businesses to cope with this change and use the online platform in real life. We want to help. So, we created these email flows to help make a portion of your online business easier.

We have taken all the thought processes behind creating an email journey and done it for you. So you don't have to worry about what email you need to send and when.

The real estate industry contains different types of businesses like

  • Brokerage firms

  • Real estate marketing agencies

  • Property developers

  • Freelance agents and brokers

And so on.

The email sequences you require will depend on the type of business model, as they will have different user journeys. So, plan your user journey and pick the sequences accordingly.

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