Get higher appointment bookings inside email

Create interactive appointment bookings where users can schedule an appointment without leaving their inbox

Get more appointment bookings within email

Get more appointment bookings within email
Minimize distractions and redirections
Get more appointment bookings from users

When email meets bookings, possibilities become endless

Appointment booking
Demo booking
Webinar booking

Create your appointment booking email without code

Create your existing email template on Mailmodo’s template builder. Instead of a redirect button, add different forms elements from the choice of interactive blocks.

  • ⚡ No code design
  • ⚡ Ready to use templates
  • ⚡ Intuitive template editor

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Elements to add to your appointment booking email

Capture your appointment details with forms. Add text boxes, dropdowns, multi-select, etc.


Make your appointment booking emails smart

Tailor your booking journey based on user inputs. Create custom booking paths with conditional logic. Add follow-up questions according to the context to get relevant data.

  • ⚡ Multistep forms in the email template
  • ⚡ Conditional logic in the steps of the form
  • ⚡ Personalization of email fields
  • ⚡ Segmentation based on user activity and properties

Sending reminders or follow-ups

  • ⚡ Automate your appointment booking journey
  • ⚡ Trigger emails at the right time with CRM, Zapier, or webhook integrations
  • ⚡ Segment your audience based on attributes or activity

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Export your appointment data with integrations

Connect your appointment submission data with internal systems to make your processes seamless. You can export your submission data directly via spreadsheets from your campaign dashboard or integrate it with your other systems.

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