Enable users to book an appointment with ease

Calendar in email

Let customers know your availability and book a call directly via email.

Reduce drop-offs

Reduce friction in scheduling by sending calendars directly inside emails.


Send scheduling emails, reminders, thank you emails, and more on autopilot.

One scheduling tool, more possible meetings

Sales & marketing

Schedule meetings with interested prospects to help and convert them into paying customers.

Customer support

Solve customer problems faster by getting on a call with them using our meeting scheduler.


Make the recruitment process easier by scheduling meetings, sending follow-ups, and more.


Conduct better meetings & online classes for your students by scheduling them in advance.


Let your patients book appointments with you online by knowing your availability.


Mailmodo is for everyone. Send a calendar inside emails and get more bookings for any events

Better features, more bookings, more revenue

Collect and segment contacts

Mailmodo is more than just a scheduling tool. You can collect and manage all your contacts under one hood and send meeting invites to segmented audiences.

  • ⚡ Import via API, CSV, & integrations
  • ⚡ Segment based on user attributes & actions
  • ⚡ Send emails to users based on custom events

No-code builder

Easily create meeting scheduling emails using our drag-and-drop no-code editor. No design or coding skills required.

  • ⚡ 50+ free email templates
  • ⚡ Interactive email widgets
  • ⚡ Responsive and mobile-ready
  • ⚡ Reusable & dynamic blocks

Add forms & calendar

Embed forms and calendars inside the email to let your users’ book meetings straight from their inboxes using our meeting scheduler tool.

  • ⚡ Add Calendly calendars
  • ⚡ Insert multi-step forms
  • ⚡ Add conditional logic
  • ⚡ Send personalized emails

Automate follow-ups

Send meeting invites to the right audience at the right time on autopilot with our appointment scheduling tool.

  • ⚡ Send meeting invites based on user actions
  • ⚡ Remind customers about their booking
  • ⚡ Deliver nurturing emails to their inbox
  • ⚡ Send thank you emails post meeting with them


Integrate our meeting scheduling tool with our native integrations to make your lives easier.

  • ⚡ Integrate with Calendly & Zoom
  • ⚡ Export data to sheets & other tools
  • ⚡ Connect with your CRMs
  • ⚡ Trigger campaigns with integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

A meeting scheduler is an online tool that lets you send calendar invites to your customers to book a meeting with you or your team. They will know your available time and book a meeting without back-and-forth emails.

With Mailmodo's meeting scheduling software, you can send calendars inside email and let your customers book meetings without leaving their inboxes.

Mailmodo is one of the best meeting schedulers that help you send calendars inside emails and let your users schedule meetings without leaving their inboxes.

Mailmodo is more than a scheduling software. It offers a complete email marketing suite to let you create forms/calendars inside an email and send them to your customers.

It lowers scheduling/form-filling friction because your clients do not have to leave their inboxes to book a meeting.

  1. Sign up for Mailmodo.

  2. Import your email contacts to whom you want to send the invite.

  3. Create the meeting scheduling email with a form or Calendly calendar.

  4. Schedule or send the email to the contacts.

It's that simple. Get more step-by-step instructions by reading this article.

Mailmodo's scheduling tool comes together with the email marketing suite. You can check out the pricing here.

No calendar slot will be available with AMP emails


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Save time with AI-powered email creation


Automate marketing ops with pre-built journeys

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