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23 Email Spam Statistics to Know in 2022

Find out the absurd amount of spam emails sent by people from certain countries, different types of email spam statistics like phishing emails, etc.

10 Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms in 2022

We have collected 10 enterprise email marketing platforms with features and pricing to help you select the right one for your enterprise business.

9 Holiday Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Festive Campaign

Bring more sales while cheering up your users with these holiday email examples to send on 4th July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

10 High-ticket SaaS Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Looking for a high-ticket affiliate program in the SaaS niche? We have curated a list of best affiliate programs you can join to scale your revenue.

12 Best Email Design Software to Create Your Email Templates

We've rounded up 12 email design softwares you can use to create beautiful and responsive email templates quickly and easily for your next email campaign.

17 Restaurant Email Marketing Strategies to Win Diners

We cover 17 restaurant email marketing tricks and strategies to survive in this resurgent economy and why you must use Mailmodo to market your business.

How to Succeed at Non-Profit Email Marketing

Discover strategies and best practices to improve your non-profit email marketing performance. Garner more support with our 6 non-profit email templates.

6 Best Email Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs to Thrive

When developing an email marketing strategy, it's essential to determine your business objectives. Here are the top email marketing tips for entrepreneurs.

Transactional Emails: Use Cases, Tools, And Best Practices

Learn how transactional email works, their use cases, how to optimize them for higher engagement, and the best transactional email providers to use.

How to Use Email as a Content Distribution Channel

Email marketing is an effective content distribution channel. Here are 8 tips to distribute your social and promotional content using HTML and AMP emails.

Promotional Email Guide: How to Write, Best Practices And 11 Examples

Learn how to send engaging and high-converting marketing emails that drive more sales with these 11 promotional email examples and best practices.

What Is an Email Parser and How to Use It

Email parsers help you extract data from emails effortlessly and this guide will teach how to do it along with the best email parsing softwares.

How to Use Interactive Email Forms to Collect More Responses

Optimize your email marketing strategy using our interactive email forms to get more sign ups. Use these tips and best practices for greater conversions.

9 eCommerce Personalization Strategies to Boost Sales

Here are 9 eCommerce personalization strategies to differentiate yourself from competitors, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

How to Get Valuable Insights from a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Creating a solid customer satisfaction survey enables brands to improve their products & services. Here’s why you must analyze survey results with Mailmodo.

How Can You Use Email Retargeting to Increase Sales

Find out what email retargeting is and how you can use it for retargeting website visitors and converting them into customers.

Impact of Gmail Prefetching On Email Marketing Metrics

This guide explains what Gmail prefetching is, how to detect prefetching, and what is Mailmodo’s plan to flag prefetching.

A Complete Guide to Video Email Marketing for 2022

Find out if video email marketing is the right fit for you. And also the alternatives to it that'll give you similar results.

How to Manage Your Emails with Inbox Zero

Find out how to manage your emails with the inbox zero method to deal with emails quickly and reduce stress.

An Ultimate Guide to Email Design Layout

Learn about the importance of good email design layout, and types of email design layouts with examples.

11 Innovative Email Design Examples For Different Industries

Check out some email design examples for different industries to help you inspire your next email campaign.

15 Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Avoid these 15 common email marketing mistakes that might be hurting your email performance and deliverability.

13 Email Marketing Benefits for Businesses in 2022

Learn about some email marketing benefits to see why it's great at generating and converting leads into customers.

How to Stop Your Mailchimp Emails from Going to the Promotions Tab

Are your Mailchimp emails going to the Promotions tab? Let's discuss the reasons behind it and explore how Mailmodo can help you get rid of this problem.

How to Create and Execute Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital age, businesses must embrace omnichannel marketing to stay competitive. Read our guide to learn why it should be a priority for you.

How to Write an Outreach Email That Converts

How to write an outreach email? Make the email hyper-personal, show humor, and be relatable. Pitch the value of linking back to your site in these 9 steps.

How to Create a Go-to-Market Strategy for a Product Launch

Learn about the best go-to-market strategy framework - product-led, sales-led, or value-led and essential go-to-market strategy elements.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Solution for Amazon SES

Are you using Amazon SES for email marketing but regret missing out on segmentation, personalization & automation? Integrate it with Mailmodo to fix that.

9 Best Email Header Design Ideas to Try Out in 2022

Use these 9 best email header design ideas to grab users' attention when they open your emails and compel them to read further.

A Beginner's Guide to Email Advertising in 2022

Learn about email advertising, and how to place ads in emails to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

A CAN-SPAM Compliance Guide for Email Marketers

Learn about the CAN-SPAM Act, its regulations, how to make your email CAN-SPAM compliant, and avoid non-compliance penalties.

Top 7 Android Email Clients You Can Try Out in 2022

Learn about the features of the 7 best Android email clients - Gmail, Samsung Email, Outlook, Nine, Spark Email, K-9 Mail, and Blue Mail.

How to Use amp-selector in Your AMP Emails

Learn about amp-selector, its features, and applications. It allows users to select one or more options from different options in AMP emails.

How to Reduce Your Constant Contact Spam Rate?

This guide uncovers the likely reasons for your high Constant Contact spam rate and lays out the strategies you can use to reduce it.

14 Email Lead Generation Softwares to Grow Your Leads in 2022

These 14 email lead generation softwares have changed the way businesses grow leads and improve sales. It’s not too late to alter your lead gen strategy!

How to Use Soap Opera Sequence to Boost Your Sales

Do you want to generate sales on autopilot with emails? Keep reading as we’ll discuss how to achieve that with Soap Opera Sequence.

How to Check If Your IP Is in the Spamhaus Block List

Do you fear your IP ending up on Spamhaus Block List? Read this guide to know whether your IP is in SBL and how to stop such occurrences. ​

What Is a Hashed Email Address and How It Can Benefit Email Marketers

Is hashed email addresses the future of email communication? Hop on to this guide to know more and discover the benefits they hold for email marketers.

How Can AI Reshape the Email Marketing Landscape

Do you know the future of AI in email marketing? Stay ahead of the curve by learning about 8 new ways to leverage data and machine learning in your emails!

7 Best Fonts for Email Marketing in 2022

Find out which font is optimal for email marketing and the 7 best fonts for email marketing.

How to Get User-Generated Content With Interactive Emails

Are there any good ways to collect user-generated content from visitors? How about giving them an incentive? Use these 5 email templates to incentivize them!

How to Lower Your Email Carbon Footprint

Find out the environmental impact of emails by looking at the email carbon footprint and ways to lower it.

12 Best No-Code Tools to Create Responsive Emails

With no-code tools, building newsletters, campaigns, journeys & workflows has become easier. Here are 12 email builders to create your own email templates.

Email Marketing Conversion Rate Statistics for 2022

Get to know the top email marketing conversion rates statistics and learn how to increase conversions with Mailmodo’s all-in-one email marketing platform.

What Is An Ad Network, and How Does It Work

We'll also discuss why these ad networks are important for marketers looking to advertise their products or services online.

Email Marketing ROI Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Want to know if email marketing is worth it in 2022? Then check out these email marketing ROI statistics that show how effective email marketing is.

What Is Cost per Click (CPC) and How To Lower It

Learn what cost per click is, how it works, how you can calculate it, the average CPC, and ways to lower your CPC.

How to Use Direct Response Marketing to Attract More Customers

Direct response marketing provides a conduit between your campaigns and the consumers who drive the results. These X marketing tips will get you started.

A Guide to Email Outreach for Link Building

Email outreach is an incredibly powerful tool for link building. But what if it doesn't work for you? Let's look at 5 strategies for cold email outreach.

How to Set Up LinkedIn Advertising For Lead Generation

Increase website traffic, brand awareness, and generate leads with LinkedIn advertising. Read our guide to learn how to set up your LinkedIn ad campaign.

What Is Email Monitoring and How Does It Work

Learn the foundations of email monitoring and choose the right email monitoring software with our list of top 5 email monitoring software.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies for B2C Marketers

Whether you own or work for a B2C, customer acquisition is a crucial component of your growth strategy. Learn these 10 B2C lead generation strategies today!

Why Are Your Mailchimp Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

Are you having Mailchimp deliverability issues and can't find out why? Don't panic, and read this guide to discover 6 best ways to tackle them.

Why Are Your Mailchimp Open Rates Low?

Have you seen a decline in your Mailchimp open rates recently? Keep on reading, as this guide will show you possible causes and 5 ways to tackle them.

Why Are Your Sendgrid Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

This guide will teach you why your Sendgrid deliverability rates are so low and 4 effective strategies to improve them.

Why Are Your Activecampaign Open Rates Low?

No email marketer likes to have low open rates. But if you're suffering from low Activecampaign open rates, keep reading to find the best solutions.

Why Are Your ActiveCampaign Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

Are you worried about your low ActiveCampaign deliverability? Leave all your worries and read this guide to solve your deliverability problems quickly.

How To Write a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Brand

Find out what is a unique selling proposition and the 4 steps you can take to create yours.

How to Use Retargeting Campaigns to Boost Your Sales

Retargeting can help you recover lost sales and boost revenue. Learn the benefits and effective retargeting tactics to capture customers at the right time.

How to Build and Improve Your Brand Identity

You’ve got great content, but who’ll read it if no one knows about it? Discover the key components of a brand identity: brand messaging, design, color, etc.

What Is API and How Does It Work?

Understanding API is essential to building applications. We unravel what an API is, why you should care about them, its uses, and how to start using APIs.

A Complete Guide to Marketing Automation

Read our guide on marketing automation to unravel its benefits, examples, strategies, and how it works to fulfill rising expectations for personalization.

How to Use SMS Marketing for Your eCommerce Business

SMS marketing is an underused tool by eCommerce businesses. Learn how to optimize SMS for your eCommerce store to enhance your relationships with prospects.

Why Is Your Mailchimp Resubscribe Not Working?

Do your unsubscribed users want to get back in again, but Mailchimp resubscribe is not working? Learn how to resubscribe Mailchimp users with our guide.

How to Tab in Gmail in 2022

If you want to know how to tab in Gmail, look no further. This guide teaches you how to tab in Gmail easily on your computer as well as on your smartphone.

How to Find Your Target Audience in 2022

Check out our guide to learn how to find your target audience - a group of people that might be interested in your product/services + examples.

What Is a DNS Record and How Do They Work in Emails?

Read this guide to learn the foundations of DNS records, different DNS types, and how they play key roles they play in email communications.

A Beginner's Guide to Lead Generation For Generating High-Quality Leads

Learn the basics of lead generation and how to create an effective lead generation process to capture high-quality leads for your business.

How Do SSL Certificates Work in Emails?

Are you confused about SSL certificates? Read this guide to learn about the basics of SSL certificates and how they work in email communications.

What Is nslookup and Its Benefits for Email Marketers

Read this guide to know what the nslookup command does, how you can check nslookup, and how it can benefit email marketers.

How to Build Brand Awareness to Increase Brand Recall

Find out what brand awareness is, why it is important, and strategies you can use to increase your brand awareness.

B2B Lead Generation: 11 Strategies to Capture High Quality Leads

Get inbound and outbound leads for your business using our pathbreaking B2B lead generation tactics. Nurture those B2B leads into paying customers today!

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Marketing

Looking to attract potential clients? LinkedIn lead generation is a godsend. Find out how it can help you get quality leads and build strong relationships.

How to Calculate and Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Learn how to calculate customer acquisition cost (CAC) for your business, its role in your business growth, and 6 ways to reduce it to increase ROI.

8 Email Subject Line Testers to Elevate Your Open Rates

Read this guide to make your email subject lines more effective with the best subject line testers on the market.

How to Master Website Personalization to Improve Customer Experience

Website personalization creates a unique and customized user experience. Read the benefits of personalization, examples, challenges, strategies, and tools

How to Reduce Your Mailerlite Spam Rate?

Confused about your high Mailerlite spam rate? Read this guide to know the likely reasons and how to reduce it significantly.

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Lead Generation

There's no shortage of information about social media lead generation out there, but what gets people results? In this post, we'll give you our best advice.

How to Create a YouTube Advertising Strategy for Your Business

We've compiled some strategies and best practices from top marketers to help grow your channel and business through YouTube advertising. Get started today!

Facebook Lead Generation: 11 Tactics to Capture High Quality Leads

Capture high-quality leads with these 11 actionable Facebook lead generation tactics and nurture these leads using email marketing to grow your revenue.

How to Enhance Customer Experience to Drive Retention and Growth

Learn about how to create an effective customer experience strategy to enhance customer retention, LTV, and brand loyalty

What is Marketing Attribution and How Does It Work?

Read our article to learn the basics of marketing attribution, which models works best for you, and how to use reports to enhance your marketing strategy.

How to Use B2B Marketing Automation to Convert Leads

Losing your leads in long B2B sales cycles? Use these 5 foolproof strategies of B2B Marketing Automation to convert more leads into customers!

How to Lower Your Sendinblue Spam Rate

This article discusses what the Sendinblue spam rate is, why your Sendinblue spam rate is high, and the tips to lower it significantly.

How to Lower Your Hubspot Spam Rate in 2022

If you’re seeing a recent spike in your HubSpot spam rate, this guide is for you, as it will discuss why it happens and how to reduce it in 2022.

7 Examples of Banner Ads to Create a Successful Banner Ad

Find out about banner ads with examples to analyze what makes a successful banner ad and create your own.

How to Lower Your ConvertKit Spam Rate

This article discusses what ConvertKit spam rate is, reasons for your high ConvertKit spam rate, and the steps you need to take to lower it significantly.

How to Lower Your Mailchimp Spam Rate

This guide will help you know the reasons behind the Mailchimp spam rate spike for your domain and provide actionable steps to reduce it significantly.

A Guide to Improve Bounce Rate For Higher User Retention

Read the reasons for bounce rate and X strategies to improve it to keep users engaged on your site along with industry benchmarks for good bounce rate.

How to Lower Your SendGrid Spam Rate

This article discusses the reasons for your high SendGrid spam rate and steps to take to reduce your spam, including setting up SPF, DKIM, and IP address.

What Is a Microsite and How to Create It

In addition to being a great way to brand your company, creating a microsite helps you grow your audience & boost conversions. Here's how you can do that.

How to Use eCommerce Marketing Automation to Get More Sales

How do you grow your business without getting overwhelmed? Start by implementing these 5 eCommerce marketing automation hacks to focus on the big picture.

A Complete Guide to Perform A/B Testing

Learn the meaning of A/B testing, types of A/B tests, the A/B testing process, and mistakes to avoid while running a/b test to get higher conversions

How to Create Successful Display Ads to Increase Your Reach

Read this guide to find out what display ads are, their pros and cons, and how to create a successful display ad.

11 Benefits of Marketing Automation to Scale Your Business

Marketing automation is a great tool to use to boost your business' marketing campaigns and increase ROI. Learn the benefits of marketing automation here.

A Guide to Landing Page Optimization for Maximum Conversions

Learn landing page optimization strategies with examples, checklist, and tools to refine your landing page for more traffic, sessions, and conversions

A Complete Guide to Identify and Optimize Micro Conversions

Micro conversions are small steps users take until they convert. Learn about how to identify and track these little conversions with examples.

How to Use a Customer Data Platform to Deliver Personalized Experiences

There are various Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). What does each offer, what are their advantages, and who should consider using them? Read on to find out.

How to Build a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

Want to diversify your marketing mix? Read this guide to learn the benefits of marketing automation and how to build a successful marketing automation strategy.

A Complete Guide to Create a Successful Customer Acquisition Strategy

Find out how to create a successful customer acquisition strategy that is sustainable and will help you get new customers consistently.

How to Use Direct Mail Automation in Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Which direct mail automation softwares & strategies should you adopt to increase your ROI? Dig in to find how you can increase response rates to direct mail.

Everything You Need to Know About Website Cookies in 2022

Read this guide to know everything about cookies and how you can use them effectively in your marketing while complying with privacy laws.

8 Best Marketing Automation Software Tools of 2022

What to look for in a marketing automation software? 8 examples and some key trends to keep in mind when in the market to buy it

A Guide to Conducting Website Audit For Higher Conversions

Website audit helps in improving the site performance, visibility, and conversions. Learn how to conduct SEO audit, technical audit, and web performance audit.

Why Do You Need an Email Seed List and How to Create One

This guide will teach everything about seed lists and how to use them in your email campaigns effectively.

Everything You Need To Know About Email Security

Learn what email security is and 8 effective best practices to keep your email secure against phishing or spoofing attacks.

How to Create a Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign

Learn about pay per click (PPC) advertising model, its pros and cons, and how to build a successful pay per click model for your business

SMTP Relay: What Is It and How Does It Work

This article will teach you what SMTP relay is and how it improves your email marketing performance.

How to Generate Quality Leads Through Email Marketing in 2022

Learn how you can generate high quality leads using email marketing using proven tactics along with email lead generation best practices to follow

Marketing Analytics: Definition, Tips, & 9 Tools to Use

Read on to know about the importance of marketing analytics and how you can use it to improve marketing efforts and increase revenue.

What Is Cost Per Mile (CPM) and 5 Proven Ways to Reduce It

We've compiled a list of top 5 tips and strategies from industry experts that will help you lower your CPM while growing your brand's reach and revenue.

10 Great Marketing Automation Examples for B2B and B2C

Implemented marketing automation yet? We've compiled top 10 marketing automation examples for you to experience record growth in leads conversion and revenue.

How to Build Customer Journey Maps for Your Buyer Personas

A customer journey map is a visual representation of their path to purchase. Read our 5 simple steps to create it, 4 best practices of mapping, and more.

17 Astonishing AMP Email Examples to Boost Engagement

Read about 17 exciting AMP email examples that will help you create a more engaging and interactive email experience for your subscribers.

How to Attract Leads Using Top of the Funnel Marketing

Find out how the top of the funnel marketing works and how to use content to draw in leads at the top of the funnel.

How ISPs Are Affecting Your Email Deliverability in 2022

In this guide, you'll understand the importance of ISPs, how they affect your email deliverability, and how to unblock your emails from your ISPs.

Everything You Need To Know About Canada's Anti-Spam Law

Canada's anti-spam law deals with spam and electronic threat. Read about the regulations under CASL and how to comply, types of consent, and exemptions.

4 Tools to Run an IP Blacklist Check and Ways to Resolve It

This guide will walk you through the process of checking if your IP address is blacklisted and how to remove it.

4 Steps to Define Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Find out what MQLs are and why it's important to define your marketing qualified leads to have better conversion.

How to Send AMP Emails From Zendesk Using Mailmodo

This article shows you how you can use our Zendesk integration to send AMP emails in your Zendesk workflows.

12 Email Segmentation Strategies to Send Highly Targeted Campaigns

Learn how to segment your email list subscribers with these 12 actionable tips and best practices to send highly relevant and targeted email campaigns

How to Send AMP Emails From Zoho CRM Using Mailmodo

Mailmodo's Zoho CRM Integration lets you send AMP emails without leaving your current Zoho workflows. Read our guide to know the integration process.

How to Build, Measure and Improve Your Brand Image in 2022

Brand image helps you stand out among your competitors. Read about brand image examples, how to measure it, and 4 effective strategies to improve it.

How to Create a Better Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

It’s easy! Follow 7 simple steps using only 4 key elements to create your compelling content marketing strategy. Get cracking on your business goals.

What is SNDS and How Does it Improve Your Email Marketing

Read about Microsoft's Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) and how to use it to gain insights into your email performance measured against Outlook users

How to Calculate Churn Rate and 7 Effective Ways to Reduce It

Churn rate is when users stop buying your product/services. Learn how to calculate and reduce your churn rate to retain customers.

How to Use Google Annotations to Improve Your Email Open Rates

This guide will unravel how Google annotations are valuable for Mailmodo users and how it can help improve their click-through rate and open rate.

6 Winning Cross-Selling Strategies to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Read this guide to know the ins and outs of cross-selling and 6 actionable strategies to cross-sell to your customers and increase your business revenue.

How to Use Email Gamification to Make Emails More Entertaining

Learn what email gamification is and 4 types of gamification elements you can add to your email campaigns for better engagements and fun user experience.

7 Hacks to Increase Customer Lifetime Value Using Email Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of customer lifetime value and 7 easy-to-implement email marketing hacks to see a drastic improvement in your customer lifetime value.

A Complete Guide to DNS Propagation in 2022

This is a complete guide to DNS propagation. It will explain what is DNS propagation, how it works, FAQs, and how to boost DNS propagation time.

How to Upsell Customers to Increase Your Business Revenue

Learn the nitty-gritty to upsell your customers with these 8 effective tips to increase your business revenue.

How to Best Leverage Your Product Differentiation Strategy

Read about the ins and outs of creating effective product differentiation strategies with examples and mistakes to avoid.

How to Use Mail Merge in Outlook to Send Personalized Emails?

Learn all about mail merge in Outlook, its use cases, the step-by-step process, and some advanced features that let you send personalized emails.

How to Perform Reverse DNS Lookup and 5 Tools That Make it Easy

Learn what a reverse DNS lookup is, how it aids email delivery, how to perform the reverse DNS lookup and 5 tools that make it easy.

How to Analyze an Email Header to Trace Email Route, Spam, or Phishing

Read how to analyze parts of an email header to verify the sender details and protect yourself against fraudulent emails.

Brand Positioning 101: How to Dominate the Market

This guide covers the basics of brand positioning: what it is, why it is important, and how create an excellent brand positioning strategy.

How to Measure and Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Read how to calculate email marketing ROI and industry benchmarks. We'll also discuss 4 super actionable ways to help you enhance your email ROI.

19 Email Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2022

This article lists 19 must-know email marketing best practices to empower you to boost your email ROI and build a loyal customer base.

Mail Merge in Gmail: A Complete Guide to Sending Personalized Emails

Mail merge in Gmail lets you send personalized emails in bulk. This guide will show all the steps to do it right while also covering its advanced features.

How to Create Successful Demand Generation Strategies for Your Brand

Read about demand generation, its importance, and demand generation strategies to generate high quality leads and nurture them into paying customers

A Complete Guide to Creating Engaging Onboarding Emails

Onboarding emails help new customers get familiar with your brand. Learn to create an engaging onboarding email sequence with best practices and examples.

How to Send AMP Emails From Facebook Lead Ads Using Mailmodo

Learn how to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Mailmodo and send highly interactive AMP emails. to generate leads and conversions

How to Send AMP Emails From Zapier Using Mailmodo

Learn how to integrate, one of the best automation software, Zoho with Mailmodo and automate your email campaigns to send highly targeted emails

How to Send AMP Emails From CleverTap Using Mailmodo

If you're a CleverTap user looking to explore AMP emails with Mailmodo, this guide is for you. Here you'll learn all the steps to connect both platforms.

How to Send AMP Emails From Freshmarketer Using Mailmodo

Learn how to integrate Freshmarketer with Mailmodo to send AMP emails instead of static emails and generate more leads and conversions.

A Comprehensive Guide To B2C Email Marketing

B2C email marketing targets individuals to influence their purchase decision. Read how to create a b2c email strategy with best practices and examples.

How to Develop a Unique Brand Voice in 5 Easy Steps

Read these 5 tested ways to build your brand voice. Communicate with your potential customers and build a long-lasting connection from the very beginning.

A Foolproof Guide to Marketing Collateral In 2022

This is a brief overview of what marketing collateral is, and the 14 types of collateral you can use to ace your marketing goals.

A Beginners Guide to Integrated Marketing

Learn about integrated marketing and how you can integrate different marketing channels to boost your conversions and return on investment

How to Send AMP Emails From Intercom Using Mailmodo

Learn how to connect Intercom with Mailmood to create and send eye-catching interactive AMP emails that converts much better than static emails

How to Send AMP Emails From Integromat Using Mailmodo

Learn how to integrate Integromat with Mailmodo to send automated AMP email campaigns to engage and convert your subscribers

How to Send AMP Emails From Webhook Using Mailmodo

Learn all the steps to set up interactive email campaigns using Webhook in Mailmodo and send AMP emails for higher conversions

How to Send AMP Emails From Rest API Using Mailmodo

Learn how to connect different APIs with Mailmodo and create a seamless workflow between both the platforms to generate higher ROI and conversions

How to Send AMP Emails From MoEngage Using Mailmodo

Learn how to integrate MoEngage with Mailmodo and send highly interactive AMP emails. to generate leads and conversions

How to Send AMP Emails From Freshsales Using Mailmodo

Read about integrating Freshsales with Mailmodo to send high converting AMP emails and make email interactive for your subscribers

7 Dynamic Elements You Must Have in Freelancing Emails

Interactive freelancing emails can get you 2x conversions as standard mails. Learn how to create emails that get higher engagement and land you more clients.

How to Send AMP Emails From WebEngage Using Mailmodo

Learn how to use WebEngage integration to connect it with Mailmodo and set up triggered email campaigns to get more clicks and conversions.

How to Send AMP Emails From HubSpot Using Mailmodo

Our HubSpot integration helps you connect it with Mailmodo to send interactive AMP emails. This guide will show all the steps to connect both platforms.

How to Send AMP Emails From Using Mailmodo

Learn how to connect your account with Mailmodo and send highly interactive AMP emails that convert much better than static emails

Email Security Best Practices to Keep Your Business Safe Today

Learn10 effective email security best practices to protect your business from cyber-attacks and keep your business information safe from attackers.

284 Spam Words That Are Affecting Your Email Deliverability

Avoid these 284 deadly spam words in your email subject line and email copy that can trigger spam filters and land your email in the spam folder.

How to Build a Successful Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Read this guide to know about word-of-mouth marketing, strategies, and how it can help increase brand awareness and trust and generate leads.

Your One-Stop Guide For B2B Email Marketing to Drive Sales

Read about B2B email campaign strategies to skyrocket your ROI along with 3 creative and compelling B2B email examples to inspire your next email campaign.

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Postmaster in 2022

If you're a beginner curious about Google Postmaster, look no further. This guide will discuss Google Postmaster, its setup process, and important tools.

11 Must-Know Mobile Email Design Tips to Keep Your Subscribers Happy

This guide will discuss 11 actionable and proven tips to help you optimize your mobile email design for better readability and accessibility.

How Does IP Address Affect Your Email Deliverability

Every sender IP address has an IP reputation, and keeping it healthy is the key to great deliverability. This guide discusses how that is done.

11 Email Design Trends That Will Boost Email Engagement in 2022

Learn the 11 most creative 2022 email design trends from gamification, font distortions, to multi-shade gradients that will uplevel your email campaigns.

How To Use Heatmaps to Analyze Your Website Performance

Read how to analyze the heatmap to assess your website page's performance for more engagement and conversions, types of the heatmap, and benefits.

11 Email Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Subscriber Database

Acquire more subscribers with these 11 proven email acquisition strategies - Use compelling lead magnets, pop-ups, social media contests and more.

Your One-Stop Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization in 2022

Learn the fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization and increase your conversions with our top 15 hacks in this guide packed with advice from CRO experts.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Email Sequences That Drive Conversions

Learn how to set up 5 different email sequences to target the right users - onboarding email sequence, re-engagement email sequence, and more.

Why Your NPS Survey is Not Getting Responses

Wondering which communication channel, best practices to use for better responses to your NPS Survey? Here are 4 ways to improve your NPS Survey responses.

How to Choose the Best Email Client in 2022

Learn about the best email clients for Windows, Android, and Mac in 2022 and choose one that fits your budget, offers security, and manages your emails.

Email Marketers’ Guide to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

Learn what SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is, its types, components, and how it helps send emails from one account to another over the internet.

What is HIPAA Law: Rules, Email Compliance, & Violation Fines

HIPAA is a U.S. federal law to protect the personal data of a patient. Learn the objectives, rules, penalties, and how emails should be HIPAA compliant.

What Is Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) & How It Works

Read all about DKIM, email encryption for verifying the source of an email, its importance, and how to set up DKIM

POP3 vs IMAP: Which One Should You Use

POP3 & IMAP are Message Accessing Agents (MAA). Learn the difference between POP3 and IMPA and how they help in retrieving email data from the mail server.

What Is PECR and Why Is It Important

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) prohibits business to send marketing communications without the prior consent of the users.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Guide for Email Marketers

Read about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European privacy law, its regulation, penalties, and how to comply in email marketing.

How To Design An Effective Email Signature And 5 Best Tools to Use

Design beautiful and compelling email signatures that grab the recipient's attention with the best signature examples and 5 signature generators to use.

Make Emails Interactive With These 14 AMP Email Components

AMP Email components allow you to add interactive app-like functionality within an email and enable recipients to interact dynamically with the email content.

7 Email Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Read about email marketing trends of 2022. 1. interactivity within the inbox, 2. personalization, 3. user-generated content, 4. bold colors, and more.

5 Industry Specific Use Cases of AMP Emails

Read about different use cases of AMP emails across industries - travel, BFSI, recruitment, SaaS, retail, and others to generate leads

How to Preview, Test, And Validate AMP Emails

Learn how to test, verify, and preview your AMP emails along with best practices before sending them to your subscribers to avoid any rendering issues

A Beginner’s Guide to AMP Emails for E-Commerce

Learn how to use AMP email for e-commerce brands - Bring shopping carts, product feedback forms, ratings, and reviews inside emails which to increase sales

How to Register with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Mail.Ru for AMP Emails

AMP is supported by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Mail.Ru. Learn how to get whitelisted with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Mail.Ru to send AMP emails to your users.

AMP Email limitations and How to Tackle them

Read about AMP Email limitations, what they mean for email marketing and how they can be tackled for sending interactive emails.

5 Benefits of Interactive AMP Emails That You Should Know

AMP emails have many benefits like interactivity, high engagement, dynamic updates, and better security which can provide higher email conversions and ROI

All About Email Open And Click-through Rates

Learn about email open rate and click-through rate (CTR), how to calculate, and 9 effective tips to boost these metrics and get higher engagement.

Email Marketing Interview Questions You Need to be Ready for

Here's a list of the top email marketing interview questions that you need to be ready for if you are looking to make a career in email marketing.

A Guide to Measuring And Improving Email Bounce Rate

Learn how to know the reasons behind bounced emails, calculate your email bounce rate, and use 9 proven tactics to lower it and achieve higher deliverability.

11 Effective Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Increase email open rate with these 101proven strategies - personalized subject line, Put brand image using BIMI, Make it responsive, and more

All About Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce

Hard bounce and soft bounce impact your campaign's email deliverability. This guide will discuss the difference between them & how to check it in Mailmodo

12 Effective Ways to Increase Email Deliverability

Read how to increase email deliverability to land in your subscribers' inboxes and not the spam folder for increasing conversions and sales.

How to Verify & Clean Email List to Maintain Email Hygiene

Read how to verify email addresses and maintain email list hygiene to keep a healthy domain reputation and deliverability while reducing email bounces.

8 Proven Tactics to Increase Email List Subscribers in 2022

Learn proven ways to increase your email list subscribers for maintaining a positive email list growth rate while following the best practices

Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP Address - Which One Should You Use?

Learn what dedicated and shared IPs are, their differences, how they impact your email deliverability, and which one you should use.

How to Write Persuasive Email Copies for Higher Conversions

Writing persuasive and awesome email copies might look difficult but it can be done following the points in this blog for higher email conversions and sales

A Beginner's Guide to HTML Email Design

A complete guide on HTML email design and how to design different HTML components - layout, typography, color, for better engagement with best practices.

How to Use amp-layout in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-layout, one of the AMP email components, Use it to create different email layouts in your AMP emails.

How to Use Emojis in Your Emails to Liven Them Up

Take a peek into why you should use emojis in emails, where to use emojis in emails, and how can you use emojis to better your message to the subscribers.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Email Autoresponder

Read about how to set up an email autoresponder, its advantages, types, how it is different from email automation, and how to set it up.

How to Use Sunset Policy to Boost Your Email Engagement

Learn how to implement a sunset policy in email marketing to suppress inactive users and keep your deliverability, and domain reputation intact.

Evolution of Email Etiquettes and Tips to Write Better Emails

Learning the basics of email etiquette, and rules of conduct you should follow while sending out emails with its evolution and best practices.

How to Use amp-list in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-list, one of the AMP email components. With amp-list, you can add dynamic lists within AMP emails.

How to Use amp-bind to Create Interactive AMP Emails

Read about the features and applications of amp-bind, one of the AMP email components, and add lightbox effects to images within the AMP emails.

A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing Audit

Read about email marketing audits - types of audits, email audit tools, and how to do an email audit to analyze your email marketing performance.

How to Use amp-mustache in Your AMP Emails

Read about features and applications of amp-mustache, one of the AMP email components. With amp-mustache, you can add dynamic content within the AMP emails.

A Comprehensive Guide to Interactive Emails in 2022

Read about how to make email more interactive by adding elements like polls, GIFs, Quizzes, AMP forms, and calendars and boost email engagement.

Email Design Guide to Create Highly Engaging Email Campaigns

Learn the ins and outs of email design - email design elements, 2022 email trends, email templates, and best practices to create compelling emails.

What Is Double Opt-In and Why You Should Use It

Learn about the difference between single and double opt-in email marketing and the advantages and disadvantages of using double opt-in.

Best Practices To Send Email Attachments For Higher Deliverability

Learn how to use email attachments, their benefits, and best practices to follow to land in the user's inbox and get a higher response.

What Is a Suppression List And How to Make One

Read about email suppression list, its importance, how to create and the types of email addresses you can include in a suppression list,

14 Email Design Best Practices to Ramp up Your Email Game in 2022

Learn how to craft compelling and engaging emails by following these 14 email design practices to get higher email engagement and clicks.

Step-By-Step Guide to Implement Audience Segmentation in 2022

Learn how to carry out audience segmentation by creating user segments based on their demographics, behaviors, preferences, interestes, etc.

Email Conversion Rate: Benchmark, Formula, & Tips to Increase

Learn how to calculate email conversion rate and the 6 proven ways to boost your email conversions - use email segmentation, use AMP emails, and more

CTOR vs CTR – Which Metric You Should Track

Learn the difference between click-through rate and click-to-open rate, how to calculate and which one is more helpful to gauge the email performance.

Understanding Email Authentication Protocols: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Learn about email authentication protocols - SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, their function, and how to set up your email authentication for better deliverability.

What Is an Email List and How Can You Build it From Scratch

Build your email list from scratch by collecting email addresses in these 3 actionable steps that'll discuss in this guide.

How to Set Up Email A/B Testing to Improve Email Performance

Optimize your email campaign and increase your email ROI via A/B testing. Learn the basics of email ab tests and run your first test today.

6 Tips to Write Cold Email That Gets You Response

A cold email is sent to a person with whom you have had no contact previously. Learn how to write cold emails that guarantee a response from the recipient

Email Marketing for Small Businesses: A Step-by-Step Guide

Read how to start email marketing for small businesses, the benefits and challenges, and how to leverage emails to acquire and nurture leads.

5 Steps To Run A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools out there. Discover the best email marketing strategies and examples to create your next campaign.

How to Create an Email Marketing Funnel That Converts

Learn how to build an effective email marketing funnel by understanding users' journeys and then nurturing and converting them into customers.

Email Marketing Metrics - How To Measure them And Their Benchmarks

Email marketing metrics measure the success of your email campaign. Learn about 9 essential email marketing metrics to track

How to Use Email Analytics to Track Email Campaigns Performance

Learn how to assess your email campaigns performance with email analytics by tracking bounces, deliverability, conversion, spam complaints, and ROI.

How to Use amp-image-lightbox in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-image-lightbox, one of the AMP email components. Use amp-image-lightbox to add lightbox effects to images in the AMP emails.

How to Use amp-anim in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-anim, one of the AMP email components. Use it to add GIFs and animation within AMP emails and make email interactive.

Browse Abandonment Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Browse abandonment emails are sent by e-commerce brands when subscribers bounce from their online store without adding items into the cart.

How to Use amp-fit-text in Your AMP Emails

Features and application of amp-fit-text, one of the AMP email components, to keep email content within the screen size to make emails accessible

How to Use amp-timeago in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-timeago, one of the AMP email components. to display the modified timestamp in different formats within emails.

How to Use amp-lightbox in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-lightbox, one of the AMP email components. With amp-lightbox, you can show email elements in a glowing lightbox effect.

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Using AMP Emails

What are abandoned carts? Cart recovery strategies for your e-commerce and creating a cart abandonment plan.

A Complete Beginners’ Guide to Getting Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is process of promoting others companies' products in exchange for a commission. It is a type of performance based marketing.

Feedback Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Learn how to use feedback email for e-commerce and DRC brand with compelling feedback email templates and best practices

Re-engagement Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Re-engagement emails or win-back emails help e-commerce and D2C brands to connect with subscribers who are no longer active and turn them into active customers.

Product Recommendation Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Learn how to craft a compelling product recommendation email, ready-to-use email template, and how it can help bring more sales to your business.

How to Use amp-sidebar in Your AMP Emails

Read about features and applications of amp-sidebar, one of the AMP email components. With amp-sidebar, you can add the navigational menu within AMP emails.

How to Create Abandoned Cart Emails to Recover Lost Sales

Learn why abandoned cart emails work and how to create them to recover your lost sales with best practices and 6 best cart recovery email examples.

A Complete Guide to Create Email Campaign Using Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is creating a sequence based on users' behavior and interaction with your brand. Learn how to get started with drip marketing series.

Welcome Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

A welcome email is a customer's first impression of your business. Make it worthwhile by reading the best practices and examples mentioned in this article.

How Email Marketing Affects Your Growth

Learn how email marketing affects your business growth and what parameters to focus on to maximize your email marketing ROI

How to Use Email Automation to Scale Up Your Marketing Efforts

Email automation allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Learn how to send automated emails, examples, and tools.

A Complete Guide on E-Commerce Email Marketing to 10x Your Sales

Learn about email marketing for e-commerce brands, how to start, types of email campaigns to send with email marketing best practices to get higher returns

How to Create and Use Pulse Survey Using AMP Emails

Want to conduct pulse surveys? Create effective pulse surveys, explore their benefits, and find out how to use AMP emails to work around survey fatigue.

Lifecycle Email Marketing for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Use lifecycle email marketing to target users in different stages of their buyer's journey, templates to use, types of lifecycle email, and strategies

5 Best Transactional Email Software of 2022 [+ Features & Pricing]

In this article, we'll go through some of the top transactional email software in the market. We also assist you in selecting the best option for your business.

How Mailmodo Can 3X Your Email Bookings With AMP Emails

Read this article to learn how interactive emails can help you double your meeting bookings and how you can create one using Mailmodo.

Everything You Need to Know About Email Tracking

From its definition to some of the best tools available, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about email tracking.

5 Best Promotional Email Software of 2022 [+ Features & Pricing]

Read about the best promotional email software, their features, comparison, and pricing, and enhance your email marketing campaigns.

How to Choose the Right Email Service Provider (ESP) in 2022

Read about types of email service providers(ESP), their features, and how to choose the suitable ESP for your email marketing campaigns.

How to Send Job Application Email Using AMP Email

Send Job Application Email using interactive AMP Email to make your hiring process easy and effective with higher response rates and more applicants.

How to Craft Email Subject Lines to Skyrocket Email Open Rates

Learn to write compelling and attention-grabbing subject lines that convince readers to open your email with best practices and subject line checklist.

5 Best Drip Campaign Software for You in 2022

List of 5 best email drip campaign software in 2022, their details, features, pricing, and how to choose the right one for your business.

How to Use amp-form in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-form, one of the AMP email components, to add interactive form in the email and reduce friction for higher conversions.

How to Use amp-img in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-img, one of the AMP email components. With amp-img you can add interactive images in emails to engage your subscribers.

Mailer Daemon 101: Your Guide to Tackle Spam the Right Way

In this article, we'll be educating you about Mailer Daemon, what is Mailer Daemon spam, and what are the steps that you can take to avoid it.

How to Send Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns With Examples

Learn how to nurture leads using interactive email campaigns and move them from one stage to the next in their customer journey

What Is Email Blacklisting and How to Avoid Being Blacklisted

Deep dive into email blacklisting, how it impacts email deliverability, and how to avoid being blacklisted.

How to Get ~3X Course Registration with Interactive AMP Email

Learn how to send course registration email campaigns to your subscribers using interactive AMP emails and get higher registrations

How to Use amp-autocomplete in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-autocomplete, one of the AMP email components, give users pre-defined suggestions based on their input text in the email

What Apple’s Hide My Email Feature Mean For Email Marketers

Apple's new iOS feature - hide my email allows users to use a fake email address while signing up. Learn it's impact and ways to deal with it.

How to Use amp-carousel in Your AMP Emails

Features and applications of amp-carousel, one of the AMP email components, that allow you to create a slideshow of images making email more interactive.

A Guide to Email Drip Campaign and How to Get Started With it

Read about the drip campaign, a series of automated emails triggered by a user's action, its importance, benefit, and how to set up drip campaigns.

5 Best Email Automation Software to Try Out in 2022

Read about the best email automation software of 22, their pros and cons, features, pricing and how to choose the right one for your business

12 Best Email Testing Tools to Increase Email Deliverability

Learn about the 12 best email testing tools of 2022 to verify email subject line, email body, and analyze your email deliverability rate for higher ROI

5 Best Email Marketing Software to Boost Email Performance in 2022

Compile all the email replies in a single email thread. Read the pros and cons of the email thread and how to enable it in Android and iOS device

How to Manage Email Fatigue to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged

Email fatigue occurs when subscribers stop engaging with your emails due to irrelevant emails and higher email frequency. Learn how to combat email fatigue.

How to Use amp-accordion in Your AMP Emails

Features and application of amp-accordion, one of the AMP email components, that collapse and expand the email content after user click on it.

Why You Should Test Your Emails Before Sending Them

Read about email testing, its applications, importance, and how to test different elements of your emails to improve email campaign results.

How to Create Interactive Market Research Forms with Mailmodo

Market research is the essential step to your business success. Learn how you can create an interactive market research survey form within an email.

4 Best AMP Email Software to Amplify Your Email Campaign in 2022

Read about the 4 best AMP email software, their features, benefits, and pricing, and start sending AMP emails to generate higher email conversions.

How to Get ~3X Insurance Quote Inquiries with Mailmodo

Get more insurance quote inquiries for life, auto, residential, commercial, and other insurance types using interactive email marketing

How AMP for Email Creates Customer Journey Shortcuts

The customer journey can be long. What if you could offer leads and prospects some enticing shortcuts? Find out how AMP for Email functionality can help.

How Email Spam Filters Work and Ways to Safeguard Against Them

Learn how spam filters work, a mechanism used by mailbox providers to filter out the spam email, and how they impact email deliverability.

How to become #1 Product on Product Hunt

Are you wondering how to get featured or crowned on Product Hunt? This article will help you understand how to become the #1 Product on Product Hunt.

Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Learn everything about email marketing - how to get started, benefits, email campaign types, how to write and design a compelling email with best practices

The Definitive Guide to AMP for Email

AMP is an interactive email framework by Google. Read all about AMP components, use cases, benefits, limitations, and myths about AMP Emails

A Step-by-Step Domain Warm-Up Guide

Read how domain warm-up is crucial for saving your emails from going to spam while sending bulk emails and how to warm up domains

Sending Interactive Email Newsletters With AMP Emails

Create interactive email newsletters using AMP for emails with interactive forms and engaging designs

6 Best Email Verification Tools of 2022 and Their Benefits

Verify and validate email lists using these 6 best email verification and validation tools and improve email deliverability and reduce bounce rate.

How to Create Responsive Email Design For Better User Experience

Responsive emails are emails that render well across devices and email clients. Learn how to make emails responsive using media queries with best practices.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and It’s Role in Email Marketing

SPF or Sender Policy Framework is a technical layer to prevent spamming, spoofing, and phishing and authenticate emails

Conducting Surveys With Interactive AMP Emails

Conducting surveys with AMP Emails enables your audience to respond by filling interactive forms within the email itself

5 Hacks to Boost Your Returning Customer Rate Using Email Marketing

Read 5 effective ways to boost returning customers' rates with email marketing - Cross-selling, refill nudge, automation, interactivity, and moment marketing

How to Use Your Brand Logo in Your Email Campaigns

Learn how to add an email logo to your email profile photo, email header, and email footer and stand out in the subscriber's inbox.

Everything You Need to Know About Email Deliverability

Read everything about email deliverability, best practices, how to measure, and tips to make sure your emails land in the users' inboxes.

Your One-Stop Guide to Understanding DMARC and DMARC Record

DMARC is an email authentication, reporting, and policy conformance protocol to prevent spoofing and phishing and build a domain reputation

6 AMP Email Requirements You Should Know About

Learn about the requirements to set up and start sending AMP emails - Building AMP emails, Authentication, security requirements, testing requirements.

9 Reasons Why Emails Land in Spam and Tips and Tools to Avoid It

Read about email spam reasons, spam filters, how to improve deliverability, and get all your emails to land in the inbox

How to Create a Email Call to Action to Get More Clicks

We will discuss how to design and write a compelling email call to action (CTA) with examples to get more clicks and conversions from your email campaigns.

What Is Domain Reputation and How It Affects Email Deliverability

Read about domain reputation, how it impacts your email deliverability, ways to improve to keep a healthy domain reputation score with best practices.

Everything You Need to Know About Dynamic Email Content

The dynamic email content differs based on the subscribers’ behavior, preferences, etc. Learn how to use dynamic content in email for higher engagements.

How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Sent an important email with the wrong contact details? Worry not. In this guide, you'll learn the step-by-step process to recall an email in Gmail.

8 Types of Email Campaigns to Skyrocket Your Email Performance

Read about the different types of email campaigns, which ones you should send for growth, and how you can supercharge them with AMP emails.

How to Write a Perfect Follow up Email to Engage Your Subscribers

Read this guide to learn about 5 types of follow-up emails and how to write them perfectly to re-connect with subscribers and get their feedback.

11 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate

Learn how to calculate the unsubscribe rate, industry average benchmarks, and 11 effective ways to reduce you email unsubscribe rate.

A Guide on How to Enable Email Thread And Keep Them Organized

Compile all the email replies in a single email thread. Read the pros and cons of the email thread and how to enable it in Android and iOS devices.

A Guide on How to Recall an Email in Outlook

Sending accidental emails is embarrassing? Learn how to recall an email in Outlook before it is opened by following these 5 easy steps.

An Ultimate Guide to Creating Personalized Emails

Learn how to use email personalization to send highly targeted emails. We'll discuss what can you personalize, and the best practices to follow with examples.

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Emails From Apple Mail Spam Filter

Apple mail spam filters are no joke. So, you have to be extra careful when sending emails. Learn some actionable tips on how you can pass the spam filters.

How to Create and Launch a Paid Newsletter

Learn the basics of starting your paid newsletter and what kind of content you can offer to your paid subscribers to keep them happy

What is California Consumer Privacy Act and How to Comply

Read about CCPA, a regulation passed to strengthen privacy rights for Californians, its regulation and rights for citizens, and how you can comply with it.

How to Create Powerful Preference Center to Retain Your Subscribers

Read how preference centers can reduce unsubscribe rate, different types of option to add in your preference center, and examples

23 Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers in 2022

Learn 23 cool newsletter ideas to try in 2022 to engage your subscribers- FAQs, recommendations, repurpose blog posts, behind-the-scenes, and more.

Top 7 Email Clients for Mac in 2022

Know about features and pricing for the 7 best email clients for Mac in 2022 - Spike, Mailbird, Spark, Mailspring, Boxy for Gmail, Outlook, Postbox.

Outlook Spam Filter: 4 Tips to Safeguard Your Emails Against it

Read about the Outlook spam filter and how to ensure that your email doesn't get land in the Outlook user's spam folder

Email Blast Guide – How to Do It the Right Way With Best Practices

Emails blasts mean sending emails to a large audience at once. Learn how to send strategically planned email blats to get higher engagements and conversions.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use No Reply Email Address Anymore

Find out what no-reply email is, why you should avoid using it in your next email marketing campaign, and what alternatives are available.

How to Create Targeted Email to Generate Higher Engagements

Targeted emails target the right user at the right time with the most relevant email. These are highly personalized emails sent to a segment of your audience.

A Guide to Creating a Disposable Temporary Email in 2022

Learn to keep your inbox spam free by creating a temporary email address. Check out the best free disposable email providers you can use.

Sales Cadence Framework that Gets You Result with Examples

Learn how to create an effective inbound and outbound sales cadence framework to nurture, connect and convert leads into paying customers.

How to Pass Through the Gmail Spam Filter and Land in Your Customer’s Inbox

Gmail spam filter is a hard one to get through. Learn how it works and what criteria it requires for your email to get past them.

7 Best Email Clients for Windows 10 in 2022

Learn about 7 free and paid email clients for Windows 10 - Kiwi for Gmail, Mailbird, Thunderbird, Outlook, and eM Client, Spike, Mailspring

How to Pass Through the Yahoo Spam Filter and Land in Your Customer’s Inbox

Yahoo spam filter is a tricky one to get by. Learn how it works and what criteria it requires for your email to get past them.

A Guide to Finding the Right Email Cadence for Higher Engagements

Read about benefits and best practices of email cadence, a process of delivering emails to your target audience at the best time and frequency.

What Is SpamAssassin and How to Avoid It

Learn about SpamAssassin, an open-source email filter software, and how to use its spam score to ensure your email doesn't land in the spam folder.

What Is Email Spoofing and How to Safeguard Against It

Read about email spoofing, its types, and how to identify effective ways to safeguard your's and company's confidential information.

10 Email Icon Resources to Create Compelling Email Campaigns

Find and download a variety of email icons, symbols, fonts, and illustrations from these 10 email icon resources to make your emails more creative.

A Guide to Different Email Format with Best Practices

Read how you can format an email with examples and learn to write a compelling subject line, email copy, and call-to-action that gets more responses.

A Guide to Email Lookup and 6 Best Email Finder Tools

Find any email address, contact details, social media links, and more with these free email lookup and reverse email lookup tools.

An Ultimate Guide to Best Email Hosting Services for Your Business

7 Best email hosting providers that offer free and paid services, spam filtering, cloud storage, 24*7 customer support, and much more.

9 Best Email Marketing Books To Read In 2022

A list of 9 email marketing books you can read depending on which level you are at. This list has books for beginners, intermediate, and advanced as well.

A Guide to Inclusive Marketing in Emails

Learn the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in email marketing and how to make your email more inclusive.

7 Transactional Email Best Practices For Maximum Conversions

Improve your customer experience and brand recognition by creating informative, engaging, and personalized transactional emails with these 7 best practices.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection: What It Means For Email Marketers

Read about Apple iOS's new feature - Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) that hides users' IP addresses, location, and how it imapcts your email open rate.

10 Email Newsletter Best Practices To Follow In 2022

Read about 10 best newsletter practices to use in 2022 - Make email content relevant and skimmable, use email layout to create hierarchy, and more

12 Tips to Better Your Email Marketing Game for The Holidays

Learn about 12 innovative and engaging holiday email marketing tips to boost your sales during the holiday season and generate higher ROI

A Guide on How to End Your Email

An email closing is a final thing that someone reads. Learn what email closings work in today and what are some of its best practices to follow.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Set-Up Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a secure, customizable, and free email client. Learn how to set up Thunderbird and the requirements to set it up on different systems.

Everything You Should Know About CPRA 2020

Surfing the web to learn more about CPRA? Look nowhere. Here is the only guide you will ever need to know everything about California Privacy Rights Act - 2020.

A Complete Guide to Creating HTML Emails in 2022

HTML emails are the subset of Hypertext Markup Language which is used to create websites. Learn how can you code and design them along with its best practices.

How to Find the Best Time to Send Emails

Find out the best time to send emails to maximize your click and engagement rates and also learn the industry benchmarks for the best time to send emails.

What Are Spam Traps and How to Avoid Them

A spam trap is an email address used to identify and manage spam emails. Learn about different types of spam traps and some of the best practices to avoid them.

A Complete Guide to Dark Mode Email Design and Campaigns

Read how to create and optimize dark mode emails to improve email accessibility across email clients with guides, benefits, and email template examples

How To Detect Phishing Emails And Safeguard Against Them

Email Phishing is a way of attacking your privacy and in this guide, you will learn ways to identify phishing emails, protect yourself, and report them.

How to Set Up a GoDaddy Email in 2022

Learn the step-by-step process of using GoDaddy email to set up a professional email address with a custom domain you bought from GoDaddy.

30 Most Commonly Used Email Abbreviations and Acronyms in 2022

Here is a list of the 30 most common email abbreviations and acronyms you can use in your next email and stand out in the recipient's inbox

How to Use Opt-In in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Opt-in email marketing is asking people permission before adding them to your email list. Explore its benefits and best practices in this article.

How to Use Humor In Email Marketing With Examples of Funny Emails

This guide will help you to ace adding humor to your marketing emails through best practices and will share funny email examples from various brands

How to Create a Business Email in 2022

Learn the importance of business email and how to create a business email with Bluehost in a few easy steps.

Top 7 Free Email Providers to Use in 2022

Top 7 best free and paid email providers with their features and pricing- Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho Mail, ProtonMail, Hostinger, and HostGator.

What Is Email Accessibility and Why Is It Important

Learn how to make email accessible for everyone with 12 email accessibility best practices to make your emails more humanized and inclusive

How to Implement Marketing Mix With 4Ps of Marketing

We will discuss the 4Ps of the marketing mix - product, price, place, and promotion with examples, and the 7Ps model - people, process, & physical evidence.

A Definitive Guide on How to Recall an Email

Sent an email with a spelling mistake? Don't worry. We have discussed a few easy steps to recall an email in Outlook and Gmail.

Email Marketing Strategy: A Guide to Winning Email Campaigns

Read how to create an email marketing strategy to reach your email marketing goals and key metrics to track to gauge the performance of email campaigns.

How to Use Gifs in Your Email Marketing Campaigns [+ 5 Tips]

Learn how to make email more interactive and engaging by using GIFs in email. We will also cover email client support for GIF and ways to use them.

A Guide to Leverage Email Preheader to Increase Open Rates

Read about the email preheader, the text shown below the email subject line in the inbox., it's importance along with 8 best practices.

The BIMI Guide You Need as An Email Marketer

Learn about BIMI, an email authentication standard, and how to implement it for your business to combat phishing and build brand trust.

A Complete List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2022

A list of all the email marketing statistics that you should know in a single place. This list includes all the data related to B2B and B2C industries.

What Is Email Footer and How To Use It to Your Advantage in 2022

Learn how to optimize your email footer by following the best practices and different elements to add to get more engagements