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Crypto Email Marketing Strategies


5 Effective Crypto Email Marketing Strategies And Tips To Follow

Jenny Chang
ByJenny Chang

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Crypto and blockchain-related ads may approach marketing differently due to the fluctuations in market price, the innovative nature of cryptocurrency (which some might consider complex), and negative press related to market crashes.

Cryptocurrency is a marketing challenge, not only because of its volatility; it’s also primarily unregulated. This status makes it difficult to determine what regulations and standards apply to the industry.

Crypto or blockchain email marketing is similar to traditional email marketing, with some key differences. Crypto email marketing should not be used by itself. It can work well in an overall digital strategy involving other forms of content and app notifications.

To help you leverage this robust marketing tool, we’ve gathered your business’s five most efficient crypto email marketing strategies.

5 Effective Crypto Email Marketing Strategies And Tips To Follow H2 Crypto Email Marketing Strategies H3

  1. Build an email list H3
  2. Segment audience and customize emails H3
  3. Spam filter dangers H3
  4. Optimize CTAs H3
  5. Offer valuable content H2 Conclusion

Crypto Email Marketing Strategies

1. Build an email list

You can generate a cryptocurrency email list of people interested in your brand in several ways. Here are some effective methods:

  • Hosting airdrop campaigns: Crypto airdrop campaigns are forms of marketing in which companies distribute free cryptocurrency tokens.

  • Opt-in forms on landing pages: On the landing pages of your site, you may want to include forms that allow people who visit to subscribe or sign up for more information. (In case you still don’t have a website for your business, here is a list of website builder software.

  • Gated material or content: You can offer free content or material in exchange for an email address. This is a great way to build your audience and generate interest around your crypto brand.

  • Whitelisted users from Discord community gamification: You can use Discord to host and help cultivate a community of highly engaged users who are interested in your brand. You can also use gamification techniques on Discord, such as offering tokens, badges, or other rewards for participation.

  • Signup buttons in social network bios and email signatures: You can add signup buttons in their social network bios and email signatures.

  • Content upgrades: You can create crypto-focused blog posts that have content upgrades or gated materials.

2. Segment audience and customize emails

You can use email personalization. This is a high-converting tactic that helps in building trust and loyalty among customers.

As you build a specialized email list, you can use a cryptocurrency heatmap. This approach allows you to help your customers informed on crypto industry updates, thus making your campaigns score high in user experience.

Another option is to create targeted emails for customer segments. This approach is a great way to send emails that are highly relevant, based on collected user behavior and interests. It helps you build trust with your customers, as well as increase the chances of them converting.

You can also deploy drip campaigns and email automations from crypto email leads to subscribers. This is a proven way to create a useful email list by offering freebies or incentives to opt-in. You can use automation tools like Mailmodo, AWeber, or MailChimp, which help you send relevant emails based on user behavior and interests.

3. Spam filter dangers

Email marketing is an important tool for all businesses, but crypto companies in particular, will benefit from it because their messages often get caught up in spam filters. A well-designed crypto email marketing campaign can help bypass spam filters and allow you to reach your audience.

Some email services employ filters on some cryptocurrency projects, which adds an extra layer of complexity in implementing your strategy. As an effective workaround to this, you must use email services that offer a dedicated cryptocurrency email marketing solution. And if you’re searching for PM tools for your crypto projects, it’s best to read reliable app product evaluation sites that offer Infolio reviews and other top PM tools.

This email strategy will help you stay compliant with the rules of your chosen exchange and avoid getting banned. It will also help boost your emails' deliverability.

4. Optimize CTAs

The best crypto marketing leverages the power of call-to-action. CTAs should be incorporated into your marketing funnel, and the language used in each CTA will vary depending on who you are targeting at a given point of the funnel.

To be effective, your CTAs should be created properly. Use trigger words to grab your reader's attention. Be specific in order to convey precisely what you mean. For instance, your email could provide easy-to-understand CTAs on how they can convert their bitcoins using your crypto services or other features you offer. Add benefits so that the customer will want what you are selling.

5. Offer valuable content

Like in highly-visited blogs, your crypto marketing email should offer valuable content to your audience. This allows you to establish authority, engage the audience, offer interesting and helpful information, and build trust.

The different types of email that you can use for your crypto email marketing include:

  • Welcome email: Use this to welcome new subscribers and should be sent when they sign up for your crypto marketing list.

  • Onboarding email: This is a one-email onboarding process that provides new crypto subscribers with the information they need to get started. You can also use this email to build rapport and trust with your audience

  • Information about features: This email is used to provide information about the different features of your crypto marketing list. This can include things like new subscriber benefits, access to exclusive content, and more.

  • Referral email: This email is used to thank subscribers for referring new users, and can be sent after they’ve referred at least three people who have signed up. You can offer exciting giveaways like crypto tokens or coins in exchange for referrals.

  • Newsletter: This email will serve as your venue to share whitepapers, blog articles, infographics, and reports and case studies. It can also include other crypto content marketing tools like podcasts, videos and UGC (user-generated content).


Crypto marketing is a demanding task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Recent crypto statistics indicate that, with a global market cap of $1.76 trillion, marketing this top investment tool is more than worth the effort.

The more you understand about your audience and their needs, the easier it will be for you to create content that resonates with them. By following these tips and best practices, you can ensure that your crypto marketing strategy is running smoothly.

And to ensure you get things done more efficiently, it's best to find and use a reliable tool that supports crypto email marketing like Mailmodo.

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