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The Ultimate Email Campaign QA Checklist

Check your email campaigns using our detailed Email QA checklist before sending them out. No more cold feet while hitting the 'Send' button!

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Why you should use this checklist

This pre-deployment checklist will help you ensure that your email campaign is compliant with all email marketing best practices and that you aren’t forgetting any important details. To err is human, after all!

Here’s how it will help you send error-free campaigns:

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    Cross-check all tiny but important details that might hamper your campaign performance

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    Step-by-step QA check of your email processes

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    Confidently press the send button even when sending several campaigns

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Frequently asked

The QA process for email campaigns involves thorough testing of all elements, including subject lines, content, links, and images, to ensure they display correctly and function as intended. It also includes reviewing the email on various devices and email clients to ensure it looks consistent and professional.

Email campaigns are prone to errors such as broken links, formatting issues, and incorrect personalization. In fact, according to Sendgrid's report, 21% of emails never make it to the inbox due to technical issues. A thorough QA process ensures that the email is error-free and delivers the intended message to the audience, ultimately increasing engagement and conversions.

The ideal structure/process for email campaign QA should include thorough testing of all links, images, and content for accuracy and functionality. It should also involve testing on different devices, email clients, and browsers to ensure optimal delivery. Lastly, the process should include a review by multiple team members to catch any errors or inconsistencies before sending the email campaign.

Absolutely! A thorough email QA checklist ensures that every aspect of your campaign is reviewed and tested before sending, leading to better deliverability, engagement, and conversions. Don't skip this crucial step in email marketing campaigns.

A comprehensive checklist should cover email content, design, and function, as well as personalization, accessibility, contact list accuracy, and AMP email compatibility. It's also important to ensure deliverability by testing emails across various email clients and devices.

A standardized checklist ensures that all necessary components of an email campaign are reviewed and approved, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. It also promotes consistency in branding and messaging and provides a clear framework for tracking the success of the campaign.

One way is to regularly review and reinforce the importance of following the checklist. Additionally, provide training and support to team members who may be struggling to follow the process. Finally, track and monitor compliance to ensure that the checklist is being used consistently.

Mailmodo's email QA checklist is highly effective! The list is created by industry experts and iterated over time with their experience, ensuring all necessary aspects are covered in the QA process.

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