Create error-free emails with smart template suggestions

👉 Reduce chances of human error
👉 Improve email design and UX
👉 Make your emails accessible & responsive

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Types of template improvements you get


These are critical issues that, if not fixed, would cause template malfunctions.


These are moderate issues that might affect the appearance and usability of your template.


These are template refinement ideas that’ll help improve engagement and design.

Smart template suggestions helps you


Send emails without errors

Without having to worry about accidentally sending emails with missing links or wrong personalization formatting


Create accessible and responsive emails

That render well for all using web-safe fonts, alt-text, and not using image only emails


Improve reader’s experience

By creating cohesive email typography and reducing email load time, decreasing email or image size

template suggestions
Create flawless email templates with Mailmodo

Alerts you will get

Examples of recommendations we provide in smart template suggestions and what they'll help with

Category Recommendation/error Helps improve
Error • Missing link in buttons
• Incomplete integration setup
and 15+ more errors
Reader experience, conversions
Warning • Image alt text is missing
• Button size is too small
and 9+ more warnings
Accessibility, mobile responsiveness
Suggestion • Use personalization parameter
• Use an AMP element
and 3+ more suggestions
Email engagement, conversions

Read more about these template suggestions in our guide.

Steps to create error-free emails



Design your email template in Mailmodo, and actionable suggestions will start appearing on the left



Click on the suggestion to be taken to the area where change is required



Make the changes suggested and refresh to get updated suggestions



Finalize and send out error-free emails to subscribers

More than just a tool for creating error-free emails

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are template suggestions?

Template suggestions are actionable recommendations provided by Mailmodo’s template analyzer after scanning the email you created using our template builder to help you improve the quality, accessibility, and responsiveness of the email.

How to implement the suggestions provided?

Click on the suggestion to expand it, where you’ll be provided with more information on how that issue would impact your email and how you can rectify it.

How much does Mailmodo's template suggestions feature cost?

Mailmodo's template suggestions feature is free and is available in all plans.

Is it necessary for me to implement all the suggestions?

No, you don't have to implement all the suggestions provided. Errors are the most important issues that can affect your template performance. So as long as you fix all the errors, it's good enough.

Need help with creating error-free templates?