Forge an unforgettable brand experience. Focus on serving your customers, leave the engagement to us.

Engage your customers every step of the way through interactive emails, personalized experiences and tailored customer journeys.

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Customer engagement redefined.

Engagements that actually engage

Don’t bombard your audience and hope to be engaging. Send interactive app-like experiences that actually hook them.

Say NO to disconnected data systems

Connect all your messaging channels and marketing stack into one single dashboard through flexible integrations.

Give your customers what they seek

Send the right message at the right time throughout the customer journey through personalized touch points.

Nail your onboarding

Engaging onboarding sequences

Welcome emails that wow your audiences

Product walkthroughs with little to no intervention

Send support material as and when they need it

Keep the engagement high

Send interactive newsletters

Keep them in the loop with product updates

Share your milestones and appreciation with thank you emails

Proactive problem solving with surveys

Sell more, retain better

Craft personalised lead generation and nurture journeys

Nudge with cart recovery and abandonment emails

Convert better with forms and widgets within emails

Keep the customers happy with reviews and feedback

Devise and deliver a proactive customer engagement strategy

Make your engagement proactive with trigger based emails and transactional messaging. Send campaigns through a wide range of customer actions and triggers.

Send emails based on customer activity on your website, landing pages, forms and email.

API triggers

Trigger through your choice of applications and customer channels via Zapier

Connect and trigger through your CRM and marketing analytics platforms

Boost your engagement with interactive experiences

⚡ Build interactive and dynamic emails with simple drag and drop. No code necessary

Collect more data and feedback by adding forms within the email.

Book more meetings, integrate and add Calendly widget in the inbox.

Showcase product catalogues, new releases and even sell within the inbox though e-commerce integrations

Skyrocket your response speed with automated journeys

Build a brand personality that stands for quicker turn around times, faster service and smoother engagements. Create automated sequences for all your standard workflows.

Build custom journeys through visual journey builder

Set diverse outcomes with conditional logic within email journey

Choose ready to use email templates for every use case through your customer journey

Integrate and set triggers in your automated sequences from external applications

Add a human touch with personalized interactions

Show your customers you know and care. Personalize every customer interaction with a wide range of custom fields that allow you to leverage

Add a range of custom fields in your engagement campaigns

Stay relevant with dynamic email content and updatable templates

Send hyper-personalized emails through contextual messaging via advanced segmentation

Worried about omnichannel? Go integrations!

We do emails and we do it the best. But we have a solution for bringing together your other channels too. Integrate with antire marketing stack for a seamless experience.

Earn customer loyalty through Mailmodo's customer engagement platform.