Send AMP Emails

Send AMP Emails for higher conversions

✔️ Elevate engagement with dynamic and interactive content
✔️ Boost click-through rates with captivating user experiences
✔️ Transform your emails into conversion-driven journeys

Focus on conversions with interactive AMP Emails

Send interactive AMP Emails

Include interactive elements like forms, calendars, carts and widgets

Add Forms inside email

Allow your users to submit responses within emails with multi-step forms

Simplify conversion

Eliminate redirections and minimize the number of steps for conversion

Send AMP Emails in 3 steps

Create your AMP email template


Choose an AMP email template

Pick a readymade AMP Email template from our growing library and customize it with our drag and drop editor


Create a new AMP email

You can create a new AMP email template from scratch without any coding using the drag-and-drop editor within minutes


Edit your fallback HTML

Make sure that you check out the fallback HTML version that gets created automatically and edit it if requried.

Add your sender details


Get Whitelisting Assistance

Get whitelisted for AMP approval with email clients with a single form-fill designed to simplify and fastrack approval


Configure your preferred SMTP

Start using the SMTP of your choice to send emails using a simple setup and verification process


Add custom domain emails

Configure your custome domain with Mailmodo to start sending emails from your custom domain or business email id.


Send and analyze your campaign


Add your contact list

Upload a list of contacts or import it from your CRM or other databases using powerful integrations and API connectors.


Schedule your campaign

Schedule your AMP email campaigns to be sent at the right time or trigger it using webhooks or APIs based on user behaviour.


Analyse your campaign

Measure your AMP email performance with complete analytics including AMP & HTML opens and form submission metrics.

Send AMP emails in minutes

Mailmodo is a complete AMP email marketing package

Here are some more features that you can use to send AMP emails and leverage their power to create a conversion-first marketing funnel

Visual Journey Builder

Build user journey to send sequence of automated emails and trigger events using webhooks

Easy Integrations

Integrate with CRMs and marketing tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, Calendly, Zoom

Transactional emails

Send bulk transactional AMP emails using API & webhook triggers based on user behaviors

Contact List Management

Segment users based on attributes or past campaign activities like Open, Click & Form Submissions

Complete Email Analytics

Analyze all your data- Delivered, Opens, Clicks, Subject line A/B tests, etc. for both AMP & HTML emails

High Deliverability

Get high deliverability & opens with well managed & dedicated IPs and advice from our deliverability team

AMP Email use cases

Get More Leads

Increase sales

Conduct surveys with forms inside emails

Engage your prospects and users

Mailmodo is your new growth channel

10,000+ marketers trust Mailmodo to run all their email campaigns

Seamless UX

“Mailmodo is a no-brainer for fast-growing companies. Their no-code interactive emails are easily configurable, and their team ensures high open rates. This is one of the highest value products in our tech stack.”

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Rose Wang

Bluesky PBLLC

Great Customer Support

“In spite of the growth that Mailmodo experienced, it has kept its identity of being customer centric and continues to work closely with us on ensuring that all of our needs are met with rapid implementation and outstanding support.”

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Leonard Yampolsky

NCB Management Services, Inc.

Easy Migration

“When it was time to move on from our (very expensive) CRM-based mailing service, I discovered Mailmodo. I tried it out, and I couldn't be happier: the UX is on point, everything works smoothly, support is responsive.”

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Tanya Krutko


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMP email?

AMP Email is a framework created by Google that allows emails to render and display dynamic elements like accordions, carousels, forms, calendars, shopping carts, dynamic APIs, etc. within the mail-body. It creates a mini-website inside an email.

Are there any limitations of AMP emails?

AMP emails are just like any other emails except the fact that they come with a number of superpowers and don't render in every email client at present. There aren't any other limitations.

Which email clients support AMP for Email?

At present, AMP is supported by Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo and When a user's email client doesn't support AMP emails, the recipient will be able to see plain HTML email which we provide options for.

How does Mailmodo help in sending actionable AMP emails?

Mailmodo helps you and other marketers create actionable AMP emails without any coding knowledge. You just have to drag and drop blocks and edit them as per your needs. We also help you to send any number of emails using your own or our SMTP.

Drive conversions with interactive emails