An email automation platform that works for you

Automate with ease

Create email automation workflows effortlessly with our intuitive visual campaign builder. No coding skills are required.

Connect all your systems

Integrate our email automation software with your marketing stack and trigger campaigns through a wide range of integrations.

Save time and efforts

Replace time-consuming and monotonous tasks with our email automation platform. Create automated campaigns to send time-sensitive, personalized emails.

Email automation made easy, with Mailmodo

Manage contact list

Upload and manage contacts to our email marketing automation tool and manage it with ease.

  • ⚡ Upload contacts via CSV files
  • ⚡ Import contacts via API
  • ⚡ Import contacts via integrations
  • ⚡ Add manually to the platform

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Segment the contact list

Our advanced contact segmentation feature helps you send targeted emails to the right audience, which is crucial in email automation.

  • ⚡ Send emails based on user traits
  • ⚡ Create targeted campaigns based on campaign actions
  • ⚡ Target your audience based on custom events

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Create the email template

Design visually appealing emails without spending much time with our drag-and-drop email template builder.

  • ⚡ No-code editor to ease the process
  • ⚡ 200+ pre-made designs to choose from
  • ⚡ Reusable blocks to create faster
  • ⚡ Supports both HTML & AMP formats

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Build custom journeys

Different prospect segments need different journeys, accommodate them better. Build personalized experiences with custom email automation journey builders.

  • ⚡ Visual journey builder
  • ⚡ Conditional logic within email journey
  • ⚡ Integrate and set triggers from external applications
  • ⚡ Add time delays and schedule send times

Get started with email sequences


Personalize email experiences

Tailor user experiences without compromising on automation. Leverage user data and actions to personalize your sequences with our email automation software.

  • ⚡ Add a range of custom fields in email campaigns
  • ⚡ Conditional logic in email
  • ⚡ Dynamic email content and updatable templates
  • ⚡ Advanced segmentation

Send dynamic emails


Trigger from anywhere

Make your automation omniscient. Connect Mailmodo with your marketing stack. Create triggered campaigns through a wide range of integrations - landing pages, websites, forms.

  • ⚡ Integrate and trigger through your marketing stack - landing page, websites, forms
  • ⚡ Use Mailmodo's Rest API for triggered emails
  • ⚡ Trigger from your choice of applications via Zapier

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Boost email conversions with Mailmodo

Ready to use automation sequences

Decomplicate automated email campaigns with our email sequence resource for all industry use cases.

  • ⚡ Ready to use automation sequences
  • ⚡ Insights from 100+ automation experts

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Why customers pick Mailmodo

Interactive AMP emails

Create and send dynamic and interactive AMP emails to increase engagement and conversions.

Ease of integration

With Mailmodo's integrations, connect seamlessly with your marketing stack at ease.

Drag and drop builder

Create automated sequences and templates with a visual drag-and-drop builder. No coding skill is needed.

Transactional emails

Send transactional emails at scale based on a wide range of event triggers and integrations.

Contact manager

Upload and manage email contacts and segment them to send personalized emails.

Email analytics

Measure automated email campaign performance with Mailmodo's email analytics suite.

10,000+ marketers trust Mailmodo

1000+ marketers trust Mailmodo

Frequently Asked Questions

An email automation tool is a software platform that allows businesses and individuals to streamline and optimize their email marketing processes. It enables the creation, scheduling, and sending of automated email campaigns to specific segments of an audience based on predefined triggers or actions. These tools often include features such as email template design, contact list management, analytics, and the ability to personalize messages, ultimately saving time and improving the efficiency of email marketing efforts.

Mailmodo is one of the best email automation platforms with AMP functionality that lets you send interactive emails to your email subscribers.

It offers an easy-to-use visual journey builder, advanced contact segmentation, a wide range of event triggers & integrations, email personalization, analytics, and more.

Email automation software provides several benefits, including time savings through the automation of repetitive tasks, personalized messaging for enhanced engagement, and targeted communication through audience segmentation. The software's analytics and tracking features offer insights into campaign performance, enabling data-driven decisions. Automation ensures consistency in branding and messaging, reducing the risk of errors.

Mailmodo's email automation platform comes with three-tier pricing plans with a free trial to test drive the platform. You can check the pricing plans here to choose what works best for you.

Here's how you can send automated emails,

  • Choose an email automation platform.
  • Decide the campaign goals.
  • Segment your email list.
  • Set up campaign automation triggers.
  • Create an email campaign.
  • Send and measure performance.

    Learn more about email automation here.

Email automation workflows (or email flows) are a series of automated emails triggered based on a customer's actions like purchasing a product, adding a product to the cart, etc.

We have created tailored email automation flows (for every industry) that help email marketers send automated emails effortlessly.

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2x conversions with interactive emails


Save time with AI-powered email creation


Automate marketing ops with pre-built journeys

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