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Scale your recruitment with AMP emails

⚡Make recruitment emails more engaging with AMP
⚡Create a website-site experience inside the email
⚡Hire quality talent with job applications inside email.

Graphic showing various digital interfaces with a cheerful woman giving thumbs up, displaying a content marketing job application, an event booking calendar, and a team introduction page.

One stop solution for all your Recruitment Email Marketing

All the tools you need to manage your Recruitment business.

intuitive template builder
Intuitive Template Builder

Customize 200+ pre-made templates in our no-code email editor

Dynamic segmentation

Segment email list dynamically based on user's attributes and behaviors

20+ AMP email widgets

Make emails interactive using AMP email widgets and drive 2X conversions

Automated drip sequences

Engage, nurture, convert and retain your audience with email automation

In-built email analytics

Track your campaign’s performance using our analytics dashboard

Contact management

Import contacts via CSV files, APIs, CRMs, and other integrations

Boost your candidate sourcing with interactivity

Automate bulk emails with a personal touch

⚡Use our email journey builder to set up drip sequences for recurring emails with triggers

⚡Send job openings, interview schedules and reminder emails, to potential applicants on autopilot

⚡Segment and send personalized emails based on recipient’s skill set, experience, and preferences


Drive higher engagement with AMP emails

⚡Send interactive newsletters to your customers and keep them updated.

⚡Reach out to potential candidates using AMP forms to get more application submissions

⚡Add conditional logic to make forms personalized based on the respondents previous responses.


Transform your email into dynamic emails

⚡Add dynamic images in our no-code email builder based on the recipient's different attributes.

⚡Send real-time updates on job openings by sharing a live RSS feed within the email.

⚡Get higher conversions through a user-first experience inside the email.


Integrate with your Recruiter Software Stack

Synchronize and share data across platforms, automate processes, and streamline your operations.

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Conquer recruitment email marketing with Mailmodo

Send job alerts with dynamic RSS feed

Provide your clients news that gets refreshed inside email so they don’t read stale insights with our real-time data integration.

Collect feedback

Gauge how happy the workforce is with the current system by prompting them to fill employee satisfaction surveys and company ratings inside email.

Automated workflows

Automated email sequences for different stages of the recruitment process, such as application acknowledgment, interview scheduling and rejection notifications.

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Frequently asked questions

Interactive AMP emails reduce friction in the conversion process by bringing a website-like experience within the email. As a result, users can fill out the form, submit the feedback, and book a meeting without leaving their inboxes.

Mailmodo is the best email marketing software for recruitment agencies and businesses as it can create drag-and-drop visual journey builders, add dynamic blocks to send real-time updates, and make email interactive by adding polls, forms, surveys, calculators.

Yes, using our drag-and-drop journey builder, you can create different types of email drip sequences and make it more targeted by adding conditions, and delays in the series.

Once you sign up with Mailmodo, you can create or customize email templates in our no-code email editor. Once the recruitment email template is done, you can send it to your email or as a test campaign. Check out our collection of 200+ best recruiting email templates

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