Why we Built Add to Calendar

ByAquibur Rahman


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One of the things that Mailmodo takes pride in is the fact that we strive to give value to founders and marketers. The Growth Chat is Mailmodo’s monthly webinar where experienced marketers from across the world share their learnings, stories, and insights to inspire and help marketers grow their businesses.

As we conducted these monthly webinars, one of the hurdles we faced was lesser attendee turnout despite 250+ registrations every event. This got us thinking.

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Why were registrations not converting into attendees?

On analysis, we realized that event registrations only get us to the users’ inbox, not their calendar - which has become the holy grail through which people show up to meetings, events, and more.

If it’s not on the user’s calendar, time isn’t blocked out, and the notifications at the event's start don’t show up on the user’s desktop or mobile. Out of sight, out of mind.

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The DIY solution to the “event attendance” problem

We brainstormed on ways to get the event onto the user’s calendar without multiple redirects or ics file downloads. So using an AMP email form, we set up a workflow using a Google API and Pipedream where users can add the event to the calendar in one click, without leaving the inbox. We rolled this out in our next set of events and saw an immediate uptick in attendees.

DIY Google - Pipedream workflow results

Delivered Open Click Submission
100% 44% 25% 13%

The leap of faith - building a new feature

Soon our customers noticed it and we set it up for them as well. Even they started seeing positive results!

Now that we had the proof of concept, we knew we had to build a DIY widget version of this in our product. Our product team took a leap of faith and built a product feature to solve the same pain point for our customers.

When the ‘Add to calendar’ widget was released as an interactive widget, all marketers had to do was create a template, add the widget, link your Google Calendar event to the widget, and voilà!

Not only does it enable one-click registration, but since it’s added to the calendar, it also boosts event attendance. We tested the Add to calendar widget for our events and saw a higher submission rate.

Add to calendar widget results

Delivered Open Click Submission
100% 44% 13% 12%
Delivered Open Click Submission
100% 47% 12% 11%

Internally, within Mailmodo, the team started using the widget in their newsletters, event invitations, and product update emails. It caught the eye of Naomi West, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Parcel who tweeted about it.

Naomi West on Twitter: "When people ask me if email is dead. My response is normally along the lines of "I think you're going to start to see some really cool things soon..." - cool thing being this immediate "add to calendar" type feature from @mailmodo / Twitter"

When people ask me if email is dead. My response is normally along the lines of "I think you're going to start to see some really cool things soon..." - cool thing being this immediate "add to calendar" type feature from @mailmodo

Recently, in the Email Automation Masterclass - Jen Capstraw, Founder of Women of Email mentioned how she found the experience seamless.

What started out as an internal project for Mailmodo, is now a fully functional, easy-to-use, and highly impactful widget available for our customers to get higher webinar registrations, boost event attendance, and create a delightful email experience.

Hosting an upcoming event or want to try out ‘Add to Calendar’ on your own? Get started for free.

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