Answer quizzes inside email, real time

Drive higher conversions by bringing the excitement of gamified quizzes to email with the quiz widget.


Create fun and entertaining trivia on every imaginable topic based on your user interests to drive engagement.

Assessment quizzes

Create simple quizzes to assess your user’s understanding of different topics, your product or brand without straying from the inbox

Lead generation

Make your lead generation efforts truly captivating with quizzes that help you know more about your audience’s pain points, and preferences

Gamify emails with our online quiz maker tool

Create with pre-made quiz templates

Browse our quiz email templates gallery, pick the one that suits your campaign requirements, customize it with our drag-and-drop editor, and send it to your email subscribers.

  • ⚡ Responsive and mobile-ready templates
  • ⚡ Easily customizable with our template editor
  • ⚡ Reusable blocks and interactive widgets

Custom design functionality

Customize your quiz to perfectly match your brand to provide a personalized experience for the users.

  • ⚡ Customize the cover page layout
  • ⚡ Pick consistent colors, font family, and size
  • ⚡ Pick different quiz question & answer layouts

Drive engagement with scores

Our quiz maker lets you assign correct answers and display the score inside the email when your subscriber completes the quiz.

  • ⚡ Customize the results page with content & image
  • ⚡ Add scoring logic with customized content
  • ⚡ Let users show off the results with social sharing

Send triggered quizzes

Deliver relevant and timely quizzes to your subscribers using diverse triggers and integrations.

  • ⚡ Segment contacts and send relevant quizzes
  • ⚡ Hyper-personalize nurture journeys based on scores
  • ⚡ Create follow-up journeys in response to your quiz
  • ⚡ Send quiz email based on user action triggers

Measure quiz performance

Measure, analyze, and improve your quiz email campaign performance with the analytics dashboard of our quiz creator.

  • ⚡ View quiz responses directly within the dashboard
  • ⚡ Export data into CSV files
  • ⚡ Track opens, clicks, and submissions in real-time
  • ⚡ Compare HTML & AMP email metrics

Seamless integrations

Integrate our quiz creation tool with your marketing stack to export campaign data and quiz responses.

  • ⚡ Export submission data to spreadsheets
  • ⚡ Export campaign data via Zapier, APIs
  • ⚡ Make data flow through other integrations

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Much more than a quiz creator

Increase responses

Unlike other quiz tools, Mailmodo allows your subscribers to complete the quiz/assessment without leaving their email inboxes.

Drag and drop

Build creative quizzes and trivia with our drag-and-drop editor without any technical skills.


Use personalization parameters to send hyper-personalized quizzes to your subscribers' inboxes.


Send timely quizzes and nurture sequence post-quiz completion to participants based on activity-based triggers.

AMP widgets

Add AMP elements to make your emails more engaging and interactive.


Send surveys to your students/customers after the assessment/quiz to collect feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quizzes are a fun and exciting way to assess your students' knowledge on a specific topic or engage with your email subscribers.

You can easily create a quiz by customizing a template or you can build a quiz from scratch using our quiz maker with drag and drop editor. At last, share the quiz with your subscribers with ease and get jaw-dropping engagement.

  • Engage with your audience.

  • Boost email responses.

  • Gain insights about your audience.

  • Gather feedback about your courses/product.

  • Generate leads for your business.

Mailmodo is one of the best online quiz creation tools to build interactive quizzes using a drag-and-drop editor and distribute them to your students or email subscribers via their email platform.

  1. Set a goal for your quiz campaign.

  2. Sign up with Mailmodo or any other quiz maker.

  3. Collect & segment your audience.

  4. Create the quiz with a drag-and-drop editor.

  5. Send the quiz via email.

  6. And measure performance.

Learn in depth about quiz creation with Mailmodo.

Yes. You can conduct online tests by sending MCQs inside email with Mailmodo and collect student responses from our analytics dashboard.

You can send almost any type of quiz with our quiz tool. Some examples are math quizzes for students, product understanding quizzes for customers, personality quizzes, scored quizzes, business quizzes, trivia, etc.

Send quizzes which are hard to resist


2x conversions with interactive emails


Save time with AI-powered email creation


Automate marketing ops with pre-built journeys

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