Gamify emails with interactive quizzes

Add a variety of informative, assessment or trivia quizzes into your email to drive engagement the fun way. Tap into your audience’s competitive spirit, reward and engage with quiz scores inside email.

Answer quizzes inside email, real time

Drive higher conversions by bringing the excitement of gamified quizzes to email with the quiz widget.

Trivia and games

Engage with fun and entertaining trivia quizzes on every imaginable topic based on your user interests to drive engagement

Assessment quizzes
Assessment quizzes

Create simple quizzes to assess your user’s understanding of different topics, your product or brand without straying from the inbox

Lead generation quiz
Lead generation

Make your lead generation efforts truly captivating with quizzes that help you know more about your audience’s pain points, and preferences

How to gamify email with quizzes using Mailmodo

Create exciting quizzes that pop

Create your existing email template on Mailmodo’s template builder. Instead of a redirect button, add different forms elements from the choice of interactive blocks.

  • ⚡ Save time by inserting a pre-made quiz widget from the builder or template library

  • ⚡ Add compelling questions in the tabs of the widgets. Set the right answers by simply selecting it

  • ⚡ Customize the fonts, colours and images to match the look and feel of the template to fit your brand

Quiz in editor

Drive participation and engagement with scored quizzes

  • ⚡ Customize your results tab by adding content and images to the configured score

  • ⚡ Add explanations and logic behind the score with customized content for a full quiz experience

  • ⚡ Help users show off the results to the world with social sharing.

Result page with redirect links

Use scoring to drive targeted campaigns

  • ⚡ Create and send targeted quizzes campaigns with segmentation and scheduling

  • ⚡ Hyper personalize your nurture journeys based on user’s scores on the quiz

  • ⚡ Add nudges and follow up journeys in response to your quiz campaign

  • ⚡ Launch the quiz based on user actions from a range of triggers with 30+ integrations

Drips based on scoring

Track your quiz performance and submissions with the analytics dashboard

  • ⚡ Measure opens, clicks, bounces, user submissions and obtain insights in real-time

  • ⚡ Track analytics for both AMP use cases and HTML use cases

  • ⚡ Export your quiz submission data via spreadsheets or integrate it with your other tools of choice.

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