How Mailmodo helps you get better email deliverability

Authenticate your email


Authenticate sender domain

Verify your sending domain with enforced authentication protocols, like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.


Test email authentication

We check the IP address and domain across many blacklist providers to ensure your email lands in the recipient’s inbox.


Receive guidance on authentication

Get your email campaigns audited by our team to seek recommendations on incorporating authentication protocols.

Authenticate your email

Warmup your domain


Set up warmup program

We protect and improve your IP status by helping you warm up your domain and increase inbox placement rate.


Fragmented scheduling

Auto-schedule your campaign to send in increments over seven days for warming up the domain.


Diagnose email deliverability issues

Opt for Mailmodo’s value-added services for an email expert to ascertain why emails are landing in spam.

Warmup your domain

Proactive email health check-up


Google Postmaster integration

We help you set up Google Postmaster to get valuable insights on domain health, spam rate, and your sending practices.


Analyse email infrastructure

Mailmodo's template suggestion tool will evaluate your email template to provide you with intelligent deliverability recommendations.


Receive health report

We do a 360 degree analysis of your current email program to ensure your email campaign is compliant.

email health check-up

Easy suppression and sunsetting


Import suppression list

Import your unsubscribed contacts onto a suppression list to maintain your domain reputation.


Auto-suppress hard bounces

Hard-bounced emails are added to suppression lists automatically to protect your email deliverability.


Create a sunset policy

Our email experts share a plan of action for how to manage disengaged contacts that are no longer opening your marketing emails.

suppression and sunsetting

Build an active and inactive list


Use pre-built segments

Easily create segments like active or inactive contacts without manually doing it from scratch.


Create an inactive list

Use the inactive contacts segment to quickly segregate people who haven’t opened your emails in the last 90 days and send them re-engagement campaigns.


Reduce spam complaints

Phase out users from your email list who don’t interact with your re-engagement emails in minutes to improve email deliverability.

active and inactive list

Measure email performance


Fix email deliverability issues

We help you examine the effectiveness of your email campaigns and eliminate any potential problems that affect email deliverability rate.


Track email deliverability rate

Track campaign results like hard and soft bounce rates, open rates, and delivered rates on our campaign data dashboard.


Maximise email performance

Analyze the data and make informed decisions for improved email performance.

Email analytics dashboard
Get higher inbox placement rates

SBNRI achieved 16% higher open rates with Mailmodo

"We resolved our email health challenges which led to a 16% increase in open rates. Plus, we learnt how to monitor email health parameters for every campaign."

Muhet Gupta, Growth Marketing, SBNRI

Read the case study here


Advanced features to boost your email deliverability

Fragmented scheduling


Set up the automated flow

Send or schedule emails in batches in increments over seven days.


Configure the schedule

Select the first batch's size and the gap between subsequent batches when using fragmented scheduling.


Increase sending volume gradually

Increase the volume of every batch by a fixed factor and identify the right-sized volume for higher open rates.

Fragmented scheduling

Send time optimisation


Boost audience engagement

Send bulk campaigns at a time your audience is most likely to engage with it by using the send time optimisation feature for improving email deliverability.


Send targeted emails

Enable send time optimisation to determine the optimal time to send emails to each contact based on analysis of previous campaigns.


Available for all plans

This feature increases the likelihood of your emails being opened and clicked, resulting in better targeting of emails for higher conversion rates.

send-time optimisation

Why 10,000+ marketers trust Mailmodo

1000+ marketers trust Mailmodo

Frequently Asked Questions

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers' inboxes. Email marketers use this metric to determine whether or not the emails are reaching their subscribers' inboxes.

At Mailmodo, we provide dedicated email servers, a higher domain reputation, and expert consultation to help you increase your inbox placement rate. We bring together all the features of a great email deliverability tool you need to make sure that your emails reach your audiences’ inboxes every single time.

Here are the best practices you can follow to improve email deliverability,

  • Authenticate your emails before sending them out.
  • Avoid sending mass emails without having a specific strategy in place.
  • Segment your email list.
  • Implement double opt-in.
  • Maintain proper email hygiene.

Learn more about email deliverability.

95% or higher is considered to be a better email deliverability rate.

Improving your email deliverability rate is the first step toward getting better ROI from your email campaigns.

An email deliverability service will help you with effective email deliverability tracking by offering dedicated email servers, better technical infrastructure, expert consultation for email authentication, and much more.

Here's how you can fix your email deliverability issues:

  1. Ensure domain authenticity with SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  2. Properly warmup your IP address
  3. Monitor sender reputation and blacklists
  4. Embrace double opt-in or confirmed opt-in
  5. Simplify unsubscribing process
  6. Avoid spammy words in your emails
  7. Stay away from purchased email lists
  8. Regularly clean and segment your lists
  9. Maintain consistent sending frequency and schedule
  10. Regularly monitor performance metrics and address issues with Mailmodo's email deliverability service

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