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How world's second-largest payment gateway improved user feedback surveys


Customer feedback is invaluable for growth. Razorpay collected user feedback via monthly email outreach. However, due to multiple steps and redirections in the emails, customers would often drop off before completing surveys.


Razorpay implemented AMP emails using Mailmodo for customer feedback. This cut down all redirections by creating interactive surveys within the email body. Now, users filled forms within their emails, without visiting multiple webpages. Razorpay started receiving timely feedback with a remarkable response rate.

Email Conversions
increased by

How this talent-first platform achieved better conversions to shorten the hiring process


Talent500 conducts online quizzes to match candidates with relevant jobs by sending quiz links through emails. But, the submission rate was abysmal as candidates dropped off during the multi-step quiz process.


Talent500 implemented AMP emails using Mailmodo for quizzes. Dynamic questionnaires were now available within the emails for candidates. They could select and submit answers within their emails, without visiting a single external page. This increased quiz submissions for Talent500 paving way for a growing talent pool.

Form Submission
Rate increased by

How a leading jewellery & lifestyle company improved its NPS surveys


BlueStone conducted NPS email surveys to improve its efforts of recreating the jewellry and lifestyle segment. These surveys redirected users to an external webpage to access and fill the NPS form. Due to the many redirections, most of the users dropped midway without completing the survey.


BlueStone implemented AMP emails using Mailmodo for conducting NPS surveys. Dynamic rating forms were now sent to the users making it possible for users to complete the survey all inside their emails. Compared to HTML emails, BlueStone recorded a remarkable increase in NPS response rates with AMP Emails.

NPS Response
Rate increased by

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