Traya gets 15% cart recovery rate with Mailmodo


We moved from Mailchimp to Mailmodo because of interactive emails and direct checkouts. Customer actions in the email was an added bonus. Our campaigns saw a visible increase in numbers.


Ridhima Achaliya

Growth Marketing


Goal: Traya wanted to drive ecommerce sales through an engaging email experience
Approach: They created interactive, abandoned cart emails through Mailmodo
Outcomes: They recorded a 15% abandoned cart recovery rate

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  • How to create boost conversions in abandonment cart recovery emails
  • How to create high-converting abandoned cart emails
  • How to boost Shopify sales with email

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Traya combines three sciences, Allopathy, Ayurveda and Nutrition to solve hair loss.

It was the founder’s very personal journey that led him here. Unconvinced with one of the prescribed drugs, Altaf dug deeper and tried a mix of allopathy and Ayurveda. He also improved his nutrition, diet and lifestyle habits for better health. The results he saw were phenomenal.

Altaf realized there were a lot of superficial options for a problem more internal. Not only did this sow the seed to starting Traya, but also became a pillar of their marketing strategy.

The role of email

Email was the driver of sales, post-sales journeys and cart recovery for Traya. It was here that their audience had to be educated.

In an industry full of misinformation and dishonest marketing, there are a lot of products that claim to solve the hair loss problem. But these are superficial options for a problem more internal. Like most health issues that our generations face prematurely, hair loss can be a consequence of lifestyle and stress. No single hair care product can solve the deficiencies that need internal care.

In a nutshell, Traya had to make its audience aware of this and convince them of the impact it could have. To this effect, the team wanted to create an engaging experience.

They found their means through Mailmodo.

How Mailmodo helped

Mailmodo’s interactive emails did wonders for Traya’s engagement. And by extension their conversions.

We moved from Mailchimp to Mailmodo because of interactive emails and direct checkouts. Customer actions in the email was an added bonus. Our campaigns saw a visible increase in numbers.
- Ridhima Achaliya, Growth Marketing, Traya

Sales: Lead conversion journey

Traya's website sign-ups were mostly driven through social media and PR. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and paid marketing were the marketing channels.

This segment had a hair loss problem and was trying to find a solution. The lead conversion journey aims to nurture these leads through relevant content.

3.45% of the traffic that landed on Traya’s website through email was converted. The global average conversion rate for e-commerce is about 2.58%.

Their latest template saw a 400% increase in monthly campaign revenue in 11 days.

Post-sales: Customer engagement journey

The post-sales flow covered onboarding, assigning a hair coach and helping their customers get visible results.

This journey, scheduled to engage the customers for over three weeks, shared recipes on a weekly basis, covered dos and don’ts of dieting, makes the customers aware of the ingredients that go into the treatment and conveys the importance of consistency of efforts to see the desired impact.

Click rate was the metric to measure the success and engagement of this email flow.

With Mailmodo, Traya’s click rate increased from 11% in July to 25% in September for the customer engagement journey.

Abandoned cart emails

As an e-commerce business, the abandoned cart was also a crucial campaign. 80% of sales first ends up in an abandoned cart. Traya sent trigger-based cart abandonment emails with Mailmodo’s Shopify integration.

AMP emails allowed the brand to add shopping carts directly in their cart recovery emails. This led to a 15% cart recovery rate on their abandoned cart emails. 4.8% of the users placed an order.

NPS surveys

The NPS surveys collected feedback on the product delivery, user satisfaction and packaging. We could incorporate this back into our offering which delighted our customers. We got about 9% responses to our surveys.

What Traya loves about Mailmodo

Mailmodo is very convenient. Setting up our campaigns and automation journeys was straightforward. Our designers understood it in less than one day. We were building beautiful emails. Performance tracking has also been easier with the dashboard.

- Ridhima Achaliya, Growth Marketing, Traya

What’s next with Mailmodo

The team is exploring several other applications of interactive AMP emails. One use case on the horizon is the appointment booking emails after sign-up. Forms inside email also hold strong potential for the brand.

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