Scale Your Fundraising Through AMP Emails

⚡Let volunteers sign up for fundraising events inside email
⚡Improve relationships with donors through personalization
⚡Re-engage lapsed donors with win-back emails

Email marketing software for non-profit

Your one-stop non-profit email marketing software

No-code template builder

Create and customize eye-catching and responsive emails using our no-code email template builder.

Advanced segmentation icon
Dynamic segmentation

Segment your donor database dynamically based on their behavior and other attributes.

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Automated drip sequences

Create email drip sequences to nurture and target your audience during different life cycle stages.

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20+ AMP widgets

Create a mini-website within email using forms, carouses, polls, surveys, and more.

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Transactional emails

Keep your donors updated through automated transactional emails by setting up different triggers.

Top-notch deliverability

A team of experts to help you land in the recipient's inbox to get higher opens and conversions.

Reach out to potential donors

Amplify your non-profit campaigns with Mailmodo

Check out how you can benefit from Mailmodo’s email marketing solutions.

Choose from non-profit email templates that convert

⚡ Browse through responsive AMP & HTML non-profit email templates.

⚡ Customize them with our no-code WYSIWYG email editor.

⚡ Add interactive AMP widgets for successful non-profit email campaigns.

Explore our no-code template builder

Non-profit interactive emails

Run non-profit campaigns efficiently with automation

⚡ Engage, nurture, and retain donors with trigger-based email journeys.

⚡ Use our drag-and-drop journey builder and add conditions and delays per user segment.

⚡ Choose from pre-made personalization parameters to add a human touch to your emails.

Get to know our email automation builder

Email automation with personalization

Track your campaign performance in a single dashboard

⚡ Get a granular view of your email campaigns with all the metrics in one place.

⚡ See breakdown by email clients, devices and AMP and HTML rendering of email.

⚡ Export your campaign’s data in Gsheets, Hubspots and other third-party tools via integrations.

Explore our in-depth email analytics

Mailmodo's email analytics dashboard
Explore Mailmodo's to scale email campaigns

30+ integrations to streamline your charity workflows

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AMP emails help boost my non-profit conversion rate?

Interactive AMP emails reduce friction in the conversion process by bringing a website-like experience within the email. As a result, users can fill out the form, submit the feedback, and book a meeting without leaving their inboxes.

Which is the best non-profit email marketing platform?

Mailmodo is the best email marketing software for enterprises as it can create drag-and-drop visual journey builders, add dynamic blocks to send real-time updates, and make email interactive by adding polls, forms, surveys, calculators.

How can I automate my non-profit email campaigns?

Yes, using our drag-and-drop journey builder, you can create different types of email drip sequences and make it more targeted by adding conditions, and delays in the series.

What are some of the most common non-profit email campaigns?

Here are six of the email that should be part of your charity email marketing campaigns:
1. Non-profit email newsletters
2. Donation appeal
3. Fundraising events
4. Thank you email to show appreciation
5. Update emails
6. Share success stories
Learn more about non-profit email marketing and how to excel at it.