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Scale Your Fundraising Through AMP Emails

⚡Let volunteers sign up for fundraising events inside email
⚡Improve relationships with donors through personalization
⚡Re-engage lapsed donors with win-back emails

a photo of two people stacking hands with the text "KINDNESS IS POWER"; and a template showing personalized donor information with labeled fields for name, country, and donated amount, using the example name John from Colombia and donation of $500.

One stop solution for all your Non-Profit Email Marketing

All the tools you need to manage your Non-Profit business.

intuitive template builder
Intuitive Template Builder

Customize 200+ pre-made templates in our no-code email editor

Dynamic segmentation

Segment email list dynamically based on user's attributes and behaviors

20+ AMP email widgets

Make emails interactive using AMP email widgets and drive 2X conversions

Automated drip sequences

Engage, nurture, convert and retain your audience with email automation

In-built email analytics

Track your campaign’s performance using our analytics dashboard

Contact management

Import contacts via CSV files, APIs, CRMs, and other integrations

Amplify your non-profit campaigns with Mailmodo

Choose from non-profit email templates that convert

⚡ Browse through responsive AMP & HTML non-profit email templates

⚡ Customize them with our no-code WYSIWYG email editor

⚡ Add interactive AMP widgets for successful non-profit email campaigns


Run non-profit campaigns efficiently with automation

⚡ Engage, nurture, and retain donors with trigger-based email journeys

⚡ Use our drag-and-drop journey builder and add conditions and delays per user segment

⚡ Choose from pre-made personalization parameters to add a human touch to your emails


Track your campaign performance in a single dashboard

⚡ Get a granular view of your email campaigns with all the metrics in one place

⚡ See breakdown by email clients, devices and AMP and HTML rendering of email

⚡ Export your campaign’s data in Gsheets, Hubspots and other third-party tools via integrations


Integrate with your Non-Profit Software Stack

Synchronize and share data across platforms, automate processes, and streamline your operations.

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Redefine non-profit email marketing with Mailmodo

Conduct surveys and polls inside email

Collect feedback on volunteer programs and opinions on current issues to make your donors and supporters feel involved.

Engage with Interactive emails

Keep donors informed without redirecting them outside of their inbox with dynamic donation progress bar, event registration form and interactive event calendar widgets.

Personalize and segment emails

Segment your list based on past donations, volunteer activities, or specific areas of interest and send personalized emails acknowledging their support.

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Frequently asked questions

Interactive AMP emails reduce friction in the conversion process by bringing a website-like experience within the email. As a result, users can fill out the form, submit the feedback, and book a meeting without leaving their inboxes.

Mailmodo is the best email marketing software for enterprises as it can create drag-and-drop visual journey builders, add dynamic blocks to send real-time updates, and make email interactive by adding polls, forms, surveys, calculators.

Yes, using our drag-and-drop journey builder, you can create different types of email drip sequences and make it more targeted by adding conditions, and delays in the series.

Here are six of the email that should be part of your charity email marketing campaigns:
1. Non-profit email newsletters
2. Donation appeal
3. Fundraising events
4. Thank you email to show appreciation
5. Update emails
6. Share success stories
Learn more about non-profit email marketing and how to excel at it.

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Create & send interactive emails without coding


Put revenue on auto-pilot with pre-built journeys


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