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🚀 Boost signups using the Zoom widget
📧 Automate the webinar invite emails
⚡ Users can sign up directly from the inbox


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Integrate with Mailmodo

Connect Mailmodo with your Zoom account in one click using our native integration.

Add registration form

Insert the Zoom webinar registration form inside the email using our AMP widget.

Initiate the campaign

Send or schedule the email campaign to collect signups from your participants.

Boost your webinar signups with Mailmodo

The simplest way to increase Zoom webinar registrations

Connect instantly

Connect Mailmodo with your Zoom account in minutes to send registration forms inside the email.

  • ⚡ Sign into Mailmodo, and choose Zoom integration
  • ⚡ Sign into Zoom using your credentials
  • ⚡ Get the webinar registration link from Zoom

Upload contact data

Upload your participants' email contacts to Mailmodo to send the webinar invite email campaign.

  • ⚡ Add manually or via CSV file
  • ⚡ Import via API, apps, or integrations
  • ⚡ Segment them to send campaign

Add the widget

Embed the Zoom webinar widget into the email, which allows your participants to sign up for the event straight from their inboxes.

  • ⚡ Pick a webinar email template
  • ⚡ Insert the widget with our no-code editor
  • ⚡ Add the event registration link to the email

Send the webinar invite

Send the Zoom webinar registration form using our integrated email marketing platform.

  • ⚡ Add personalization parameters to make it relevant
  • ⚡ Test and preview AMP and HTML email versions
  • ⚡ Send instantly or schedule for later

Collect responses

Gather insights about your Zoom webinar invite email campaign using Mailmodo's integrated analytics tool.

  • ⚡ Collect the registration data
  • ⚡ View email opens, clicks, and submissions
  • ⚡ Track metrics on an hourly and daily basis

Export data

Export the data from Zoom webinar registration form creator to other third-party tools using integrations.

  • ⚡ Export via CSV files & API
  • ⚡ Send responses to spreadsheets
  • ⚡ Connect with your favorite tools via Zapier


Automate the webinar invite emails so you can focus on other things where your expertise is needed.

  • ⚡ Trigger invites via CRM, Zapier, or Webhook
  • ⚡ Send follow-up & reminder emails on autopilot
  • ⚡ Create a journey with waits and frequency

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mailmodo's Zoom webinar registration form tool do?

Mailmodo offers a Zoom webinar widget that you can use to embed the Zoom webinar registration form inside the email. What's unique with Mailmodo is that your participants can sign up for your webinar directly from their email inboxes.

How to connect Mailmodo with Zoom?

You can connect Mailmodo with Zoom using our native integration.

  • Sign up for Mailmodo.
  • Select 'Integrations' from the left pane of the dashboard.
  • Choose 'Zoom webinar' and sign in to Zoom to authenticate the integration.

You have now successfully connected Mailmodo with your Zoom account.

How do I embed a Zoom webinar registration form in an email?

  1. Sign up for Mailmodo.
  2. Integrate Mailmodo with your Zoom account.
  3. Pick a webinar email template.
  4. Add the Zoom webinar widget using our no-code editor.
  5. Add the webinar registration link to the form, and you are good to go.

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