Email Subject Lines Best Practices To Transform Email Performance

Master best practices for email subject lines to elevate your long-term strategy and craft subject lines that drive higher open rates!

Some pointers on email subject lines best practices

  • A 3-step framework to turn generic best practice tips into subject line ideas that deliver higher CTRs.

  • Tips from email marketers and copywriters on developing a process for optimizing your subject line testing processes.

  • Discussions on how to craft email subject lines that are irresistibly clickable supported by findings from our subject line experiment.

What's covered in the email subject lines best practices ebook?

Email subject lines best practices ebook has got your back. As it covers everything from the use of subject lines as good and bad, types of subject lines, with a framework, pre-send checklist, and expert tips for crafting winning subject lines. Plus, It has key lessons for implementing effective subject lines and the importance of email preheaders. Don't miss out on transforming your email performance with these email subject lines' best practices to amaze your email subscribers.

Subject lines best practices: (Mis) use them at your own risk

Subject lines can make or break your email marketing strategy. Good email marketing subject lines catch the reader's attention and entice them to open the email, while a bad subject line can lead to your email being ignored or even marked as spam.

On the positive side, a well-crafted subject line can increase your open rates and engagement with your audience. It can be personalized, and relevant, and create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action. However, on the negative side, using misleading or click-bait subject lines can damage your credibility, email deliverability, and ultimately result in lower engagement rates in the long run.

So, it's important to use subject line best practices wisely and avoid any (mis)use that could harm your email marketing campaign. Learn more about the positive and negative sides of email subject lines inside the ebook.

Subject line experiment: Will they open the email?

In our recent experiment, we tested different types of email subject lines to see which ones were most effective in getting recipients to open our emails. If you want to know which type of subject line will work best for your audience, check out our eBook and discover the secrets of email subject lines that transform your email performance. Take advantage of these best practices and watch your open rates soar!

How to craft a winning subject line?

Creating an email subject line that catches the recipient's attention is the first step toward ensuring that your message is read. To make sure that your email stands out in a crowded inbox, it's important to have a framework in place before you hit send. This framework can include elements such as the length of the subject line, personalization, and the use of power words or trigger words.

Once you have your framework in place, it's time to run through a pre-send email QA checklist to ensure that your email is optimized for success. This checklist can include items such as checking for typos, ensuring that your call-to-action is clear, and testing your email on various devices and email clients. By taking the time to run through this checklist, you can increase your chances of success.

Finally, to create subject lines that are better than your last ones, It will be helpful to know tips and insights into what works and what doesn't when it comes to crafting subject lines that get results inside an ebook. By incorporating subject line tips into your overall strategy, you can create subject lines that are more engaging, impactful, and effective at driving results.

Taking advantage of email preheaders

Taking advantage of email preheaders can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your subject line. A preheader is a short snippet of text that appears next to or below the subject line in the recipient's inbox. This additional text can provide valuable context and entice the recipient to open your email.

To make the most of your preheader, consider using it as an extension of your subject line. Use compelling language or a call to action that complements your subject line and piques the recipient's curiosity. Keep it concise and avoid repetition.

What are some great subject lines and preheader examples?

If you're wondering about effective email subject line examples with preheaders, here are a few to consider:

Tone of subject line Best email subject lines Email preheader Character length
Funny The mystery of the disappearing cookies Find out what happened to our delicious snacks! 39
Urgent Exclusive Time-Sensitive Update Inside! Don't miss out on this urgent announcement. Get ahead now! 39
Emotional Discover the untold story behind our cause Join us on a journey that will touch your heart 42

Remember to keep your subject lines concise and attention-grabbing, and use the preheader or preview text to provide a sneak peek of what's inside. By following these best practices, you can transform your email performance and increase engagement with your audience.

💡 150 Email Subject Line Ideas That Grab Attention


Frequently asked questions

The subject line acts as a brief summary of the content of the email. It should accurately reflect the purpose of the email and entice the recipient to open and read it. The ideal subject line should be concise, clear, and relevant. It should also be personalized to the recipient and avoid using spammy or misleading language.
To maximize the impact of your email campaigns, it’s best to keep subject lines concise and to the point. Aim for 35-40 characters or less to ensure your message stands out in crowded inboxes.
Keep it short and sweet - aim for 50 characters or less.
1. Use clear and concise language that accurately reflects the content of your email.
2. Personalize your subject lines by including the recipient’s name or referencing past interactions.
3. Create a sense of urgency by using phrases like “limited time offer” or “act now”.
4. Experiment with different tactics, such as asking a question, using humor, or teasing the content of your email.
To brainstorm for good email subject lines, consider using an AI subject line generator for initial ideas. Then, follow the best practices outlined in the ebook and fine-tune the options to create 5-8 versions. Share these options with your team and choose two for A/B testing. This process will transform your email performance.
This ebook is produced by Mailmodo and Ekaterina Howard, a conversion copywriter and strategist. We are also grateful to all the subject matter experts, email geeks, and digital marketing specialists who helped us with ideas, surveys, and valuable industry insights.

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