Embed Calendly In Email

Convert prospects into leads faster with Calendly integration

👉 Simple and swift integration
👉 Less friction to book a call
👉 Get more demo signups


Scheduling meetings made easy with Mailmodo

Integrate with Mailmodo

Connect Mailmodo with your Calendly account in one click using our native integration.

Embed the Calendly calendar

Insert the Calendly calendar AMP widget inside the email using our template builder.

Initiate the campaign

Send or schedule the email campaign to get direct bookings from your prospects.

Remove the friction in scheduling with Mailmodo

Get started with the campaign in minutes

Establish a connection

Connect Mailmodo with your Calendly account in minutes to use the widget inside the email.

  • ⚡ Choose Calendly from the integrations tab
  • ⚡ Sign into your Calendly account to get the API token
  • ⚡ Add the token to Mailmodo to complete the process

Add the prospects' data

Upload the contact data of your prospects to Mailmodo to send a personalized email campaign with the Calendly calendar.

  • ⚡ Upload a CSV file or add contacts manually
  • ⚡ Import via API, apps, or integrations
  • ⚡ Segment contacts to send tailored campaign

Insert the Calendly widget

Embed the Calendly widget directly inside the email using our drag-and-drop AMP email editor.

  • ⚡ Pick a premade email template
  • ⚡ Insert the widget into the template
  • ⚡ Update the event URL and timezone

Add a fallback template

Create a fallback email template to display HTML emails for users whose email clients don't support AMP emails.

  • ⚡ Enter the content for the fallback version
  • ⚡ Add Calendly link to the CTA button
  • ⚡ Customize the button properties

Send the calendar invite

Initiate the calendar invite email with our integrated email marketing platform.

  • ⚡ Personalize the email copy
  • ⚡ Test both HTML & AMP emails
  • ⚡ Send or schedule the campaign

Automated emails

You can automate these email campaigns using our visual journey builder so that you can focus on other things.

  • ⚡ Trigger emails via CRM, Zapier, or Webhook
  • ⚡ Send automated follow-ups and reminders
  • ⚡ Connect with external tools seamlessly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you embed Calendly into an email?

Yes. With Mailmodo, you can embed the Calendly calendar inside the email, and the best part is people can book a call without leaving their inboxes.

Why should I use Mailmodo rather than just inserting a Calendly link on Gmail?

That's a great question. Yes, you can just add a Calendly link inside your email body, and it will work just fine. But as a marketer, you might have already known that most people won't click on a link inside an email.

Even if they click, it will take them to another window to complete the process. This would reduce your email-to-demo booking rate. We created Mailmodo to solve exactly this - to reduce the drop-offs.

With Mailmodo, your prospects can open the email, view your availability on the Calendly calendar, and book a call with you without having to leave their inboxes.

How do I embed a Calendly widget in an email?

  1. Sign up for Mailmodo.

  2. Integrate Mailmodo with your Calendly account.

  3. Pick an email template.

  4. Add the Calendly widget using our no-code editor.

  5. Add the event URL and time zone.

Now, you are good to go.

Read more here.

Get more bookings with Calendly inside email