How BluSmart achieved 35% quiz submissions with Mailmodo



Goal: BluSmart wanted to boost quiz participation through emails
Approach: They inserted AMP quizzes in email
Outcomes: BluSmart achieved 35% quiz submissions

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  • How to gamify emails with interactive quizzes
  • How to engage users and increase brand awareness in a fun way
  • How to drive successful brand awareness campaigns

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About BluSmart:

BluSmart is India’s first electric, ride-hailing platform that is 100% electric, sustainable and reliable. They’re on a mission to improve sustainability with an efficient and affordable electric mobility solution.

Challenge: Search for an engaging way to drive awareness of e-mobility

  • BluSmart was hosting its annual #BluKms contest, to get more users to opt for sustainable transportation via their electric cabs.
  • Midway, Shobhit, Digital Marketing executive at BluSmart noticed contest participation dipping. To boost participation, Shobhit wanted to motivate users by creating awareness on sustainable transportation. But creating awareness was no easy task, it could fall flat if not done right. So he looked for an engaging way to increase awareness of sustainable transportation amongst contest participants

Approach: Gamify emails with scored quizzes in Mailmodo to engage and educate the fun way

  • With the interactive quiz widget in email, Shobhit could tap into users’ competitive spirit and increase awareness by sharing insights on e-mobility, all without leaving the inbox.
  • Got a custom template with an interactive quiz made from the Mailmodo team. The template was coded to prevent retake of the quiz ensuring only one entry by each rider.
  • With the interactive quiz in email, users answered the quiz in email, real time. They got results and insights behind each answer in email. Many also shared the quiz results on social media.

“The Mailmodo team has been exceptional throughout our journey. Be it any custom requirement or any general query, the team has always been there to help out and it has been a hassle-free and smooth experience.” Shobhit Mehrotra, Growth Marketing, Blu-Smart

  • The email campaign with an interactive quiz was sent to the top 5000 participants of the #BluKms contest.

Result: 35% quiz submissions along with social media engagement

  • Achieved 35% quiz submissions, which was 3.5X times the expected submission rate of 10%
  • 10 riders shared quiz results on social media leading to positive social media engagement. The social media brand page of Blu-Smart received many DMs leading to higher social media engagement.

"The submission rate on the mail was surprisingly higher than we expected. The customers interacted with the email actively and got to learn a few insights about BluSmart through the questions asked." Shobhit Mehrotra, Growth Marketing, Blu-Smart

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