Vocational edtech platform Allround gets 28% responses on their feedback emails with Mailmodo

Children between 5 and 15 years have the desire to explore a lot more than traditional education. Allround is creating a platform where they can pursue the vocational arts in a learning journey that is independent, fun and engaging.

The problem statement

Allround is a vocational ed-tech platform that as its name suggests, aims at delivering a rounded learning experience to children.

The core team, having experienced running ed-tech startups from 2010 to 2015, had a thesis at the core of the platform: Skills are learned best in groups. This makes groups and relationships central to the platform’s ideology.

The team focused on three main relationships:

  1. Learner to tutor relationship

  2. Learner to learner relationship

  3. Peer to school relationship

With a model that has five to six kids in a batch, the first and second relationships were made strong. But it was the third relationship that became the basis of Allround’s early growth. Parents love to share their child’s creation in their peer group which gave them their first few hundred customers. Word of mouth and referrals had a high value for an offering like Allround.

With the decision-making segment, meaning the parents, being working professionals from tier 1 cities or other countries, the preferred channel of communication had to be email instead of messaging or calls. Allround being a web application was another reason why they wanted email to augment their entire communication process.

They wanted to find a platform that served all their campaign and messaging needs.

The solution

Mailmodo was the default first choice.

While there were several ESPs in the marketing, the Allround team wanted to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for the working parents.
- Masoom Sekhar Sahoo, Growth & Marketing Manager, Allround

AMP emails meant the busy parents could take actions from the email, usually from the mobile itself decreasing the drop offs for us.

Their processes and email flows were designed accordingly: Email onboarding, class reminders, confirmation emails, event completion emails, pre and post-transaction emails, feedback emails, newsletters and so on.

Mailmodo is an end to end platform for building simple emailers. Most email marketing tools required HTML developers to create the emails, our team is doing it themselves now.
- Masoom Sekhar Sahoo, Growth & Marketing Manager, Allround

The results

The results spoke for themselves, particularly Allround’s feedback email campaigns and polls.

Feedback emails

Allround sends triggered feedback email to parents after a class or workshop.

The campaign saw an overall open rate of 16% while 28% of the parents who saw the email shared their feedback with Allround.

Depending on the kind of feedback or rating the parent gave, the flow changed. For instance, if the rating was low, they asked how it could have been improved. This is made possible by multistep surveys with conditional logic based on real-time inputs.


Allround conducts several different workshops depending on the demand. Email polls helped the team know the demand and attendance for a certain workshop, plan and conduct the same.

For an open rate of 16%, 14% of the parents suggested workshops and classes they were interested in, which further allowed the team to engage the parents better.

Going forward

Given the success of their current campaigns with Mailmodo, the team is actively exploring more use cases and campaigns, primarily class bookings.

Class bookings

With Calendly integration, the parents could book classes and workshops from within the email itself. This data is synced with Allround’s platform for a frictionless experience.


feedback response


submission on polls

Interactive AMP emails meant the busy parents could take actions from the email, usually from the mobile itself decreasing the drop offs for us.

Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Growth & Marketing Manager, Allround

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