HobSpace gets a 20% demo bookings with Mailmodo

HobSpace started with a vision to nurture a child's critical thinking skills through chess.

Parents faced the persisting problem of finding the right trainers, coordinating their schedules and switching trainers as their child levelled up.

Priya Goel was on the go to London but had moved to Mumbai due to personal reasons. It was there that she recognized this problem and envisioned a solution. Entrepreneurship seemed like the next natural challenge to the ex-investment banker.

Within months of operation, HobSpace onboarded several grandmasters and a pool of professional trainers internationally. The curriculum was similar to the one designed for national teams.

The problem

HobSpace was presented with an opportunity when the lockdown hit. The team could grow and nurture minds across the world if they could scale up it reach and operations.

The platform was equipped to support scaling but their sales and marketing channels were not. The marketing mix was HobSpace was primarily digital. They got their traffic and sign-ups from Facebook, Instagram and paid ads, while word of mouth sent a stream of highly qualified leads.

SMS was their primary channel for communication with the parents. It couldn’t help them grow at the pace they wanted to. Nor was it viable channel in the US. So the team had to find an alternative source for marketing communications.

The solution

Email was an obvious channel to explore but it came with its set of problems.

The most frustrating thing is email was the journey. One had to open the email, click on a link to land on the website, only the web page would have 600 different plans and one had no clue what they usually came for.
- Priya Goel, Co-founder, HobSpace

In an attention economy where most people check their emails on phone during breaks or commute, information retention was indeed a problem. The experience had to be as seamless as possible, multiple tabs and redirection wasn’t the way forward.

Then there was the fact that cold outreach didn’t create the trust and warmth the brand was aiming for.

HobSpace found its answer in the form of interactive emails through Mailmodo.

Interactive emails allowed the team to explain their offering as well as facilitate booking demo slots from within the email. The slots were fetched from the HobSpace servers and bookings were recorded directly in their internal systems.

Mailmodo decreased the friction in the demo bookings and allowed us to integrate all the data with internal systems, making the experience smooth both for our customers and our internal teams.
- Priya Goel, Co-founder, HobSpace

The follow-up in case of missed demos was also automated, significantly decreasing the load on the presales team. Where the team previously had to reach out, schedule demos, send reminders and reschedule missed demos, the automated email journey did it for them.

Subsequently, they had also moved their onboarding, demo reminder, payment reminder flows to Mailmodo.

The results

The marketing team that experienced low delivery rates in the US saw an astounding conversion number of 20 demos through 100 emails after switching to Mailmodo.

To emphasize this further, the SMS campaigns typically got 10 callbacks from 10,000 messages.

Going forward

With the kind of results the HobSpace team experienced with Mailmodo, it is no surprise that they're exploring more use cases. They are planning their rescheduling, class booking, referral campaigns also through the platform.

Mailmodo redefined our customer engagement: our lead generation and nurture processes. We're excited to explore the potential it can create for HobSpace in our journey together.
- Priya Goel, Co-founder, HobSpace

Referral program:

Since trust was an important factor to get parents on board, HobSpace started experimenting with community and referral programs by engaging with mom communities. They have decided to build their referral campaigns through interactive emails and Mailmodo’s automation workflows with their database.


Demo bookings

Mailmodo decreased the friction in the demo bookings and allowed us to integrate all the data with internal systems, making the experience smooth both for our customers and our internal teams.

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Priya Goel, Co-founder


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